bruno mars love sons for weddings

Bruno Mars is one of the most popular pop artists in the past five years. His fame has grown to the point that he performed during a Super Bowl halftime show in 2014. Bruno Mars first became known to many in 2009 while offering his voice on songs “Billionaire” and “Nothin’ On You”.

bruno mars love sons for weddings

Bruno is one of the World’s best selling artists with his albums Doo-Wops & Hooligans (2010), Unorthodox Jukebox (2012) and 24K Magic (2016). That’s right, only 3 studio albums! Bruno has won eleven Grammy Awards. To this date, he already has 7 Billboard Number 1 hits.

So that is why we created a list of the best Bruno Mars songs for weddings. So let’s get started!

The Best Bruno Mars Songs For Weddings

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BLOW – Ed Sheeran with Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars
2019, No.6 Collaborations Project
A song you can play for the garter removal or just a great party song.

Shoot my shot tonight
I’m comin’, baby
I’m gunnin’ for you
Pull my trigger, let me blow your mind

Finesse (Remix) feat. Cardi B
2018, 24K Magic
A great dance tune that you could mix into Bell Biv Devoe’s song “Poison”.

When I’m walkin’ with you
I watch the whole room change
Baby, that’s what you do
No, my baby, don’t play

24K Magic
2016, 24K Magic
A great party song and floor-filler!

Just put your pinky rings up to the moon
Girls, what y’all trying to do?
Twenty four karat magic in the air
Head to toe so player
Put your pinky rings up to the moon

That’s What I Like
2016, 24K Magic
Another great party song to play for dancing.

Sex by the fire at night
Silk sheets and diamonds all white
Lucky for you, that’s what I like, that’s what I like

Rest Of My Life
Rest Of My Life would make a great first dance song for the bride and groom.

“As I stand here before my woman, I can’t fight back the tears in my eyes, Oh how could I be so lucky, I must’ve done something right, And I promise to love her for the rest of my life”

Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson but features Bruno Mars
2014, Uptown Special
Another great tune to play during the reception party time that many will know the song.

“Come on, dance, jump on it, If you sexy then flaunt it, If you freaky then own it, Don’t brag about it, come show me”

2013, Unorthodox Jukebox
Treasure makes for a great grand entrance song for the bride and groom into the reception venue.

“Treasure, that is what you are, Honey, you’re my golden star, You know you can make my wish come true”

Locked Out Of Heaven
2012, Unorthodox Jukebox
Locked Out Of Heaven is a great dance hit that many will be familiar with the song.

“Open up your gates cause I can’t wait to see the light, And right there is where I wanna stay”

It Will Rain
2011,The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 Soundtrack
The song was produced for the movie Breaking Dawn – Part 1. IT Will Rain is on the dark side of love. However, it could make the perfect first dance song for the right couple.

“If I lose you, baby, Just like the clouds, My eyes will do the same, if you walk away, every day it will rain”

Marry You
2011, Doo-Wops & Hooligans
“Mary You” makes for a great ceremony song. It could be used as a processional unity candle lighting and recessional song. Your choice.

“Is it the look in your eyes, Or is it this dancing juice? Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you.”

Billionaire by Travie McCoy but features Bruno Mars
2010, Lazarus
“Billionaire” is a great song for the money dance.

“I wanna be a billionaire so ****ing bad, Buy all of the things I never had”

Nothin’ On You by B.o.B. but features Bruno Mars
2010, B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray
Nothin’ On You would be a perfect bouquet toss songs because those girls have nothing compared to the bride.

“Beautiful girls all over the world, I could be chasing but my time would be wasted, They got nothing on you baby”

Just The Way You Are
2010, Doo-Wops & Hooligans
Just The Way You Are made for a great cake cutting song, last dance song, and special dedication song.

“And when you smile, The whole world stops and stares for a while, Cause girl you’re amazing, Just the way you are”

Count On Me
2010, Doo-Wops & Hooligans
Count On Me is a great mother-son dance song and father-daughter dance song.

“You can count on me like 1, 2, 3, I’ll be there, And I know when I need it, I can count on you like 4, 3, 2, And you’ll be there”

What Bruno Mars song should you not play at your wedding? Grenade! It is a break-up song. “Yes, I would die for you, baby, But you won’t do the same”.

Just The Way You Are Song Quote by Bruno Mars

just the way you are quote

’cause you’re amazing just the way you are is a quote from the Bruno Mars song Just The Way You Are – A great first dance song that will be timeless. Just The Way You Are song quote is perfect for weddings!

Have a favorite Bruno Mars song for weddings not on our list? Please share it below so that we can add it!

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