My Wedding Songs & Wedding MusicLetter Reviews

Don’t look at it as bragging. But, we thought we would share a few reviews from our newsletter readers and followers.

I get a tremendous amount of value reading your monthly newsletter and keep up the good work. It is really appreciated and I go to your Wedding song website often for new song ideas. Thank you for all you publish.


Given how much music is generated these days, I use the newsletter and website to cherry pick the songs I would like to add to my wedding playlists.


I get a lot of value out of your newsletter every month. I always go to the website every time that I am putting a playlist together for a wedding. I appreciate everything that you do to help us, wedding DJs, out.

KDUB Entertainment

I LOVE IT!!!! I send it to all of my couples. What an AMAZING resource. Thank you so much! My couples find it very helpful!!!!

Vision into Reality Events

Yes we value your newsletter very much! You do an amazing job staying on top of new music. I never have enough time to sit down and catch up on new releases so your website/newsletter really helps streamline the process.

Hey Mister DJ

I value your monthly email. It always gives me a refresh and insight into some new trends and classics that might be making a comeback. I visit the website quarterly, maybe 5 times a year. I appreciate your work and dedication to the DJ community. Thank YOU!

FreshTracks Entertainment

[The newsletter] is one tool in an arsenal of trusted sources for real world data. I definitely appreciate the effort. [I visit your website] 2 to 3xs a month, usually to confirm my experiences but also to gain insight into what other professionals are programming for successful events.


[The newsletter] is helpful. I even direct couples to the site who are having trouble picking their special songs. I do wish there were more suggestions for younger inner city weddings. I usually visit the site every couple months.

Michael L.

I do receive a TON of value from your monthly newsletters! And I constantly use the My Wedding Songs website for new song ideas.


Really enjoy the newsletter to gather new songs and tips. We also like to share them on our Facebook Page from time to time. Thanks for all you do!

Arpeggio Wedding Entertainment

I get your newsletter and look forward to it. You always have some new songs I missed to add to my wedding library. Keep up the good work!!

Bunn DJ Company

This is great! [Your website] is a big asset to DJs all around in my opinion, I send brides to look at the lists you provide and they all absolutely love it.


I look at your newsletter and am always using it for ideas and ways to be better. Your lists are helpful and whenever I get a new newsletter, I always check it out to see what’s new! Thank you for having such an amazing resource!

Marc R.

A great asset and appreciative of its existence. I typically check it out every other month, sometimes just to get a reminder of songs.

Flash Jam Entertainment

Please continue with your emails. They are a very valuable tool for my DJ playlists. I go to your Wedding Songs website quite frequently. Thank you and more power to you.

Nigel Entertainment

I love it, it helps me with my clients as a Wedding Officiant to help create their stories.


I have a link on my website to your website for my brides and grooms for ceremony music. I look at your website every couple of months. My brides and grooms seem to love the ideas that they get from your website.

Dance Pro DJ Service

I personally really enjoy going through your playlists!! I’ve generated some of my own over the years, however, I always like comparing & “taking notes” from yours!!
Because I have a slew of my own lists, I go into yours maybe once or twice every couple of months. Keep up the awesome work!!

HD Entertainment

One of the most informative sites for wedding DJs. Keep up the great work.

Danny T
Millennial-X Entertainment

I find your weekly emails quite valuable in providing the music information / songs and suggestions that aid in the selections of music for specific elements of the wedding and reception. Not only do you provide information on new songs, but also put an emphasis on older songs that most of us now commonly pass over or have forgotten. Keep up the good work, it is well appreciated!

Greg M.

I look at it every time and as a reference, I do find it very helpful to do my wedding listing and subjection to my clients. For sure I do some adjustments regarding my clients in Canada because the tracklisting and the song play are not quite the same down here, but in my case, I do play it at 80%. Thank you for all the work you put into it.


They are very valuable. I actually loan them to my clients to give them ideas when choosing their songs. 

High Voltage Entertainment

As a DJ I want to stay on top of wedding trends and you help me do that well! I truly don’t read the newsletter as often as I should. I utilize the site typically once a month to update my songs…finding new ones thanks to you! You bring value. Thank you for all you do.

Energy Entertainment

These emails are the greatest for me personally to know what songs to use for each occasion. Thank you!

Steve P.

Love getting this newsletter. It gives me great suggestions for wedding music!

All For Your Music

Best wedding website ever. As a fellow DJ, I love all the work you put into it. Thank you!

Mobile Millennium DJs

Thank you for all you do. I look forward to getting the newsletters with your new Wedding song picks. The new website is Awsome, very easy to manage!!

DJ Steve
To Honor You Events

Very valuable! Every time I have a gig, I have used your website.

419 Sound

I frequently perform at wedding parties. Each wedding party is unique with their genre, music they like, and other things to make their wedding something to remember. Your website provides me with additional suggestions to make and complete their wishes. It was a true blessing when I found your website. Thank you.

Bernard P.

Your emails and website were really helpful in planning my wedding music and figuring out what songs to play. Thank you!

Melanie S.

Love it! Send links to all my brides. Thank you!

Lee Ann
Weddings By Lee Ann

Thank you for your time and expertise in putting together your lists. It is very helpful and greatly appreciated.


I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your newsletter.  I don’t DJ many weddings.  Actually more proms and other dance gatherings.  Your song lists are still super helpful for me.

John W.

I value your newsletter a lot. I send several brides to your site when they get a mental block or tired of the same old songs they hear every wedding. I use it on a regular basis too. It’s nice to have someone care as much as I do. Thanks for all you do!

Jay D.