Church Wedding Songs For A Christian Marriage

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Getting married in a church can be challenging when selecting your church wedding songs. Before selecting any music, be sure to speak to your Priest/Pastor/Officiant about the rules of what music is allowed.

Another thing to consider is who will be playing the music. Some churches only have an organ or piano, while others may have a complete band ensemble.

church wedding songs for christian wedding

Another consideration is to plan your songs by the size of the church. If the church is small, you would not want long-length songs for the entrance and exit.

Church Wedding Songs

Songs played as the wedding party enters the church and approaches the altar are known as the processional songs. Here are processional songs for church weddings.

Air – Johann Sebastian Bach

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Air from Water Music – George Frideric Handel

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Hornpipe (From “Water Music”) – George Frideric Handel 

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Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, Cantata BWV 147: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring – Johann Sebastian Bach

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Ode to Joy (From Symphony No. 9 In D Minor, Op. 125) – Ludwig van Beethoven

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Te Deum – (Traditional chant melody)

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Love Divine, All Loves Excelling – Charles Wesley (hymn)

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The bride’s entrance is typically highlighted by the “Here Comes The Bride” song. However, here are a few other options as well for your church wedding.

Here Comes The Bride – Richard Wagner

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Trumpet Voluntary in D Major (The Prince of Denmark’s March) – Jeremiah Clarke

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Music for the Royal Fireworks, HWV 351: III. La réjouissance – George Frideric Handel

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Trumpet Tune in D – Jeremiah Clarke

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Songs are also played during church weddings during:

  • Unity ceremony songs
  • Communion
  • The signing of the marriage license
  • Presentation of the gifts
  • Songs during “down-time” like before and after vows, the ring exchange, and readings.

Amazing Grace – Susan Boyle
2009, I Dreamed a Dream

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Ave Maria – Beyoncé
2008, I Am… Sasha Fierce

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The Wedding Song – Kenny G
1992, Breathless

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Wedding Song (There Is Love) – Noel Paul Stookey
1971, Paul and

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As the bride and groom leave the altar area after the ceremony has concluded (Recessional), the classic song to be played is the Wedding March.

Wedding March – Felix Mendelssohn

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Symphony No. 1 in C Major, Op. 21: IV. Finale (Adagio – Allegro molto e vivace) – Ludwig van Beethoven

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Toccata from Symphony No. 5 – Charles-Marie Widor

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Radetsky March, Op. 228 – Johann Strauss

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Listen to our Church wedding songs playlist on Spotify.

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  1. I am hoping that you might be able to help me locate one of the solos that was sung at my wedding in 1997.

    The song that I have listed in the wedding program is entitled “When Two Become One,” but I don’t have the name of the composer or lyricist. I thought that all I had to do was type in the title and it would come up….if not in youtube, then perhaps in sheet music. After two weeks of research via the internet, I have not as yet located this song. There are a few that come close in title, but they are not this song. The one listed above brings God into the equation and creates the analogy that it is really three of us in the marriage….sort of like three becoming one….and some of the lyrics directly address this concept.

    The reason that I am so interested in locating this particular song is two fold: I want to see the lyrics, and hopefully hear the tune, that meant a lot to my late husband and I at our wedding and our marriage; and a dear friend of mine (who I meant in grief ministry) is preparing for her second marriage (to her high school sweetheart no less!). They are going to use the concept of “three cords.” As soon as she told me about this, I immediately thought of the one song at our wedding.

    I have begun to think that perhaps the above is not actually the title of the song after all; or it just wasn’t that popular as a wedding song.

    Anyway, I would greatly appreciate any assistance or direction that you can possibly give me in this venture!


    Karen :-)

    1. Hi Karen. Sorry, I am not familiar with your song. Just like you, after doing a bit of research I also could not find the correct song in which you need. I would recommend posting on a Christian forum or ask Catholic priests that were performing weddings around the time of your wedding. We were proving music for weddings at that time but do not have your song in our collection.

      1. I remember a song called. “ There is love “ by Peter, Paul and Mary. One of my favorites.
        I hope that’s your song. It’s an older song but a good one. I have heard it at many Catholic weddings from 70’s-80’s so I’m hoping that will help you. Good luck! God Bless!

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