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post-grunge wedding songs

57 Post-Grunge Wedding Songs To Get Your Rock On

Incorporate great post-grunge wedding songs for rock music fans! Not only do we include songs perfect for the first dance but also find songs for the processional, father daughter dance songs and so much more. Post-grunge is a mix between…
50 pre-wedding songs

50 Amazing Pre-Wedding Songs To Get You Started

The average engagement period is just over 14 months. However, brides are thinking about their weddings WAY before she says "Yes". Music is a key ingredient of every wedding from setting the mood to filling the dance floor and accenting "that…
18 lindy hop wedding songs

18 Lindy Hop Wedding Songs To Excite The Crowd

The Lindy Hop is a dance that creates excitement in the ones doing the dance and from those watching the dancers. The Lindy Hop can be incorporated into any wedding and is a great way to create lots of excitement. Enjoy our list of Lindy…
barefoot songs

Barefoot Songs - Go Barefoot Day June 1

Go Barefoot Day is celebrated each year on June 1. The day started by non-profit organization Soles4Souls. In February 2017, Soles4Souls hit a milestone of 30 million pairs of shoes collected and distributed to those in need. If you…
boy band love songs

Best Boy Band Love Songs For Cocktail Hour

Boy band really came on the scene in the 1960s and still continue today. Boy bands consist of young men, usually in their teens, singing to young women and girls. They typically cannot play instruments but can sing, dance and act. No,…
20 dj must-play party songs 2017

20 DJ Must-Play Party Songs In 2017

Summertime of 2017 is fast approaching. But what recently released songs will make it to many DJ playlists this summer? Here's a list of our favorite 20 party songs DJs must add to the rotation to fill dance floors. Whether or not you…