Brad Paisley Love Songs For Your Wedding – Top 10 List

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Brad Paisley is an American (West Virginia) country music superstar. He first came onto the country music scene in 1999 with the release of his first album Who Needs Pictures. Paisley is still producing albums today.

Brad Paisley love songs for weddings

Brad Paisley has received many awards within the music industry including the coveted Country Music Awards Entertainer of the Year. Paisley has had Nineteen top-charting number one hit on the U.S. Billboard Country Charts.

With all of the great songs produced by Brad Paisley, it has been difficult to create a list of his best songs. However, below see the list of the Top 10 Brad Paisley love songs for weddings. We do list bot slow tempo and fast tempo songs. We included songs all about bugs, how a woman is the center of the universe, about small events in our lives, and another featuring another country superstar as a duet.

Brad Paisley Love Songs

Released in 2017 on album Love and War

And I don’t know about tomorrow
Right now the whole world is right
And the memory of a day like today
Can get you through the rest of your life

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Perfect Storm
Released in 2014 on album Moonshine in the Trunk

 “I never meant to fall like this, But she don’t just rain, she pours, That girl right there’s the perfect storm”

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We Danced
Released in 2010 on the album Who Needs Pictures

“I pulled a diamond ring out of the pocket of my shirt, And as her eyes filled up with tears, She said, “This is the last thing I expected”

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Anything Like Me
Released in 2010 on album Hits Alive
*Makes for a great dedication song between a father and son.

“And I started wondering who he was going to be, And I thought heaven help us if he’s anything like me”

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Released in 2009 on album American Saturday Night

“I got down on one knee right there, And once again, I thought I loved you then”

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Released in 2007 on album 5th Gear

“I’d like to kiss you way back in the sticks, I’d like to walk you through a field of wildflowers, And I’d like to check you for ticks”

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Oh Love featuring Carrie Underwood
Released in 2007 on album 5th Gear

“You can break a heart in pieces, Put it back together again, You can break down sweet forgiveness
You’re the one that never ends, oh love”

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She’s Everything
Released in 2006 on album Time Well Wasted

“She’s the hand that I’m holding, When I’m on my knees and praying, She’s the answer to my prayer
And she’s the song that I’m playing”

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The World
Released in 2006 on album Time Well Wasted

“To the world, You may be just another girl, But to me, Baby, you are the world”

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Love Is Never-Ending
Released in 2005 on album Time Well Wasted

“Love is never-ending, tt keeps goin’ on and on, Long after we’re all gone away”

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Little Moments
Released in 2003 on album Mud on the Tires

“When she steals my heart again and doesn’t even know it, Yeah, I live for little moments like that”

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Brad Paisley Highest-Charting Songs

  • #1 He Didn’t Have to Be, 1999
  • #1 We Danced, 2000
  • #1 I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song), 2002
  • #1 Mud on the Tires, 2004
  • #1 When I Get Where I’m Going” (with Dolly Parton), 2005
  • #1 The World, 2006
  • #1 She’s Everything, 2006
  • #1 Ticks, 2007
  • #1 Online, 2007
  • #1 Letter to Me, 2007
  • #1 I’m Still a Guy, 2008
  • #1 Waitin’ on a Woman, 2008
  • #1 Start a Band” (with Keith Urban), 2008
  • #1 Then, 2009
  • #1 Water, 2010
  • #1 Anything Like Me, 2010
  • #1 Old Alabama” (with Alabama), 2011
  • #1 Remind Me” (with Carrie Underwood), 2011
  • #1 Perfect Storm, 2014
  • #2 Wrapped Around, 2001
  • #2 Little Moments, 2003
  • #2 Welcome to the Future, 2009
  • #2 American Saturday Night, 2009
  • #2 This Is Country Music, 2010
  • #2 Southern Comfort Zone, 2012
  • #2 Beat This Summer, 2013
  • #2 River Bank, 2014
  • #3 Celebrity, 2003
  • #3 Whiskey Lullaby” (with Alison Krauss), 2004
  • #3 Today, 2016
  • #4 Two People Fell in Love, 2001
  • #4 Alcohol, 2005

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