madonna love songs

Deniably, Madonna’s most recognizable hits are “Vogue” and “Like A Virgin”. She is recognized as one of the greatest pop artists of all-time. We assembled a list of our favorite Madonna love songs for weddings.

madonna love songs

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Madonna Love Songs

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Justify My Love
2006, I’m Going to Tell You a Secret

I just want to be your lover
I want to be your baby
Kiss me, that’s right, kiss me

1989, Like a Prayer

Cherish the thought
Of always having you here by my side

Love Song feat Prince
1989, Like a Prayer
This is not a love song per se. But if your love has had many turbulences, than this may be “your love song”.

Open Your Heart
1986, True Blue

I hold the lock and you hold the key
Open your heart to me, darlin’
I’ll give you love if you, you turn the key

True Blue
1986, True Blue

True love
You’re the one I’m dreaming of
Your heart fits me like a glove
And I’m gonna be true blue
Baby, I love you

Crazy for You
1985, Vision Quest Soundtrack

What I’m dying to say, is that
I’m crazy for you

Into the Groove
1984, Like a Virgin

Get into the groove
Boy you’ve got to prove
Your love to me

1984, Like a Virgin

Now I believe that dreams come true
‘Cause you came when I wished for you

Lucky Star
1983, Madonna

And when I’m lost you’ll be my guide
I just turn around and you’re by my side

1983, Madonna
Honey, don’t you fool around

Just try to understand
I’ve given all I can
‘Cause you got the best of me

There’s our list of favorite Madonna love songs to play at weddings. Do you have a favorite, not on the list? Be sure to comment on it below as we read and respond to all comments.

Madonna Highest-Charting Songs – US

  • #1 Like a Virgin, 1984
  • #1 Crazy for You, 1985
  • #1 Live to Tell, 1986
  • #1 Papa Don’t Preach, 1986
  • #1 Open Your Heart, 1986
  • #1 Who’s That Girl, 1987
  • #1 Like a Prayer, 1989
  • #1 Vogue, 1990
  • #1 Justify My Love, 1990
  • #1 This Used to Be My Playground, 1992
  • #1 Take a Bow, 1994
  • #1 Music, 2000
  • #2 Material Girl, 1985
  • #2 Causing a Commotion, 1987
  • #2 Express Yourself, 1989
  • #2 Cherish, 1989
  • #2 I’ll Remember, 1994
  • #2 Frozen, 1998
  • #3 True Blue, 1986
  • #3 Erotica, 1992
  • #3 Secret, 1994
  • #3 4 Minutes (featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland), 2008
  • #4 Lucky Star, 1983
  • #4 La Isla Bonita, 1987
  • #4 Don’t Tell Me, 2000
  • #5 Angel, 1985
  • #5 Dress You Up, 1985
  • #5 Ray of Light, 1998

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