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2017 love songs for weddings

2017 Love Songs To Put On Your Wedding Playlist

Love songs are always on the top of a DJ's playlist every year at weddings. Love songs make their way into most aspects of a wedding including the processional, recessional, first dance songs and songs to fill the dance floor with guests of…
nightclub two-step songs

30 Nightclub Two-Step Wedding Dance Songs

Whether or not you know the dance steps to the nightclub two-step, one thing you should know is that the dance is not particular to one style of music. The nightclub two-step can be danced to with R&B, Country, Rock, Pop and more. So, the…
kind songs on the title

Kind Songs - Songs with Kind in the Title

Each year we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17. Here at My Wedding Songs, we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day by playing songs with the word KIND in the song title.There are two meanings of the word kind that…
friend songs

Friend Songs - Songs with Friend in the Title

Each year you can celebrate Make A Friend Day on February 11. In true fashion, we celebrate Make A Friend Day with a list of songs with the word Friend in the song title. Yep, enjoy our list of friend songs!What exactly is a friend?…
indian bollywood wedding songs

10 Evergreen Bollywood Hits For Your Wedding Party

Indian weddings are incomplete without dance and music. It is an integral part of the wedding that is enjoyed by everyone in the family and friends. There is a song for every wedding ceremony right from Mehndi to the auspicious mangalsutra wearing…
ballroom dance songs for weddings

The Top 10 Ballroom Dance Songs for a Wedding

Ballroom-styled dances at weddings never fail to impress, going beyond what’s normal for a wedding reception and creating a fun, energetic atmosphere. There are plenty of styles of ballroom dances to match the personality and mood you’re…
Lady Gaga Wedding Songs

Lady Gaga Wedding Songs for Little Monsters

I'd be hard-pressed to find anyone on this planet who has not heard of Lady Gaga. It'd be equally as difficult to find fans of her who don't want to incorporate at least one song into their special day. If you're a little monster and you're…
ariana grande love songs

Best Ariana Grande Love Songs For Weddings

Ariana Grande may have started her career on Nickelodeon, but she has become one of the biggest names in pop music, with multiple Platinum albums under her belt. What stands out about her the most is her amazing voice, which many critics feel…
best fun songs in the title

Fun Songs, Songs With Fun In The Title

January 28, mark the day on your calendar as Have Fun At Work Day! Just as in other special days we celebrate here at My Wedding Songs, we celebrate Have Fun At Work Day by playing songs with the word FUN in the song title. Yes, we reserve…
slow country waltz songs

Slow Country Waltz Songs For Weddings

Even though the Waltz is a ballroom dance, many country fans have taken a liking to dancing the waltz. So, we created the below list of Slow Country Waltz Songs that you can play at your wedding reception or party.The waltz is not…