Michael W. Smith wedding songs

Michael W. Smith is one of the iconic Christian musicians of all-time. His discography debut in 1983 “Michael W. Smith Project” and the latest in 2018 amassing more than 20 albums. From those releases, we compiled a list of our top 10 Michael W. Smith songs for weddings

Michael W. Smith wedding songs

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Michael W. Smith Songs List

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Forever Yours
2010, Wonder
A great song to start a wedding and begin the wedding march with the message of saying you’ll be yours forever.

Say you’ll be mine, for all your life
Till death comes between us
And the heavens steal you away
I’ll stay yours forever

Love Of My Life with Jim Brickman
1999, Destiny
Love of my life could capture the perfect moment of a first dance. However, it makes for the perfect wedding song that can be played at any time.

I guess this is how it feels
When you finally find something real
My angel in the night
You are my love
The love of my life

1987, The Live Set
You are surrounded by friends at your wedding. This song is for remembering friends lost and possibly as the last dance song.

And friends are friends forever
If the Lord’s the Lord of them
And a friend will not say never
‘Cause the welcome will not end

Draw Me Close
2001, Worship
A song about having God in your life. With the lyrics, this song can be played during the unity candle lighting or wedding’s communion.

You’re all I want
You’re all I’ve ever needed
You’re all I want

Cross My Heart
1990, Go West Young Man
A song worth considering for the ceremony as you are saying two will become one.

Cross my heart
There is room enough for two
Cross my heart over you

For You
1990, Go West Young Man
An uptempo song that could complement your cake cutting.

You know I’ll be here for you, for you
When you rise and when you fall
I’ll always be here for you

Love Always Wins
2018, A Million Lights
A midtempo song that can be incorporated as a processional song after pronouncing your new married name!

I need to hear it time and time again
It’s written and it’s always been
Love always wins

I Will Be Here For You
1992, Change Your World
The perfect love song for a first dance. You may also consider a parent’s dance too.

I’ll shine a light for you
Somewhere in the night
I’ll be standing by
I will be here for you

The Other Side Of Me
1995, I’ll Lead You Home
If you are looking for a song to capture the longest-married couple at your wedding, this could be THE song.

Always love me
Never leave me now
Now you are the other side of me

She Walks with Me

And she walks with me
And she talks with me
And I hold her hand in mine
I know she’ll find her way
Like the light of day
Cause it’s love that makes her strong

1999, This Is Your Time
The perfect father-daughter song as the song describes his daughter and how he knows she will be a strong woman.

I hope you enjoyed our list of favorite 10 Michael W. Smith wedding songs. If you think we missed a song, be sure to comment on it below. We read and respond to all comments.

Michael W. Smith Highest-Charting Songs

  • #1 Great Is the Lord, 1983
  • #1 I Know, 1986
  • #1 Rocketown, 1986
  • #1 Emily, 1987
  • #1 Pray for Me, 1988
  • #1 The Throne, 1989
  • #1 Go West Young Man, 1990
  • #1 Place in this World, 1991
  • #1 For You, 1991
  • #1 “I Will Be Here for You, 1992
  • #1 Give It Away, 1993
  • #1 Picture Perfect, 1993
  • #1 Cry for Love, 1995
  • #1 Waymaker (with Vanessa Campagna and Madelyn Berry), 2019
  • #2 Hosanna, 1984
  • #2 Hand of Providence, 1988
  • #2 On the Other Side, 1989
  • #2 How Long Will Be Too Long, 1991
  • #2 Seed to Sow, 1992
  • #2 I’ll Lead You Home, 1996
  • #2 Missing Person, 1998
  • #2 Christmas Day (w/ Mandisa), 2007
  • #3 I’ll Be Around, 1996
  • #3 Someday, 1996
  • #3 Live the Life, 1997
  • #4 Wired for Sound, 1986
  • #4 I Miss the Way, 1989
  • #4 Love Crusade, 1992
  • #4 Somebody Love Me, 1993
  • #4 Breakdown, 1995
  • #4 Love Me Good, 1998
  • #5 Voices, 1986
  • #5 Nothin’ But the Blood, 1987
  • #5 Holy, Holy, Holy, 1989
  • #5 I Hear Leesha, 1990
  • #5 A Little Stronger Every Day, 1996
  • #5 This is Your Time, 1999
  • #5 Healing Rain, 2004

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