Jonny Houlihan Love Songs

Few singer-songwriters have crafted as many amazing love songs as Jonny Houlihan. We’ve assembled a list of the very best love and wedding songs written and recorded by Jonny Houlihan.

About Jonny Houlihan

Jonny Houlihan may be one of the best-kept secrets in Nashville. Houlihan has been writing, producing, and recording his own music for more than a decade. With a string of ten albums to his credit, Jonny Houlihan has been called a true American troubadour.

Jonny cites Garth Brooks as a major influence on his work and writing style. With the release of Wedding Day in 2021, Jonny Houlihan solidified himself as a major player on the independent circuit. He lives and works in Nashville where his efforts have not gone unnoticed.

The songs recorded by this young musician are as country as they come. They embody a down-home outlook on life, love, and relationships. They also blend traditional country themes with a modern sound.

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Jonny Houlihan Love Songs

Jonny Houlihan Love Songs

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Those who want to use Jonny Houlihan songs for their wedding festivities have no shortage of choices. One entire album recorded by Houlihan is dedicated to wedding and love songs. Here’s a list of Jonny’s best, and you can use them in many different ways to make your wedding memorable.

It’s Always Been You (featuring Brittany Clarke)
2021, Wedding Day

‘Cause it always been you
Everywhere that I go
All these roses
All those will bring me back to you

When you take that walk down the aisle with that special someone, there is a sense that the two of you are souls connected through space and time. This is the essential meaning of this Jonny Houlihan love ballad, and you can use it for a beautiful first dance at your wedding reception.

Sweet Love (featuring Briana Tyson)
2021, Wildflower

All I wanna do is make sweet love to you

All wedding day playlists should be filled with simple declarations of love and commitment, and this song celebrates pure love with meaningful lyrics. Many couples will want to include the song in the music that is played as guests are being seated, or it can be played during the recessional.

Wedding Day
2021, Our Day

Bought to hand over yourself for the rest of your life
I have been dreaming of this day for my whole life

Jonny Houlihan scored a hit with this song from the album of the same name, an entire collection of wedding music that can be the soundtrack for your ceremony. This song can be used to replace the traditional wedding processional, or you can play it before the cutting of the wedding cake.

So In Love With You
2020, Jonny Houlihan the Best of 2019

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna breathe life into everything that we do
‘Cause baby, I’m so in love with you

If you want to stir the emotions of all your wedding guests, have this song played before the bride makes her grand entrance to the chapel. The message of the lyrics is clear, and the song’s beat and tempo place it firmly in the category of wedding day ballads.

Love Song
2021, Wedding Day

Want you ride
and hang with me day and night
right right where you belong
Singin´our song
I look good to love song

Add a touch of nostalgia and romance to your wedding reception playlist with this song that draws heavily on the roots of classic country music. It is a good song to dance to, and wedding guests of all ages will be able to relate to its message.

Our Day
2021, Our Day

Today’s the day
the day I get to the whole wide world
how much I love you
in my life

Every wedding needs a good song for that magical moment when the happy couple enters the wedding chapel together for the very first time as man and wife, and “Our Day” is a pure celebration of all the emotions of the moment. You could also create a special wedding moment by having it played as the groom and company are taking up their positions at the altar.

Crazy Beautiful
2021, Our Day

Yeah, you got me going insane
And I’m singing
Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah
Girl, You’re crazy beautiful
You got me doing things I’ve never done before

Every relationship is a little different, and what makes each person special is their unique approach to love and commitment. Let her know that you appreciate every part of her personality when you dedicate this Jonny Houlihan song to the bride at the wedding reception.

Love Looks Good On You
2012, Cold Hard Truth

I lose my breath when you walk in the room
And I’m falling deeper with every move
Cuz honey love looks good on you

This Jonny Houlihan wedding song is an excellent choice for the first dance between the happy couple, but it has also been used in many weddings for a dance between father and daughter. There is no wrong way to include it in your ceremony, but an informal placement will work best.

You Got What Gets Me (featuring Briana Tyson)
2020, Jonny Houlihan the Best of 2019

And now you’re here with me
And all I can see is forever, and ever, and ever would be
And love at first sight
With one look in your eyes, nothing could touch us tonight

Most people will agree that their chosen life partner understands them better than anyone else, and that is the theme of this love song. It is one of those songs that should be played at your reception, and the two of you will likely remember the moment and the song’s message for many years to come.

Worth the Wait
2021, Wedding Day

When you walked smack dab into my life
Made me smile gave me butterflies
You lifted me up and you changed life
Girl, it felt so right

Love doesn’t always come easy, and sometimes finding the perfect partner is the result of a long search. Let your partner know that all the years alone were worth the two of you finding one another when you play this song at your wedding celebration.

Feels Like Home
2019, Feels Like Home

Feels like home
Right next to you is where I belong
Safe and warm wrapped up in your arms holding tight, just right

Everyone has a different idea of what marriage and commitment mean, but most everyone would agree that it means building a life and a home together. This Jonny Houlihan song celebrates the intention of the married life that you want to create with your own partner, and it can create a nice wedding reception moment.

Love Always Wins
2020, Love Always Wins

Love always wins
Love always wins every time
There’s no trying to keep it down
Cuz it will always find a way to up and fly

Just getting to the wedding altar can sometimes be a difficult road, but this song will help you remember that the journey was worth it all in the end. Love always wins if we are patient enough to wait for the right person to come along and share our life and dreams.

Let’s Write a Love Song
2020, Jonny Houlihan the Best of 2019

Oh, baby let’s write a love song tonight
You’ll bring the rhythm, and honey I’ll bring the rhyme
Make it high, make it low, make it fast, make it slow

Add this song to your wedding reception for a splash of fun. It is a good song to play during the middle of the celebration when you need to allow everyone a chance to breathe and have a break from the emotions of the day.

Little Things
2021, Our Day

The way you hold my hand
you make me understand
this love is true

The little things are what matter the most in relationships, and you can remind one another of that with this fun love song. Play it before you cut the wedding cake and make the celebratory toasts.

I Was Made For Loving You
2020, I Was Made for Loving You

I was made for loving you
I was made for making you smile
I was made for long slow kisses, so dang delicious

This song expresses a feeling that is surely mutual between you and your spouse. Play it as you dance the night away and remember how blessed you are to have found one another in this crazy world.

Do you have a favorite Jonny Houlihan love song? Please share your song below and why it is special to you.

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