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Matthew Campbell offers wedding music inspiration helping 7k+ engaged couples/DJs/wedding pros every Wednesday morning.

Ceremony Song Guides

Song ideas from the time guests arrive at the ceremony (prelude) to the recessional (walking down the aisle after the I Dos).

Reception Song Guides

Song ideas from the time guests arrive at the reception venue until the last dance (or private last dance).

Formal Dance Guides

Song ideas for special dances during the wedding reception such as the first dance as a married couple and parents’ dances.

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Music Genres Guides

Wedding song ideas by music styles including Country, Hip Hop, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), and Rock.

Music Eras Guides

Song ideas by decades of music from the 1940s through the 2010s and even today.


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The Wedding Music Toolkit

Everything an engaged couple needs to plan a wedding playlist.

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Wedding Songs Planner

5,000+ wedding song suggestions on 60+ playlists.


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Our mission is to be a valuable resource of song suggestions to engaged couples, and to help wedding planners, DJs, and wedding pros find new music and be music-educated. We strive to build a sharing community while giving back to the community.
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