Tim McGraw love songs for weddings

Tim McGraw is an American born (Louisiana) country-style musician. Tim has a famous family as well with wife Faith Hill and father Tug McGraw. Tug McGraw became known as a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and closing out the 1980 World Series for a Phillies win.

Tim McGraw love songs for weddings

Tim first came on the country music scene in 1993 with his first studio album titled Tim McGraw. Tim will release his fourteenth studio album in 2015. The song “Don’t Take The Girl” became Tim’s first number one hit in 1994. Over the next twenty-plus years, Tim has accumulated twenty-five number one hits on the Billboard Country Charts.

Tim has been known as one of the sexy men in country music with his tight jeans and cowboy hats. Tim is a country mega superstar and has connected with fans around the world. Our focus below is on wedding appropriate love songs. We have left off the song Let’s Make Love as we do not want to offend anyone. We have also left off Don’t Take the Girl and Please Remember Me as they focus around the loss of a loved one.

Tim McGraw Love Songs

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Damn Sure Do
2020, Here on Earth
A great first dance song!

So I thank my lucky stars
With my hand here on my heart
Do I want you? Gotta have you, near you
Well, I damn sure do

I Called Mama
2020, Here on Earth
A great Mother-Son dance song for the reception.

And I sung it for the blue sky
And a couple live oak trees
I thought of home, grabbed my phone from my pocket
And I called mama

The Rest of Our Life with Faith Hill
2017, The Rest of Our Life
The perfect first dance song!

I just hope I say it right
So I take your hand and ask you
Have you made plans for the rest of your life?

Humble and Kind
2016, Damn Country Music
A beautiful dual-parent dance song!

Don’t steal, don’t cheat, and don’t lie
I know you got mountains to climb but
Always stay humble and kind

Meanwhile Back at Mama’s featuring Faith Hill
2014, Sundown Heaven Town
A great Mother-In-Law and Son dance song!

“Dump this truck and the little I got, On a loan to own and a three-acre lot, Put supper on the stove and beer in the fridge, Goin’ for broke and we’re gonna be rich”

Highway Don’t Care featuring Taylor Swift
2013, Two Lanes of Freedom

“The highway don’t need you here, The highway don’t care if you’re coming home, But I do, I do”

I Need You duet with Faith Hill
2007, Let It Go

“Like a lighthouse on the coast, Like the father and the son need the holy ghost, I need you”

She’s My Kind Of Rain
2003, Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors

“She’s my kind of rain, Like love from a drunken sky, Confetti falling down all night, She’s my kind of rain”

My Next Thirty Years
2000, A Place in the Sun
A great send-off song to celebrate the rest of their lives.

“My next thirty years will be the best years of my life, Raise a little family and hang out with my wife”

My Best Friend
1999, Place in the Sun
The perfect first dance song as a married couple!

“I fall in love all over, Every time I look at you”

Something Like That
1999, A Place in the Sun

“Like an old photograph, Time can make a feeling fade, But the memory of a first love, Never fades away”

Just to See You Smile
1997, Everywhere

“When all is said and done, I’d never count the cost, It’s worth all that’s lost, Just to see you smile”

It’s Your Love duet with Faith Hill
1997, Everywhere
Duet love songs make for the best first dance songs!

“It’s your love, It just does somethin’ to me, It sends a shock right through me, I can’t get enough”

I Like It, I Love It
1995, All I Want

“Don’t know what it is ’bout that little gal’s lovin’, But I like it, I love it, I want some more of it”

Tim McGraw Highest-Charting Songs

  • #1 Don’t Take the Girl, 1994
  • #1 Not a Moment Too Soon, 1994
  • #1 Like It, I Love It, 1995
  • #1 She Never Lets It Go to Her Heart, 1996
  • #1 It’s Your Love (featuring Faith Hill), 1997
  • #1 Everywhere, 1997
  • #1 Just to See You Smile, 1997
  • #1 Where the Green Grass Grows, 1998
  • #1 Please Remember Me, 1999
  • #1 Something Like That, 1999
  • #1 My Best Friend, 1999
  • #1 My Next Thirty Years, 2000
  • #1 Grown Men Don’t Cry, 2001
  • #1 Angry All the Time, 2001
  • #1 The Cowboy in Me, 2001
  • #1 Unbroken, 2002
  • #1 Real Good Man, 2003
  • #1 Watch the Wind Blow By, 2003
  • #1 Live Like You Were Dying, 2004
  • #1 Back When, 2004
  • #1 Last Dollar (Fly Away), 2007
  • #1 Southern Voice, 2009
  • #1 Felt Good on My Lips, 2010
  • #1 Shotgun Rider, 2014
  • #1 Humble and Kind, 2016
  • #2 Down on the Farm, 1994
  • #2 Can’t Be Really Gone, 1995
  • #2 One of These Days, 1998
  • #2 For a Little While, 1998
  • #2 She’s My Kind of Rain, 2003
  • #2 Let It Go, 2008

McGraw is a legend in the history of country music. He is the eighth biggest-selling artist in U.S. history and third all-time in the country music genre. His signature black cowboy hat is a staple attire. Tim McGraw married fellow country superstar Faith Hill.

Tim McGraw Top 10 Songs


Tim entered the country music scene in 1992 with a self-titled album. His dad, Tug McGraw – a closing pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, helped Tim sign with Curb Records and get his start. Tim is still producing studio albums today. Along with his music career, McGraw has also been in featured films like Friday Night Lights, Flicka, The Blind Side, and Tomorrowland.

Best Tim McGraw Songs Top 10 All-Time

10. I Need You (duet with Faith Hill)
Released in 2007
On Album: The Hits (Faith Hill)

9. Southern Girl
Released in 2013
On Album: Two Lanes of Freedom

8. Just To See You Smile
Released in 1997
On Album: Everywhere

7. Truck Yeah
Released in 2012
On Album: Two Lanes of Freedom

6. Don’t Take The Girl
Released in 1994
On Album: Not A Moment Too Soon


5. Highway Don’t Care (featuring Taylor Swift and Keith Urban)
Released in 2013
On Album: Two Lanes of Freedom

4. Live Like You Were Dying
Released in 2004
On Album: Live Like You Were Dying

3. Over and Over (featuring Nelly)
Released in 2004
On Album: Suit (Nelly)

2. My Little Girl
Released in 2006
On Album: Greatest Hits Vol. 2
The song was also featured in the movie Flicka

1. It’s Your Love (duet with Faith Hill)
Released in 1997
On Album: Everywhere

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