Top 9 Sir Elton John Love Songs for Universal Love

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Sir Elton John is entrenched in the hearts of everyone in his homeland of England and in America. His music career spans more than 5 decades.

Many of the songs Sir Elton has released make for perfect accents to many wedding events.

We have assembled a list of our favorite Sir Elton John Wedding Songs.

sir elton john love songs

Elton John, born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his charitable work and was awarded the honorific Sir.

The success of Sir Elton is due to the collaboration with lyricist Bernie Taupin. In addition, Sir Elton was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994.

9 Sir Elton John Love Songs for Weddings

Something About The Way You Look Tonight
1997, The Big Picture
Did you know the song was released as a double-single with Candle In the Wind?

And I can’t describe
But it’s something about the way you look tonight
Takes my breath away

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True Love (duet with Kiki Dee)
1995, Love Songs Compilation Album

For you and I have a guardian angel
On high, with nothing to do
But to give to you as you give to me
Love forever, true

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1995, Made in England

Makes for a great parent-child dance.
Notable Lyrics:
To walk with you and watch you grow
And know that you’re blessed

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Can You Feel The Love Tonight
1994, The Lion King Soundtrack
The song is one of Disney’s classic love songs of all-time expressing the love between Simba and Nala.

Can you feel the love tonight?
The peace the evening brings
The world, for once, in perfect harmony

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Circle of Life
1994, The Lion King Soundtrack

It’s the circle of life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love

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The One
1992, The One

You’re all I’ve ever needed
Baby you’re the one

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Tiny Dancer
1972, Madman Across the Water
Makes for a great Father-Daughter dance.

Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand
And now she’s in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my hand

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1971, Friends Soundtrack

With a friend at hand you will see the light
If your friends are there, then everything’s all right

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Your Song
1970, Elton John
Did you know the song was originally released by the band Three Dog Night?

I hope you don’t mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you’re in the world

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Have a favorite Sir Elton John wedding song, not our list? Be sure to comment on the song below.

Elton John Highest-Charting Songs – U.S. Adult Contemporary

  • #1 Daniel, 1973
  • #1 Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (with Kiki Dee), 1976
  • #1 Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word, 1976
  • #1 Mama Can’t Buy You Love, 1979
  • #1 Little Jeannie, 1980
  • #1 Blue Eyes, 1982
  • #1 I Don’t Wanna Go on with You Like That, 1988
  • #1 Healing Hands, 1989
  • #1 You Gotta Love Someone, 1990
  • #1 Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me (with George Michael), 1990
  • #1 The One, 1992
  • #1 Simple Life, 1993
  • #1 Can You Feel the Love Tonight, 1994
  • #1 Believe, 1995
  • #1 Blessed, 1995
  • #1 Something About the Way You Look Tonight, 1997
  • #1 Something About the Way You Look Tonight/Candle in the Wind 1997, 1997
  • #2 I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues, 1983
  • #2 Sad Songs (Say So Much), 1984
  • #2 Candle in the Wind, 1987
  • #2 Club at the End of the Street, 1990
  • #2 The Last Song, 1992
  • #2 Circle of Life, 1994
  • #2 Written in the Stars (with LeAnn Rimes), 1999
  • #3 Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, 1974
  • #3 Nikita, 1985
  • #3 Sacrifice, 1989
  • #4 A Word in Spanish, 1988
  • #4 You Can Make History (Young Again), 1996
  • #5 Recover Your Soul, 1998
  • #5 Someday Out of the Blue, 2000
  • #6 Honky Cat, 1972
  • #6 I Want Love, 2001
  • #7 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, 1973
  • #7 Answer in the Sky, 2004
  • #9 Your Song, 1970

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