Smokey Robinson songs

William “Smokey” Robinson has spanned generations with his long career.  Smokey Robinson is known for writing and singing emotional love songs, and he has written many hits for himself and numerous Motown artists.

Smokey Robinson’s iconic falsetto was first heard during his time with The Miracles, and he later went on to have a solo career. Robinson is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and he has been honored by the American Congress for his lifetime contributions to popular music.

Here is a list of the best Smokey Robinson wedding songs. You will find many selections here for your wedding ceremony. These songs can be used for the formal portions of a wedding, or they can be added to the wedding reception playlist.

Smokey Robinson songs

Top Smokey Robinson Songs

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Wedding Song
1975, A Quiet Storm

The title of this 1975 song by Smokey Robinson should tell you it’s a perfect wedding day choice, and it has often been played as the bride takes her walk down the aisle. This song is a good choice if you want to mix traditional music with modern sounds at your wedding, and it can be used in many ways.

1979, Where There’s Smoke…

1979 was a good year for the solo career of Smokey Robinson, and it was highlighted by this fun song about taking a romantic drive. This is a good wedding song choice for laid back couples who want fun dance selections for their wedding reception, and it can also be the perfect send-off song when the couple leaves to begin their life together.

I Second That Emotion
1967, I Second That Emotion

Everyone was singing this 1967 classic by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, a Motown hit that still receives regular airplay today on satellite music services. Couples that are fans of Robinson’s music sometimes like to play this song as they enter the wedding reception hall.

Our Love Is Here to Stay
2006, Timeless Love

Weddings are filled with themes of timeless love and devotion, and that is exactly what this 2006 song from Smokey Robinson is about. It should be played for the first dance between the happy couple, or it can be used as an alternative recessional and played as the wedding party exits the chapel.

Love Letters
1975, A Quiet Storm

Smokey Robinson acknowledges his gift as a songwriter in this 1975 soul hit, a song that conveys the promise of one person to love another through all of life’s highs and lows. It is a song that deserves a place in the formal parts of a wedding ceremony, so consider using it before the vows begin.

(It’s The) Same Old Love
1990, Love, Smokey

The older guests at your wedding will appreciate the inclusion of this song on your wedding reception playlist, and they will be reminded of the timeless beauty of love as they dance to it. You can also have the song played during the ceremony unity joining such as the lighting of the unity candle or as the unity sand is being poured.

Easy To Love
1999, Intimate

1990 was one of the best years for Smokey Robinson, and this song took Robinson to the charts once again. It has a soulful vibe that is perfect for dancing, and that is probably why most couples like to use it for their first dance as a married couple.

Love So Fine
1978, Love Breeze

Having a good mix of wedding day music means including songs from many different eras, and you can capture the essence of the 1970s when you play this song by Smokey Robinson. It is a song that celebrates the pure essence of love, and it can be played as the wedding guests are arriving and taking their seats.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin
2006, Timeless Love

2006 saw Smokey Robinson release many original songs as well as covers of classics, and this cover went right to the top of the adult contemporary charts. Smokey takes an old but popular love song and makes it his own, and you can create a nice moment by playing it as you and your spouse leave the altar.

Old Fashioned Love
1982, Yes It’s You Lady

There is always something to be said about old fashioned love, and Smokey Robinson hits all the right notes with this modern view of timeless love. This is a song with strong lyrics, so it should be played at a moment when you want to send a powerful message to your wedding guests and your spouse.

What Love Has Joined Together
1970, What Love Has…Joined Together

This is another Smokey Robinson classic that was specifically written to be used in weddings, and it has been a solid choice for couples for many years. This song is a great example of how Smokey’s music transcends generations and always feels new, so even the younger couples will find it to be a perfect wedding choice.

I’m Loving You Softly
1978, Love Breeze

1978 saw Smokey Robinson continue his solo career after leaving The Miracles, and this song became one of Robinson’s first large solo hits. It is a song that should be played while the bridal party is taking up their positions at the altar, or it can be used for the first dance at the reception.

My World
2005, The Definitive Collection

Almost all of the love songs written by Smokey Robinson are love ballads, and this one continues the smooth and soft tradition of Motown’s biggest star. The nature of Smokey’s songs is such that they can be inserted into any part of a wedding ceremony to create am emotional impact.

I’m in the Mood for Love
2006, Timeless Love

Here is a song that was not written by Smokey Robinson, but he covered the tune and gave it his own unique vocal spin. This is a good song to use if you want to honor the musical sounds of the past, but it also has a modern feel that will appeal to the youngest guests at your wedding.

Everything You Touch
1990, Love, Smokey

The right person is one that makes everything in your life better, and you should choose wedding songs like this one to let your spouse know how important they are. Have it played at the reception after making a special dedication or toast in your partner’s honor.

Feeling You, Feeling Me
1978, Love Breeze

Togetherness is the theme of this Smokey Robinson love song, a soulful dance tune of the type that Smokey is known for. You can create a moment to remember when you choose to use this song for the first dance with your partner, but it can also be used as an interlude when you are cutting the wedding cake.

Do you have a favorite Smokey Robinson song, not on our list? Please share your song below so that we can add it!

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