Top 1982 Wedding Songs For You and I

1982 was a year filled with romantic ballads that can be a perfect addition to your wedding. From Air Supply to Chicago, the legendary bands of the decade were at their very best.

Here is a selection of 1982 wedding songs that will make your special day one to always remember.

wedding songs list of 1982

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Best 1982 Wedding Songs

Love Me Tomorrow – Chicago
Released in September 1982 on the album Chicago 16

The love that you celebrate on your wedding day is a forever love, one that is meant to stand the test of time. “Love Me Tomorrow” by Chicago expresses the promise that you and your partner will make to one another as you speak your vows.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Love me tomorrow won’t you please promise me?
Love me tomorrow like today

Even the Nights Are Better – Air Supply
Released in June 1982 on the album Now and Forever

Don’t you love how your chosen one makes every part of your life complete? This 1982 hit from Air Supply is an affirmation of the life-changing power of love, and it is a perfect song choice for entering your wedding reception.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Even the nights are better
Now that we’re here together
Even the nights are better
Since I found you

I Can Make You Feel Good – Shalamar
Released in 1982 on the album Friends

This song from Shalamar has a strong R&B groove that is suitable for dancing the night away at your wedding party. The song summons up all of those feelings that accompany falling in love, and it also stresses the importance of devotion over material things.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Baby, I can make you feel good I can make you feel good
Let me lay this good love on you
Baby, I can make you feel good I can make you feel good
You can say I really want you

Hold Me – Fleetwood Mac
Released in June 1982 on the album Mirage

The sweet vocals of Christine McVie highlight this hit from Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 album Mirage. It’s a song about the perfection of two souls that make one another completely.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I’m just around the corner
If you got a minute to spare
I’ll be waitin’ for ya’
If you ever want to be there

Open Arms – Journey
Released in January 1982 on the album Escape

Every 80s-inspired wedding ceremony should include music from Journey. “Open Arms” is one of the band’s most powerful love songs, and it is perfect for an interlude before you light your unity candles.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

So now I come to you with open arms
Nothing to hide, believe what I say
So here I am, with open arms
Hoping you’ll see what your love means to me

Sweet Time – REO Speedwagon
Released in June 1982 on the album Good Trouble

REO Speedwagon had a minor hit with this love song in 1982, and it is a nice choice to include in the wedding ceremony proper. The song is about letting love come easy and free as you and your partner mark the passing years.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

But now i am ready
I am ready to make you mine
So i’m holdin steady
And we’re gonna take our own sweet time

Love Come Down – Evelyn “Champagne” King
Released in July 1982 on the album Get Loose

Evelyn “Champagne” King has an R&B voice that was made for weddings, and it is on full display in this classic. If you have chosen other R&B songs for your wedding, try using this one before the processional as your guests are filling in.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Thief in the night
You took my heart
Now danger’s in sight
‘Cause I can’t help the way that I feel

Save a Prayer – Duran Duran
Released in August 1982 on the album Rio

This Duran Duran song from 1982 is best used for a wedding reception and dancing thanks to its funky vibe, but the lyrics are powerful. The song is filled with imagery about the mysteries of love.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Don’t ask me why I’ll keep my promise I’ll melt the ice
And you wanted to dance so I asked you to dance
But fear is in your soul
Some people call it a one night stand but we can call it paradise

Zoom – Fat Larry’s Band
Released in October 1982 on the album Breakin’ Out

If you want to show off your knowledge of 80’s love songs, try spinning this one at your wedding reception. It scored a top ten hit in the UK for Fat Larry’s Band, and it reflects all the innocent wonder of falling in love with a lifelong partner.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Zoom, you chased the day away
High noon, the moon and stars came out to play
Then my whole wide world went zoom

Up Where We Belong – Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes
Released in July 1982 on the album An Officer and a Gentleman Soundtrack

This is a song that deserves a place of honor in your wedding ceremony. It was one of the biggest love songs of the ’80s, and many couples selected it as the centerpiece of their wedding music choices.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Love lift us up where we belong
Where the eagles cry
On a mountain high


See a list from the prior year with a list of the popular 1981 wedding songs.

Do You Believe in Love? – Huey Lewis and the News
Released in January 1982 on the album Picture This

Huey Lewis and the News reached No. 7 on the charts with this upbeat love song. When used at your wedding reception you’ll probably recall the feelings of those first days when you could only hope that the person responsible for those feelings was your one and only.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I used to have you in a photograph
I’m so glad it’s changed
But now I’ve got you and it’s gonna last
Do you believe in love

Heart to Heart – Kenny Loggins
Released in November 1982 on the album High Adventure

David Foster co-wrote some of the most romantic songs of the ’80s, and this partnership with Kenny Loggins is among the best. It’s one of those songs that might express things you find hard to say to your partner, and it acknowledges that a perfect marriage requires honesty.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

How can we go on together
Now that we’ve grown apart, oh no
Well, the only way to start
Is heart to heart

It Started With a Kiss – Hot Chocolate
Released in 1982 on the album Mystery

There aren’t many songs that are more appropriate for a first wedding dance than this one by Hot Chocolate. It is especially good for childhood sweethearts who are tying the knot.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

It started with a kiss
I never thought it would come to this

Let Me Tickle Your Fancy – Jermaine Jackson
Released in July 1982 on the album Let Me Tickle Your Fancy

This song is pure fun, and it is one that you’ll want to use for group dances at your wedding party. Jermaine Jackson’s energetic vocals will put a smile on the face of every guest.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

It makes me shake
When I think about us
I get all keyed up
And the tantalizing touch
That I love

My Father’s House – Bruce Springsteen
Released in September 1982 on the album Nebraska

Finding a song for a father/daughter dance at a wedding can be difficult, but this poignant tune from Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska can strike the right emotional note. It reminds us not to take fathers for granted and to cherish the love they show.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

My father’s house shines hard and bright
It stands like a beacon calling me in the night

Promised You a Miracle – Simple Minds
Released in April 1982 on the album New Gold Dream (81–82–83–84)

Simple Minds delivers some deep lyrics on this 1982 love song. A groom could dedicate this song to his new bride during the ceremony, just before he makes the ultimate forever promise.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Only love she sees
He controls on love
Life throws a curve
Everything is possible
With promises
Everything is possible

Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye
Released in 1982 on the album Midnight Love

Marvin Gaye’s classic might be a little too suggestive for the actual ceremony, but it is a regular addition to wedding reception playlists. There is something about feeling the closeness of the one you love while the song plays.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Come take control, just grab a hold
Of my body and mind, soon we’ll be making it, honey
I’ll be feeling fine

She’s Right On Time – Billy Joel
Released in June 1982 on the album The Nylon Curtain

If you happen to be one of those lucky brides who are getting married in December, Billy Joel’s fun mixture of romance and Christmas joy will work perfectly for your wedding event. You can even use it as a prelude to the procession, and it also fits as an interlude.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Still I will chose to live
In the complicated world
That we shared for so long
Good or bad, right or wrong

The Girl is Mine – Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney
Released in October 1982 on the album Thriller

Every groom should include this Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney duet in their wedding. Play it just for her after she makes her appearance at the altar, or even sing it to her yourself at the after-party.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Because she’s mine
The doggone girl is mine
Don’t waste your time
Because the doggone girl is mine

Truly – Lionel Richie
Released in September 1982 on the album Lionel Richie

Promises of eternal love are Lionel Richie’s specialty, and “Truly” can be used by either the bride or groom as a dedication. Many couples have played this song while they exit the chapel after saying their vows.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Girl, tell me only this
That I’ll have your heart for always
And you want me by your side
Whispering the words “I’ll always love you”


Next, see a list of the best 1983 wedding songs.

While My Heart is Still Beating – Roxy Music
Released in 1982 on the album Live Concert Recording in France

It is so important to love your partner will all of your being each and every day. This song by Roxy Music will remind you how special and powerful your wedding day is.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

While my heart is still beating
Where’s it all leading
Walk on air
Am I still dreaming

You and I – Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle
Released in October 1982 on the album Radio Romance

Those who love country music will want to make this hit by Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle the musical centerpiece of a wedding. Play it after the bride has been given away and before you begin the solemn expression of your vows.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

The promises that we made
And now your love is my reward
And I love you even more
Than I ever did before

The One Thing – INXS
Released in July 1982 on the album Shabooh Shoobah

INXS was just beginning to find its audience when this song debuted in 1982. It states clearly that you are his one thing, the thing that elevates him above other men and brings out his best.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

There’s no ice in your lovers walk
You don’t look twice ’cause you move so fast
It’s the one thing
You are my thing

Get Closer – Linda Ronstadt
Released in September 1982 on the album Get Closer

Linda Ronstadt uses her heavenly voice to tell every man what a woman wants. Today is the day to pull her close, hold her tight, and promise that you’ll never let go.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

You want love? Get closer
Hold her hand, be forward
Come on, be a man, get closer

Celebrating wedding songs of 1982. Where were you and what was happening?

If you were one of the weddings in 1982

Congratulations on your wedding of 1982. You share your anniversary with the following events.

Celebrity Weddings of 1982

  • Andy Garcia married Maria Victoria Marivi Lorido
  • Bono married Ali Hewson
  • Marie Osmond married Steve Craig
  • Robert Kennedy, Jr. married Emily Ruth Black
  • Howie Long married Diane Addonizio

News Highlights of 1982

  • The television show Late Night With David Letterman debuts.
  • In eight separate instances, people taking Tylenol capsules died. Before the cause is discovered to be deliberate contamination, the manufacturer withdraws the product from the market. It is later reintroduced and regains its position as the number one pain reliever.
  • Barney Clark becomes the first recipient of a permanent artificial heart.

1982 Sports Champions

  • The St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series over the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Super Bowl XVI – San Francisco 49ers won 26-21 over the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA Title over the Philadelphia 76ers.
  • The New York Islanders win the Stanley Cup over the Vancouver Canucks.

Music Highlights of 1982

  • Grammy’s Song of 1982: Always On My Mind – Willie Nelson
  • The Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra
  • The J Geils Band – Centerfold
  • Human League – Don’t You Want Me
  • Paul McCartney with Stevie Wonder – Ebony And Ivory
  • Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger
  • Chicago – Hard To Say I’m Sorry
  • Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll
  • John Cougar – Jack And Diane
  • Lionel Richie – Truly
  • Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes – Up Where We Belong
  • Vangelis – Chariots Of Fire
  • Toni Basil – Mickey
  • Patti Austin with James Ingram – Baby, Come To Me
  • Hall & Oates – Maneater
  • Toto – Africa
  • Men At Work – Down Under

Entertainment Highlights of 1982

  • Best Picture: Chariots of Fire: David Puttnam
  • Best Actor: Henry Fonda – On Golden Pond
  • Best Actress: Katharine Hepburn – On Golden Pond

Top Television Shows

  • The “A” Team, Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, The Love Boat, Magnum P.I., M*A*S*H, Simon And Simon, 60 Minutes, Three’s Company

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