10 Best Indian Wedding Songs for an Unforgettable Celebration

What a year it’s been for Indian weddings! With the Beyonce Billionaire Ambani wedding to Priyanka Chopra and all the other major stars, Indian weddings are on the map!

We have you covered with the 10 top Indian Wedding songs for you to shake a leg to, compliments of Indian Wedding DJ Ajay Manaktala.

This list is all about remixing the old with the new. DJ drop that nostalgic beat!

10 top Indian wedding songs

Indian Wedding Songs

1. Aankh Marey – Simmba

Retro is the name of the game and this is a remake of an old crazy dance song that roughly translates to “he/she is giving me the winky eye.” Given that Indian weddings tend to be matchmaking heaven for uncles and aunties it’s easy to see why this number one a dance floor contender for your special day.

2. Morni Banke – Badhai Ho

Yet another remake but a lovely film with a nostalgic bhangra song will get the old and young people grooving alike!

3. Gud Naal Ishq Mitha – Ek Ladki Koh Dekha

This coming-of-age movie about a girl finding her sexual identity is a big step forward for Bollywood with a real-life father-daughter duo in front of the camera. A retro flashback song redone is again the way to go to solidify the message and an amazing choice for the more modernized Indian weddings we see all over the world these days.

4. Aitvaar – Jaz Dhami

Sangeets are all about banging tracks that haven’t been done before. As we wrote about in our Top 10 Sangeet songs, you really gotta find a song that stands out. This one just recently made the list with the B-Funk girls killing it in this LA dance rendition. I guarantee you’ll see this choreographed at many Punjabi weddings this year.

5. Yarri Yeah – Mickey Singh

Mickey Singh is the latest in the Urban desi scene, based out of Los Angeles and this video/song could not be more Hollywood. It’s awesome to see the youngsters at the Indian wedding keeping it real with tracks like this.

6. Illegal Weapon – Garry Sandhu

Punjabi weddings are all about flashy grooms strutting their swag and this song makes you want to brush the dirt off the proverbial shoulder.

7. Lamberghini – The Doorbeen

Indians spell it how they pronounce it. This track is cool and hip and has a tropical house-type vibe great for cocktail hours or before the dancing starts.

8. Pasand Jatt Di – Ammy Virk

For hardcore Punjabi weddings, this is a must. Ammy Virk is trending right now amongst Punjabi and this anthem is about Jatt pride. Jatt’s are a type of Punjabi that are known to specialize in business and farming.

9. Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani – Guru Randhawa

The literal translation is I’ll make you my queen. A cool song with a catchy vibe that makes you want to whistle. We find this works almost anywhere and anytime. A good use for this song could be as the groom walks up to the Mandap (Wedding Altar). Also a great proposal song for an Indian wedding!

10. Mia – Twinbeatz Mashup

Twinbeatz is killing it… And Mia is Drake’s latest sensation… Throw in a little dhol, a Punjabi bhangra banger, and some Drake you have a catchy track that envelopes Latin, Punjabi, and hip hop culture. Since more and more Indians live overseas when you mashup east and west you really get the wedding dance floor moving.

Another song for weddings to know.

Take My Hand by Black IN White
Released in July 2020

Do you have a favorite Indian wedding song? Please share your song below in the comments.

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4 years ago

I personally think that Baby Ko Pasand Hai should be number 1 because I am Indian and it was everyone in my town including my wedding song so I believe so . Sorry for any misspelled words! English is not my native language.

My Wedding Songs
My Wedding Songs
4 years ago
Reply to  Lily

Hi Lily. Thank you for your suggestion. Here is a link to the song on YouTube so that other readers can listen to it too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWMTj-rejvc