Saxophone Wedding Songs

Saxophone Day is unofficially celebrated each year on November 6th. Just how was the day November 6th decided? Well, it is the birthday of the inventor of the saxophone – Adolphe Sax. The “sax” was invented in 1846 in Paris, France. However, Adolphe was born in Belgium. Enjoy our list of saxophone wedding songs by great saxophonists.

Saxophone Wedding Songs

Saxophones are a reed instrument in the woodwind family. Reed instruments produce sound by forcing air into a mouthpiece which then causes a reed, or reeds, to vibrate.

We want to celebrate Saxophone Day with a list of some of the great saxophonists to play at weddings. Songs with a sax incorporated are typically categorized as Jazz or Blues.

Jazz music does not have to be playing only in the background but is also a good choice during cocktail hour and dinner. If you want to have music with a saxophone but want to focus your music on the celebration, then select more uptempo songs.

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Wedding Saxophone Songs – Great Saxophonists

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Our list is in no particular order…

1. John Coltrane

The album Ballads is a greaat album of slow love songs for setting a classy and fomral mood. A Love Supreme is another great album.

2. Sonny Rollins

Saxophone Colossus is considered one of the greatest Jazz albums of all-time. Sonny is joined on this album with drummer Max Roach, pianist Tommy Flanagan, and bassist Doug Watkins.

3. Grover Washington Jr.

The album Winelight is one of the greatest smooth Jazz albums. It also features the song, “Just The Two Of Us”, with the vocals of Bill Withers.

4. Charlie Parker

We selected an album of his greatest hits as assembled by Century Masters – The Best Of Charlie Parker 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection. The album also features the great Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie.

5. Coleman Hawkins

We selected the album The Genius Of Coleman Hawkins. We love this album for a more uptempo mood. The songs will keep a more lively atmosphere but still awesome for Jazz lovers.

6. Wayne Shorter

Speak No Evil is one of the more notable Jazz albums from Blue Note Records in the 1960s. The music combines elements of hard bop and modal jazz.

7. Kenny G

Kenny is not considered a Jazz artist by Jazz purists by considering his music more New Age. His music is not for us to judge. However, the mass appeal and recognizable music of Kenny cannot be overlooked. Be sure to check out the song, “The Wedding Song”.

8. Stan Getz

Stan plays a tenor saxophone with a string orchestra on the album Focus released in 1962. Focus is a great cool Jazz album and one of Getz’ favorites.

9. David Sanborn

David is an American alto saxophonist. David has been an influential genre crossover saxophonist since the 1980s including pop, R&B, and Jazz.

10. Lester Young

Lester is an American jazz tenor saxophonist. Of note, Lester was a member of Count Basie’s orchestra. Young played with a relaxed, cool tone and used sophisticated harmonies.

10. Julian “Cannonball” Adderley

Adderley is an American jazz alto saxophonist. Somethin’ Else album also features Miles Davis on Trumpet, Hank Jones on piano, Sam Jones on bass, and the great Art Blakey on drums.

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