14 Best Dierks Bentley Love Songs For Your Wedding

Dierks Bentley has had many songs since his first studio album in 2003. Many of them make their way into wedding day songs.

My list is to provide you with my favorite Dierks Bentley songs you and your guests will love.

dierks bentley wedding love songs

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Dierks Bentley Wedding Songs List

Released in 2016 on the album Black

Love this song if you are trying to set a sensual mood. Black could be a perfect song for a garter removal or garter placement.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Hit me like a heart attack
Knock me flat on my back, yeah
Just keep doin’ that, that thing you’re doin’ there

I Hold On
Released in 2014 on the album Riser

A great song talking about a man’s feelings of wanting to hold on to his love. Makes for a fast first dance or could accent other wedding events such as a cake-cutting song.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Baby, looking at you right now
There ain’t never been no doubt
Without you, I’d be nothing

Released in 2014 on the album Riser

Parents have been through so much raising their kids. Riser could be your parent dance song.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

And I’m a riser
I’m a get up off the ground, don’t run and hider
Pushin’ comes a-shovin’
Hey I’m a fighter

Am I The Only One
Released in 2012 on the album Home

Great song to get the party started.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

If I have to raise hell all by myself
I will, but y’all that ain’t right
It’s time to get it on
Am I the only one who wants to have fun tonight?

Released in 2012 on the album Home

If you have a Veteran in your close family or friends, Home is a great dedication patriotic song.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

It’s been a long hard ride
Got a ways to go
But this is still the place
That we all call home

Draw Me A Map
Released in 2010 on the album Up on the Ridge

I love this song. It is not well-known but would be a great song to end the evening with your new spouse, friends, and family.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I’ve never been so at a loss
I’m at a canyon I can’t get around or cross
So baby come down here, lay by my side
And tell me love’s not lost across the great divide

Feel That Fire
Released in 2009 on the album Feel That Fire

For the offbeat bridal couple, this is your uptempo first dance song.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

She needs to feel that fire
The one that lets her know for sure
She’s everything I want and more

Released in 2009 on the album Feel That Fire

A great way to keep the partying going and fill the dance floor.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Been here since the sun went down
Be here when it comes back around
Worked all week it’s time to play
Gonna get a little bit sideways

Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)
Released in 2006 on the album Long Trip Alone

If Draw Me A Map is not your style for the last dance song, this song is a perfect uptempo song to do the trick.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I could make a million or wind up broke
Free and easy down the road I go
Can’t take it with you when you go
So free and easy down the road I go

Come A Little Closer
Released in 2005 on the album Modern Day Drifter

One of Dierk’s most recognizable songs and is also very romantic. Come A Little Closer is a great first dance song for the right couple.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

If there’s still a chance then take my hand
And we’ll steal away
Off into the night ’til we make things right

Gonna Get There Someday
Released in 2005 on the album Modern Day Drifter

The words make for great dedication for a groom to his mother who has passed. It could even be for a bride’s dedication to her deceased father or grandparents too.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Glad I told you all I meant to
While I had the chance
Cause every moment I had with you
Made me who I am

My Last Name
Released in 2003 on the album Dierks Bentley

A great first dance song.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I want to be your husband, I want you to be my wife
ain’t got much to give you, But what I’ve got means everything

Dierks Bentley Hits To Skip

Drunk On A Plane
Released in 2014 on the album Riser

Anyone who knows Dierk’s music knows that this song is about a guy getting drunk on a plane after the wedding didn’t happen and he is going on his honeymoon alone anyway.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

We had this date marked on the calendar forever
We’d take that new wed limo airport ride together
I feel like a plastic groom alone there at the top of the cake
So hey, I’m getting drunk on a plane

Lot Of Leavin’ Left To Do
Released in 2005 on the album Modern Day Drifter

This song is about a guy who is not yet ready to settle down. Not really a good wedding day song.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

So you won’t fall for me
If you know what’s good for you
‘Cause I still got a lot of leavin’ left to do

Dierks Bentley Highest-Charting Singles

(US Country)

  • #1 What Was I Thinkin’, 2003
  • #1 Come a Little Closer, 2005
  • #1 Settle for a Slowdown, 2006
  • #1 Every Mile a Memory, 2006
  • #1 Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go), 2007
  • #1 Feel That Fire, 2008
  • #1 Sideways, 2009
  • #1 Am I the Only One, 2011
  • #1 Home, 2011
  • #1 5-1-5-0, 2012
  • #1 Somewhere on a Beach, 2016
  • #2 I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes, 2009
  • #2 Gone, 2020
  • #3 Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do, 2005
  • #3 I Hold On, 2013
  • #3 Drunk on a Plane, 2014
  • #3 Different for Girls (featuring Elle King), 2016
  • #4 How Am I Doin’, 2004
  • #4 Black, 2016
  • #5 Trying to Stop Your Leaving, 2008
  • #5 Say You Do, 2014
  • #5 Burning Man (featuring Brothers Osborne), 2018
  • #5 Beers on Me (with Breland and Hardy), 2022

Well, there you have it. My list of favorite Dierks Bentley songs to add to your wedding playlist.

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