Wedding Ceremony & Reception Song Ideas

I always get asked – What songs do you need for the wedding ceremony and reception? To help in your song search, I created lists of popular wedding music lists. These lists are categorized by wedding moments for inspiration.

wedding ceremony reception song lists

I’m here to help. You can request a one-on-one planning mastermind if you can’t get your playlist quite right.

Music Planning Guides

Are you a DIY type of couple planning your wedding? Here’s some tips and tricks!

Pre-Wedding Songs

Which songs do you want to play before the wedding ceremony officially begins?

Ceremony Songs

Wedding processional songs are for when the wedding party enters the ceremony venue and walks down the aisle. What kind of mood do you want to set for the processional?

Prelude Songs

These are popular wedding songs that are played as guests take their seats as the wedding ceremony begins.

Processional Songs

As the wedding party enters the ceremony venue and walks towards the altar, view a list of popular wedding processional songs.

Unity Ceremony Songs

The unity candle ceremony is when the wedding couple lights their unity candle in unison from their individually lit candles. How long of a song do you want for this ceremony?

Memorial Songs

It’s hard to choose a song to remember a lost loved one, especially at a time of joy. I have some inspiration for you.

Recessional Songs

These are popular wedding recessional songs for when the wedding party leaves the altar area after the newlyweds are announced.

Reception Moments

My wedding reception song lists help couples choose songs that they can dance to with their friends and family on the big day. The wedding songs selected will always remind you of the fun and special moments from your wedding.

Grand Entrance Songs

The grand entrance honors the entire wedding party. These popular songs will give you ideas of what to play as the wedding party and the wedding couple enter the reception venue.

Dinner Music

Are you looking for popular songs to play while guests eat their main course?

Cake Cutting Songs

If there is an event people are watching, then there’s a song. So which song is best to play during the cake-cutting ceremony and toast?

Bouquet Toss Songs

When you toss the bouquet, which song will be the best to set the mood?

Garter Songs

Garter Removal Songs

If you’re opting for the garter removal ceremony, I have a few songs to choose from.

Garter Toss Songs

Of course, if you toss the garter to the single men in the crowd, I have song lists for that.

Garter Placement Songs

These are the most popular songs to play while the garter toss winner places the bride’s garter on the winner of the bouquet toss. Steamy!

Dancing – Party Time!

Get people off of their butts and on the dance floor!

Last Dance Songs

Just as people remember their last bite, they will also remember the evening’s last song so make it a good one.

Formal Dances and Dedications

Formal dances during a wedding reception

There are common formal dances that are planned for many weddings; view the popular formal dances with their accompanying songs. The following dances are all on one web page for your convenience.

First Dance Songs

If you’re stumped as to what your first dance song should be, here is a list of popular songs to play for the first dance.

Father-Figure Dance Songs

What song will you dance to with the person or persons who play a father-figure role?

Father Son Songs

Perhaps you’d like to dedicate a song to your dad. I have a list for that.

Mother-Figure Dance Songs

What song will you dance to with the person or persons who play a mother-figure role?

In-Law Dance Songs

Yes, the in-laws should have a chance to dance at the reception, too.

Sister Songs (Bride)

Many times, the wedding party wants to dedicate a song to their sister. This is a great list to choose from.

Sister Brother Songs

Perhaps you’d like to dedicate a song to your brother, as the bride, and let him know your relationship will always be special.

Brother Songs (Groom)

Dedicating a song to your brother is a great way to honor the relationship you’ve had and will continue to have after the wedding.

Wedding Party Songs

The Wedding Party came together to support the couple. This song honors those friendships.

Money Dance Songs

If you have the money dance at your wedding, you’ll want to choose from popular songs played — especially since multiple songs are needed for this fun event.

Anniversary Dance Songs

The anniversary dance celebrates all married couples in attendance.

Group Line Dance Songs

If you want to get everyone involved, then why not have group line dancing?

Do Not Play

Hey, some songs just shouldn’t be played at a wedding.

Songs by Eras

Songs by Genres

Unique Song Ideas

Wedding music sets the tone for the entire wedding event. Your song choices add charm and personality to the whole wedding affair.

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Music Planners

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8 years ago

good stuff!

My Wedding Songs
My Wedding Songs
8 years ago
Reply to  Kam

Thanks Kam. If you have any recommendations, being a DJ, we would love any advice you can offer.