Top 1971 Wedding Songs For An Old Fashioned Love Song

1971 wedding songs include many classic hits that you will still hear played on the radio today.

The longevity of these romantic ballads by Bill Withers, Rod Stewart, and more can be attributed to a genuine understanding of love’s enduring power.

1971 wedding songs list

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Best 1971 Wedding Songs

Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers
Released in July 1971 on the album Just As I Am

Few songs sum up the devotion a man has for his new bride better than this Bill Withers classic, a song that still makes rotation on many radio stations today. This is one of the most popular 1971 wedding songs for first dances between newlyweds, and it can also precede the arrival of the bride on the wedding aisle.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And this house just ain’t no home
Anytime she goes away

Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones
Released in June 1971 on the album Sticky Fingers

The Rolling Stones might not be the first group to come to mind when it comes to wedding song choices, but this soft ballad works very well as a part of the processional. It can also be played as an interlude for the arrival of the bride and groom at the reception.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Faith has been broken
Tears must be cried
Let’s do some living
After we die

I Feel the Earth Move – Carole King
Released in April 1971 on the album Tapestry

The smooth voices of Carole King and James Taylor combined on this 1970s smash to deliver a tender expression of what true love means. When you find that special someone the earth indeed moves, so celebrate those feelings by dancing to this song with your new spouse.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Hey, I feel the earth move under my feet
I feel the sky tumbling down
I feel my heart start to trembling
Whenever you’re around

Tired of Being Alone – Al Green
Released in 1971 on the album Al Green Gets Next to You

Al Green helped to define the R&B sound that is still popular today, so it is no surprise that many of his hits find their way into wedding day playlists. As with most R&B songs, this one is best saved as a dance tune for your guests.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I’m so tired of being alone
I’m so tired of on-my-own
Won’t you help me girl
Soon as you can

(Find A) Reason To Believe – Rod Stewart
Released in July 1971 on the album Every Picture Tells a Story

Rod Stewart has a powerful classic rock voice, but he also excels at crooning sentimental love ballads like this one which has been used in many modern weddings. Weddings are events filled with the promise of hope for a happy future, and that is exactly what this song conveys in its lyrics.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Knowing that you lied
Straight-faced while I cried
Still I look to find a reason to believe

Bridge Over Troubled Water – Aretha Franklin
Released in March 1971 on the album Aretha’s Greatest Hits

The Queen of Soul may no longer be with us, but the legacy of Aretha Franklin lives on in this cover of an iconic Simon & Garfunkel hit. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” has been used for the entire wedding processional, flowing into the traditional bridal march as the bride makes her entrance.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Sail on silver girl
Sail on by
Your time has come to shine
All of your dreams are on their way

An Old Fashioned Love Song – Three Dog Night
Released in November 1971 on the album Harmony

Three Dog Night simplifies the meaning of love in this uptempo dance number, a song that you will surely want your DJ to spin as you celebrate marriage into the night. Some couples have also used this song to introduce themselves as newlyweds for the very first time.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

To weave our dreams upon and listen
To each evening when the lights are low
To underscore our love affair with tenderness
And feeling that we’ve come to know

Imagine – John Lennon
Released in October 1971 on the album Imagine

There is no better song that expresses hope for humanity than John Lennon’s biggest solo hit, and it can also reflect the wishes that you and your new spouse have for your life together. The first dance is a very important moment in any wedding celebration, and this song sets the mood for a hopeful future.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

Wedding Song (There Is Love) – Noel Paul Stookey
Released in July 1971 on the album Paul

Noel Paul Stookey kept it very basic with this song written especially for wedding festivities, and the tune can be used in a variety of ways for your nuptials. Play it as your guests arrive, or you can also use it after the vows have been said for a unique recessional.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

As it was in the beginning, is now until the end
Woman draws her life from man and gives it back again
And there is love

Never Ending Song of Love – Delaney & Bonnie
Released in May 1971 on the album Motel Shot

This song by Delaney & Bonnie could be the only song you need for your formal wedding ceremony, but it serves the purpose best when mixed with other reception songs. Let the song remind you that today a bright new chapter in your life begins, one that you and your partner intend to weave into a never-ending fairytale.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

From the first time we met, I knew
I’d sing my never ending song of love to you
I’ve got a never ending love for you


See the prior year’s songs with the popular 1970 wedding songs.

Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’ – Charley Pride
Released in October 1971 on the album Charley Pride Sings Heart Songs

Charley Pride is one of the most iconic superstars of country music, and this is arguably his biggest hit single. It is a song that a groom should dedicate especially to his new bride, and some grooms might even want to sing it for her karaoke style at the after-wedding celebration.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

You’ve got to kiss an angel good morning
And let her know you think about her when you’re gone
Kiss an angel good morning
And love her like the devil when you get back home

She’s a Lady – Tom Jones
Released in January 1971 on the album Tom Jones Sings She’s a Lady

Sir Tom Jones has always been a favorite with the ladies, and this song is a nice choice to honor all the bridesmaids and the bride herself. Create a special moment with the song at the reception by encouraging all the ladies to line dance with enthusiasm.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Well, she’s never in the way
Always something nice to say, and what a blessin’
I can leave her on her own
Knowin’ she’s OK alone and there’s no messin’

All I Ever Need Is You – Sonny & Cher
Released in October 1971 on the album All I Ever Need Is You

Sonny & Cher were known for some cheesy romantic songs, but they could also deliver meaningful ballads like this one. Weddings need moments that are meant to be shared solely between the bride and groom, and you can use the tune to create such a moment with a priceless first dance.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

You’re my future, you’re my past
And loving you is all I ask, honey
All I ever need is you

Cherish – David Cassidy
Released in October 1971 on the album Cherish

David Cassidy covered this hit by The Association to Perfection in 1971, and it is still relevant for modern wedding couples. The song is a great prelude to the wedding party speeches at the reception, and it can also be used to accompany the pouring of unity sand during the formal ceremony.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Cherish is the word I use to describe
All the feeling that I have hiding here for you inside
You don’t know how many times I wished that I had told you

She’s Not Just Another Woman – 8th Day
Released in March 1971 on the album 8th Day

8th Day summed up how all grooms should feel about their bride on their wedding day. Let her know that she is the center of the universe when you include this powerful tune in your playlist of wedding love songs.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

She’s given me a new born birth
I found sweetness on this bitter earth
She knows the things to say
To help my troubles away

For All We Know – The Carpenters
Released in January 1971 on the album Carpenters

Just about every song recorded by The Carpenters could serve as a wedding selection, but this one is more meaningful than most. Couples will want to save it to play during moments that focus exclusively on the bride and groom.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Love, look at the two of us
Strangers in many ways
Let’s take a lifetime to say
I knew you well
For only time will tell us so
And love may grow for all we know

What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye
Released in January 1971 on the album What’s Going On

This song from Marvin Gaye was featured in the wedding reception scene from Jerry Maguire, and many couples end up duplicating that silver screen moment at their own wedding reception. It’s definitely a song that should be reserved for dancing.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Father, father
We don’t need to escalate
You see, war is not the answer
For only love can conquer hate

If Not for You – Olivia Newton-John
Released in November 1971 on the album If Not for You

Olivia Newton-John shines on this Bob Dylan cover from 1971, and the lyrics express how that special partner helps you to become all that you can be. Many brides like to play it for their new husband after the first wedding dance has been shared.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

If not for you
Babe, the night would see me wide awake
The day would surely have to break
It would not be new
If not for you

You’ve Got a Friend – James Taylor
Released in May 1971 on the album Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon

Many might remember this song from the film Toy Story, but James Taylor did his take on it in 1971. If you and your partner have whimsical personalities, this song might create one of the highlights of your wedding ceremony.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you have to do is call
And I’ll be there
You’ve got a friend

You Are Everything – The Stylistics
Released in May 1971 on the album The Stylistics

The Stylistics are one of the most-remembered groups of the 1970s, and their music has retained its charm years after the group faded from the charts. This is a song that tells your partner you place them above every other person in the world.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I just can’t go on
Living life as I do
Comparing each girl with you
Knowing they just won’t do
They’re not you

Bonus Track!

How Can I Tell You – Cat Stevens
Released in October 1971 on the album Teaser And The Firecat

The perfect first dance song from a music legend!

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

How can I tell you
That I love you
I love you
But I can’t think of right words to say


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Celebrating weddings of 1971. Where were you and what was happening?

If you were one of the weddings in 1971

Congratulations on your wedding of 1971. You share your anniversary with the following events.

Celebrity Weddings of 1971

  • Diana Ross and Robert Ellis Silberstein
  • Jacqueline Ray and Tom Selleck
  • Mr. T and Phillys Clark
  • Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler
  • Ozzy Osbourne and Thelma Mayfair

News Highlights of 1971

  • Rolls-Royce, Ltd., filed for bankruptcy after suffering huge losses in developing a new jet engine for Lockheed.
  • In New York’s Madison Square Gardens, Joe Frazier defeats Muhammad Ali to retain the heavyweight boxing championship.
  • The Apollo 15 astronauts explore the moon’s surface riding in a battery-operated vehicle known as the Lunar Rover.

1971 Sports Champions

  • The Pittsburgh Pirates win the World Series over the Baltimore Orioles.
  • Super Bowl V – Baltimore Colts won 16-13 over the Dallas Cowboys.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA Title over the Baltimore Bullets.
  • Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup over the Chicago Black Hawks.

Music Highlights of 1971

  • Grammy’s Song of 1971: You’ve Got A Friend – Carole King
  • The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar
  • Sly & The Family Stone – Family Affair
  • Donny Osmond – Go Away Little Girl
  • Bee Gees – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
  • Carole King – It’s Too Late
  • Three Dog Night – Joy To The World
  • The Temptations – Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
  • Rod Stewart – Maggie May
  • Janis Joplin – Me And Bobby McGee
  • The Osmonds – One Bad Apple
  • The Honey Cone – Want Ads
  • The Raiders – Indian Reservation
  • James Taylor – You’ve Got A Friend
  • Paul & Linda McCartney – Uncle Albert
  • Cher – Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
  • Isaac Hayes – Theme From Shaft
  • Don McLean – American Pie
  • Melanie – Brand New Key
  • Al Green – Let’s Stay Together
  • Nilsson – Without You

Entertainment Highlights of 1971

  • Best Picture: Patton: Frank McCarthy
  • Best Actor: George C. Scott – Patton
  • Best Actress: Glenda Jackson – Women in Love

Top Television Shows

  • ABC Movie Of The Week, Adam 12, All In The Family, The Flip Wilson Show, Funny Face, Gunsmoke, Mannix, Marcus Welby, M.D., The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Sanford & Son

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