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Last Updated: September 19, 2022 | Written by Matthew Campbell

Congrats — you’re getting married! You chose the songs to walk down the aisle and for your first dance. But what about the rest of the wedding song list?

Selecting wedding songs can be a daunting task. To help in your song search, we created lists of popular wedding music; these lists are categorized by event type and genre in case you need inspiration.

It can be a challenge to narrow down your song selection until you nail down the parts of the wedding you’ll include. Wedding ceremony songs start with the processional to the altar and finish with recessional songs leaving the altar. Will you include a unity candle? A special song during communion?

Wedding reception songs include all activities from the bride and groom’s grand entrance to the last dance song. But will you have the money dance or honor a loved one who passed? We’re here to help.

wedding ceremony reception songs lists

Wedding Song Lists Table of Contents

Pre-Wedding Songs

Which songs do you want to play before the wedding ceremony officially begins?

Wedding Ceremony Songs

Wedding processional songs are for when the bridal party enters the ceremony venue and walks towards the aisle. What kind of mood do you want to set for the processional?

Wedding Reception Songs

Our wedding reception songs lists help the couple choose songs that they can dance to with their friends and family on the big day. The wedding songs selected will always remind you of the fun and special moments from your wedding.

Wedding Reception Songs – Formal Dances

There are common formal dances that are planned for many weddings; view the popular formal dances with their accompanying songs. The following dances are all on one web page for your convenience. You can view the popular songs from each wedding song list, listen to a snippet of the song, and there is an option to purchase the song through Amazon.

Wedding Reception Songs – Bouquet and Garter

It is a common tradition for the bride to toss her bouquet to all the single ladies in attendance. In addition, it is a common tradition for the groom to toss the Bride’s garter to all the single men in attendance. View popular songs for both special events.

Wedding Reception Songs – Events and Dedications

View popular song lists for special events during a wedding reception like an anniversary, the cake cutting, and memorial songs.

Wedding music sets the tone for the entire wedding event. Your song choices add charm and personality to the whole wedding affair. We offer lists of some of the popular wedding songs that can be played on your wedding day. Wedding songs are offered to help plan music for your wedding reception and are free for you to use.

Once viewing the lists, you will have the opportunity to listen to song clips, as well as purchase and download songs from Amazon. Before you even walk down the aisle, be sure to check out our list of songs to sing in the shower on your wedding day

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