13 Best Brett Eldredge Love Songs For Your Wedding

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Brett Eldredge is a Warner Music Group country music artist known for his songwriting ability and smooth vocal delivery.

There are many love ballads from this superstar that can be used for weddings.

Here’s a look at the best Brett Eldredge wedding songs and love songs.

Brett Eldredge Love Songs

About Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge is a singer-songwriter from Illinois who first appeared on the country music scene in 2010. He was originally tasked with writing country songs for other artists such as Gary Allen, but soon Eldredge was recording his own original music.

Often compared to Frank Sinatra and other singers of the Big Band style, Brett renders his own compositions with vocal emotion that mixes with vibrant lyrics. He is a true storyteller in every sense of the word.

Eldredge has released multiple albums to critical acclaim. His work brings together fans of modern country music and those who are most accustomed to the traditional sounds of Nashville and its famed 16th Avenue.

Spotify Brett Eldredge Playlist

Brett Eldredge Love Songs List

Mean to Me
2013, Bring You Back

Oh, if falling’s how you feel
And perfect is what you see
Then I’d be what you mean to me

The lyrical perfection of this Brett Eldredge song from 2013 makes it a special selection for first dances between newlyweds, and this is actually referenced in the song. Turn the lights down, put this song on, and create a special first dance memory that neither you nor your spouse will ever forget.

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Love Someone
2017, Brett Eldredge

When you smile when you hold my hand
I look at you and I understand
Sure feels good to love someone

Brett Eldredge continued his success in country music with this lively love song from 2017, a single from the self-titled album that fans praise as his best. Eldredge has the ability to craft lyrics that resonate with powerful themes, and the subject here is the perfection found in the one you love.

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The Long Way
2017, Brett Eldredge

I want the secrets you keep, the shine underneath
Of the diamond I think I just found
Take me the long way around

Some people have likened the vocal style of Brett Eldredge to a young Frank Sinatra, and the comparison is easy to see in this song from 2017. It will make a great choice for dancing at your wedding reception, but you can also have it added to the processional if you are looking for something that defies tradition.

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Wanna Be That Song
2015, Illinois

I wanna be that song that gets you high
Makes you dance, makes you fall
That melody rewinds years, once disappeared
Makes time stall

Some of the very best wedding song choices are ones that evoke a certain nostalgia, and that is what this ballad does for many couples of the modern era. It is not uncommon to see fans of Eldredge enter the reception hall to this song, or you may even hear it being played as the first members of the bridal party are entering the chapel.

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Drunk on Your Love
2015, Illinois

I’m feeling so high, high
‘Cause I’m still drunk, drunk
On your love, on your love

Eldredge released this song in 2015 on the album Illinois, and it gained immediate popularity among the younger generation of country music fans today. If you want a song to add a little bit of fun to cut the wedding cake or whimsy to the moments preceding the speeches and toasts, this could be a perfect choice.

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Don’t Ya
2012, Bring You Back

Girl I gotta get to get to know ya, know ya
Everything about ya makes me want ya, want ya
Know what you’re doin’ baby don’t ya, don’t ya

This is one of the earliest hits from the musical catalog of Brett Eldredge, and it is still one of his most-requested songs to play live. The upbeat and playful nature of the song means that you will want to reserve it for dancing, and it can lift the energy when your wedding guests are beginning to mellow out.

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Somethin’ I’m Good At
2017, Brett Eldredge

You said you’d never smile again, but oh no, here it comes
Would you look at that?
I finally found somethin’ I’m good at

Would the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with agree that you make them smile? That’s the simple message of this country love song, and it can be used to add a touch of fun to the whimsical moments that accompany cutting your wedding cake.

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Beat of the Music
2013, Bring You Back

You got my heart racin’ like there’s nothin’ to it
Fallin’ in love to the beat of the music

You can put this song on early in the evening to establish a good vibe among party guests, and it also has a nice lyrical message. It is a song that speaks of love at first sight, something you and your new partner might be able to relate to.

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Lose My Mind
2015, Illinois

Got me perfectly confused
Always find a way to mess me up and drive me wild
I love the way you make me lose my mind

Illinois remains one of the most popular albums released by country singer-songwriter Brett Eldredge thanks to songs like this one. The music of Eldredge is able to capture the emotions of young couples, and many of his fans are not hesitant to add this song to the formal selections on your wedding day.

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Good Day
2020, Sunday Drive

Let it keep spinnin’ on my way
I got a feelin’
It’s gonna be a good day

Who says that the only wedding music choices you need to consider are the songs for the ceremony and reception? There is nothing wrong with creating your own wedding day playlist of special songs, and here’s one that belongs right at the top of your list.

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The Reason
2017, Brett Eldredge

Baby, it’s worth saying the reason I stay messed up
Is I need your love so bad, so bad

Wedding vibes may not immediately come to mind when you hear this song, a traditional country tune that speaks of drinking and missing the one you love. Still, it is very suitable for a wedding reception with guests who like to dance to the sounds of modern country music.

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The One You Need
2020, Sunday Drive

When you sink too deep
When you’re lost out there
Oh, let me be the one you need

Two people stand before their friends and family to promise each other a lifetime of devotion and fulfillment, knowing that they have found the one person that can meet their needs. If this is the message you want to send at your wedding, choose this song to convey it.

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Crowd My Mind
2020, Sunday Drive

Empty streets
And whistlin’ pines
But not a day goes by
You don’t crowd my mind

Weddings can be a sensory experience, and that includes the music that you choose for your wedding day. This one is filled with romantic imagery that can be used to create a mood, so play it as the guests are being seated in the chapel.

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Haven’t Met You
2017, Brett Eldredge

You could be the dream that I’ve always chased, every second, every place,
Always looking for your face and I know it’s one I’ll never forget
So I guess I haven’t met you yet

This song will remind you of all the time you spent searching for the perfect person to complete your life and make you whole. Use it for the first dance at the reception to celebrate the fact that your search is finally over.

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Brett Eldredge Highest-Ranking Singles – US Country

  • #2 “Lose My Mind”, 2015
  • #2 “Drunk on Your Love”, 2015
  • #3 “Wanna Be That Song”, 2016
  • #4 “Mean to Me”, 2014
  • #5 “Don’t Ya”, 2012
  • #6 “Beat of the Music”, 2013
  • #7 “The Long Way”, 2017
  • #8 “Love Someone”, 2018

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