Brian McKnight Love Songs For Weddings – Top 10 Song List

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Brian McKnight is an American (New York) R&B and Soul musician. Brian has been nominated for sixteen Grammy Awards but has yet to win one.

He ties for the record of the most Grammy nominations without a win.

Brian released his first studio album in 1992 titled Brian McKnight. He is still producing albums today with his last release in 2020 titled Exodus.

brian mcknight love songs

Brian McKnight has been touching many fans in his career. Brian has had two top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. The hits were “Anything”, peaking at number 6, and “Back At One”, peaking at number 2. Even though Brian has not had many chart-topping hits, he has plenty of love songs.

Many of Brian McKnight’s love songs make perfect songs for weddings. The songs can be included in a wedding ceremony, the first dance song, the last dance song, and many other aspects of a wedding. You can even play the songs as dinner music while eating your meal. Brian’s love songs can also be played at the honeymoon suite on your wedding night.

Spotify Brian McKnight Playlist

Brian McKnight Love Songs List

Released in 2020 on album Exodus

I’ll hold
Nobody’s hand but yours
You can believe for sure
I’ll be nobody’s man but yours

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Neva Get Enuf Of U
Released in 2020 on album Exodus

So take my house, both my cars, all my money, ooh
All I need is the taste of your honey

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Released in 2016 on album An Evening With Brian McKnight

Baby all I need is you to love
You’re all I’m ever thinking of
‘Cause you’re my everything

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Released in 2009 on album Evolution Of A Man

All things are possible and we’re gonna find out together
Now I don’t wanna live without you
Can’t be without you

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The Rest Of My Life
Released in 2006 on album Ten

“I swear you haven’t seen nothing yet, I promise you I’m gonna love you, The rest of my life”

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Find Myself In You
Released in 2006 on album Ten

“And baby I can’t wait to get next to you, oh I can’t wait to wrap my arms around your body”

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Love Of My Life
Released 2001 on album Superhero

“You’re more than wonderful, More than amazing, Irreplaceable, love, love, of my life”

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Released 2001 on album Superhero

“I still want you, and need you by my side, I’m still mad about you, all I ever wanted was you
your still the one”

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Back At One
Released in 1999 on the album Back at One

“One… you’re like a dream come true, Two… just wanna be with you, Three… girl, it’s plain to see that you’re the only one for me”

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Released in 1997 on album Anytime

“Do I ever cross your mind, anytime, Do you ever wake up reaching out for me

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The Only One For Me
Released in 1997 on album Anytime

“I want you now, I’ll show you how, I can be the man you need me to be, I’ve been around
but now I’ve found, that you’re the only one for me”

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I Belong To You
Released in 1997 on album Anytime

“I want you for myself, I don’t wanna have to share you with nobody else, I want you, baby
Come to me”

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Crazy Love
Released in 1995 on the album I Remember You

“And when I come home to her that’s where I belong, Yet I’m running to her like a river’s song”

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Your Love Is Ooh
Released in 1995 on the album I Remember You

“Take the sun, Take the moon, All I ever need is you, You make my dreams come true”

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Released in 1995 on the album I Remember You

You’re the perfect lover
And you are the perfect friend
Now all that’s ever been
We simply rose above

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Brian McKnight Highest-Charting Singles

  • #2 “Back at One”, 1999
  • #3 “Love Is” (duet with Vanessa Williams), 1993
  • #4 “You Should Be Mine (Don’t Waste Your Time)” (featuring Mase), 1997
  • #8 “One Last Cry”, 1993
  • #10 “Crazy Love”, 1995
  • #11 “The Way Love Goes”, 1992
  • #11 “Love of My Life”, 2001
  • #12 “On the Down Low”, 1995
  • #12 “Hold Me” (featuring Tone & Kobe Bryant), 1998
  • #17 “Let It Snow” (Boyz II Men featuring Brian McKnight), 1993

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