Top 16 George Strait Love Songs & Biggest Hits For Weddings

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When you think of male Country music stars, most will put George Strait at or near the top of the list. He is known as The “King of Country” and the “Troubadour”.

george strait love songs

Strait released his first single in 1981 and has been ongoing ever since with 60, oh yes it is true, SIXTY number one hits!

With all sixty number one hits and so much more, you may enjoy songs to celebrate wedding micro-moments.

George Strait Love Songs

The Processional

As the wedding party walks down the aisle, the song Check Yes or No would be a fitting song to play. Will the bride and groom check yes or no to the rest of their lives?

I think this is how love goes
Check yes or no

Check Yes or No
1995, Strait Out of the Box

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The Recessional

After the I Do’s are complete, a song to play as you leave the alter would be River Of Love as you start your wedding night and the rest of your life.

Well go rowing on the river of love
Lets go rowing on the river of love

River Of Love
2008, Troubadour

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Reception Grand Entrance

And now here are the newlyweds… out of the clear blue sky just like how they met each other.

Here she comes a walkin’ talkin’ true love
Sayin’ I been lookin’ for you love

Blue Clear Sky
1996, Blue Clear Sky

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Cake Cutting Song

The cake cutting can commonly be accented with a background song. Just be sure to not drown out any special toasts by the bride and groom. A romantic song choice could be The Man In Love With You

I never could work miracles
There may be others, who can do what I can’t do
But no one else could be, as good as me at loving you

The Man In Love With You
1994, Easy Come, Easy Go

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Garter Removal Song

An ironic and fitting song while the groom removes the garter from the bride’s leg is George Strait’s song The Chair

Oh I like you too and to tell you the truth
That wasn’t my chair after all

The Chair
1985, Something Special

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First Dance Song

The first dance is a momentous moment at a wedding reception. All eyes and spotlight are on the bride and groom. No better classic George Strait song fist the love shared between a bride and groom in dance than I Cross My Heart.

In all the world
You’ll never find
A love as true as mine

I Cross My Heart
1992, Pure Country Soundtrack

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Father Daughter Song

The song takes about the day his daughter was born and he I Saw God Today.

Wearing tiny pink socks
she’s got my nose
she’s got her Mama’s eyes
my brand new baby girl
she’s a miracle
I Saw God Today

I Saw God Today
2008, Troubadour

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Bridal Party Song

The Bridal Party song is typically the song played when the bride and groom invite the bridal party onto the dance floor for a special dance. However, many times other guests can and do join in too. If you are looking for the type of song to get all your guests to the dance floor, consider playing I Just Want To Dance With You

I want to dance with you
Twirl you all around the floor
That’s what they intended dancing for

I Just Want To Dance With You
1998, One Step at a Time

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Special Dedication from a Son to his Father

If you want to celebrate a special wedding moment between a father and son (groom), you must play Love Without End, Amen

Let me tell you a secret about a father’s love
A secret that my daddy said was just between us

Love Without End, Amen
1990, Livin’ It Up

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Anniversary Song

If you wish to celebrate the longest married couple on your wedding night, a fitting song is We Must Be Loving Right

Cause they’ve never known
A love like yours and mine

We Must Be Loving Right
1993, Easy Come Easy Go

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The Last Dance Song

What a better way to say goodnight to an evening as your first night as a married couple than to say you will be Carrying Your Love With Me

I’ll have everything I’ll ever need
Carrying your love with me

Carrying Your Love with Me
1997, Carrying Your Love with Me

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There you have it! I hope you enjoyed our list of George Strait wedding songs to celebrate many wedding micro-moments.

Do you have a favorite, not on the list that would fit into a wedding? Be sure to comment it down below.

With the nickname “The King Of Country”, George Strait has been an icon in the country music and acting scene since 1981. George throughout his career has stayed with his country roots and never accepted the pop-country style. His signature cowboy looks with cowboy boots, cowboy hat and jeans have helped him stay to his country Texas roots. George also commonly plays the acoustic guitar while performing.

top george strait songs


George was elected into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2006. Strait holds the record for most number-one albums, gold albums, platinum albums, and multi-platinum in the history of country music. Strait has recorded the most number-one songs and top five songs in the history of the music of any music genre and is the only artist in the history of the music of any genre to have a top ten hit every year for thirty years.

George Strait’s acting career peaked in 1992 with the movie Pure Country. In addition, George Strait has sold more than 70 million music albums in the United States.

Best George Strait Songs Top 10 All-Time

#1 Troubadour
Released In 2008
On Album Troubadour
A Troubadour is a person of lyric poets and poet-musicians often of knightly rank from the 11th to the end of the 13th century whose major theme was love.

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#2 Check Yes Or No
Released In 1995
On Album Strait Out of the Box

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#3 Carrying Your Love With Me
Released In 1997
On Album George Strait
The song is about a man who has to leave home for periods of time. However, he carries the love of his lover with him wherever he is.

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#4 Love Without End, Amen
Released In 1990
On Album Livin’ It Up
The song is about a father’s love for his son even after fighting at school. It doesn’t matter as a father’s love is love without end, Amen.

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#5 I Cross My Heart
Released In 1992
On Album Pure Country
A great love song about being in love and giving someone your heart…forever.

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#6 Amarillo by Morning
Released In 1983
On Album Strait from the Heart
The song was first written by Terry Stafford and Paul Fraser, and recorded by Stafford in 1973.

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#7 Give It Away
Released In 2006
On Album It Just Comes Natural
Give It Away is a great leaving song.

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#8 I Saw God Today
Released In 2008
On Album Troubadour
The song is about a man who saw flowers, a couple, sunset, and his newborn daughter — as examples of how he saw God that day.

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#9 Give It All We Got Tonight
Released In 2012
On Album Love Is Everything

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#10 All My Ex’s Live in Texas
Released 1987
On Album In Ocean Front Property
Did you know he loves in Tennessee because his ex’s live in Texas?

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List of George Strait Number-One Songs

  • Forever Country, (featured artist), 2016
  • River of Love, 2008
  • I Saw God Today, 2008
  • It Just Comes Natural, 2006
  • Give It Away, 2006
  • She Let Herself Go, 2005
  • I Hate Everything, 2004
  • She’ll Leave You with a Smile, 2002
  • Living and Living Well, 2002
  • The Best Day, 2000
  • Write This Down, 1999
  • I Just Want to Dance with You, 1998
  • Round About Way, 1998
  • Carrying Your Love with Me, 1997
  • One Night at a Time, 1997
  • Carried Away, 1996
  • Blue Clear Sky, 1996
  • Check Yes or No, 1995
  • You Can’t Make a Heart Love Somebody, 1994
  • The Big One, 1994
  • Easy Come, Easy Go, 1993
  • Heartland, 1993
  • I Cross My Heart, 1992
  • You Know Me Better Than That, 1991
  • If I Know Me, 1991
  • I’ve Come to Expect It from You, 1990
  • Love Without End, Amen, 1990
  • Ace in the Hole, 1989
  • What’s Going On in Your World, 1989
  • Baby’s Gotten Good at Goodbye, 1988
  • If You Ain’t Lovin’ (You Ain’t Livin’), 1988
  • Baby Blue, 1988
  • Famous Last Words of a Fool, 1988
  • Am I Blue, 1987
  • All My Ex’s Live in Texas, 1987
  • Ocean Front Property, 1986
  • It Ain’t Cool to Be Crazy About You, 1986
  • Nobody in His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her, 1986
  • The Chair, 1985
  • Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind, 1984
  • Let’s Fall to Pieces Together, 1984
  • Right or Wrong, 1984
  • You Look So Good in Love, 1983
  • A Fire I Can’t Put Out, 1983
  • Fool Hearted Memory, 1982

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