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barefoot songs

Barefoot Songs - Go Barefoot Day June 1

Go Barefoot Day is celebrated each year on June 1. The day started by non-profit organization Soles4Souls. In February 2017, Soles4Souls hit a milestone of 30 million pairs of shoes collected and distributed to those in need. If you…
boy band love songs

Best Boy Band Love Songs For Cocktail Hour

Boy band really came on the scene in the 1960s and still continue today. Boy bands consist of young men, usually in their teens, singing to young women and girls. They typically cannot play instruments but can sing, dance and act. No,…
20 dj must-play party songs 2017

20 DJ Must-Play Party Songs In 2017

Summertime of 2017 is fast approaching. But what recently released songs will make it to many DJ playlists this summer? Here's a list of our favorite 20 party songs DJs must add to the rotation to fill dance floors. Whether or not you…
rise songs

Rise Songs - Songs with Rise in the Title

Rise above the rest and enjoy or list of RISE songs - songs with rise in the title. There are several catch phrases with the word rise including: Rise and shine Rise and grind Rise is also used in biblical writings. Jesus rises after…
11 coldplay love songs weddings

11 Coldplay Love Songs For Your Wedding

Coldplay started in Britain in 1996. Since then, they have released many swoon-worthy and perfectly choreographed songs that hit the spot for wedding micro-moments. Enjoy our list of 11 Coldplay love songs that could be used as a first dance…
songs to sing in the shower

Songs To Sing In The Shower On Your Wedding Day

Today is THE Day. It is your wedding day! The day you have either planned the majority of your life if you are the bride. The day you get to marry your best friend and party with the rest if you are the groom. It's best to start the day…
UK Wedding Music

UK Wedding Music Picks

By Simon Jordan In the UK you can now personalize almost every part of the wedding day – the flowers, dress, vows, etc. Music is no exception – for both civil and (increasingly) religious ceremonies. No longer does a bride process in…
Justin Timberlake Wedding Songs

Top 11 Justin Timberlake Wedding Songs

Justin Timberlake is one of the kings of pop and hip-hop. But does he have any songs that are suitable for your wedding day? Here are just a few options if you're thinking of bringing sexy back. Just Timberlake is well-known and has many songs…
Keith Urban Wedding Songs

11 Keith Urban Songs for Your Wedding

One of the masters of modern country, Keith Urban has written dozens of love songs. Which are best for a wedding? Here are just 11 of his tracks that will go well with your flowers, napkins and place settings.
John Legend Love Songs

12 John Legend Love Songs for Your Wedding

John Legend has made a name for himself as a soulful, sensuous singer and a great choice for wedding songs. But which are the best tracks for your big day? Here are just a few John Legend love songs to add to your wedding playlist.
Two Step Wedding Songs

10 Two-Step Wedding Songs In Different Genres

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The Two Step is a classic dance that can be paired with a variety of music. It's a great way to kick off your wedding reception. If you're having trouble finding the right music, here are just a few ideas for…