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You supply DJs with a wide variety of music from different genres and decades and you break the new songs for weddings so we look brilliant to our brides.
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I appreciate your efforts to stay up on the current hit songs and trends in the industry. Incredibly helpful.
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Wedding Song Ideas, Straight to Your Inbox

Be in the know. Matthew shares new wedding songs released each month, trending hits, and music insights into the wedding industry.

Wedding Song Ideas

Matthew shares new wedding songs released each month on the last day of the month. Plus, occasional wedding industry insights.


Monthly discussions about wedding music and an AMA to close. A chance to get your burning questions answered.

What’s Hot

Know trending wedding songs by tempo – slow dance songs, mid-tempo songs, and party hits. Plus backtracks trending.

Who Reads the Wedding MusicLetter?

Our readers are looking for dance floor fillers that will make you sing your heart out and dance all night – from your personalized wedding playlist.

Wedding Pros

Get song ideas to help your couples plan their wedding music and get wedding song ideas for your events.


Whether you are just starting or a seasoned DJ, stay current on new and trending songs for your wedding crates.

Engaged Couples

Whether you have no clue where to start or are the DIY type, get wedding song ideas to match your personality.

Created by a Wedding Music Expert

The Wedding MusicLetter is written by Matthew Campbell. Matthew’s history as a wedding DJ and his obsession with researching new, popular, and unique wedding songs can be seen in his authored wedding music planning books.

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Wedding Songs Planner

5,000 song suggestions on 60+ playlists

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The Wedding Music Toolkit

Everything you need to plan your wedding soundtrack.

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