Maroon 5 Love Songs for Wedding Celebrations

Maroon 5 is known for the higher pitch singing voice of Adam Levine. However, the band currently consists of 7 total members. Maroon 5 started in California and released their first single in 2002 Harder to Breathe.

Over the next years of performing and producing music, Maroon 5 has become mega-superstars. The band released plenty of Maroon 5 wedding songs to add to anyone’s playlist.

maroon 5 wedding songs

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Maroon 5 Wedding Song List

Nobody’s Love
Released in 2020 on the album Nobody’s Love

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

If my love ain’t your love, then it’s nobody’s
Only yours, only yours, not just anybody’s

A great mid-tempo song to play as a background song during the reception.

Released in 2019 on the album Memories

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

‘Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
And the memories bring back, memories bring back you

A great song to end the reception by thanking everyone for the memories.

Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B)
Released in 2018 on the album Girls Like You

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Yeah, yeah, yeah
I need a girl like you

The song would be a great theme song for the bouquet toss.


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What Lovers Do featuring SZA
Released in 2017 on the album Red Pill Blues

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, been wishin’ for you
Ooh, ooh
Tryna do what lovers do ooh

Not quite fast enough for a party song but makes for a great background song during cocktail hour or dinner.

Released in 2014 on the album V

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Yeah you show me good loving, make it alright
Need a little sweetness in my life
Sugar, yes please

It makes for a great song to play while the bride and groom cut their wedding cake because of the innuendo. However, Sugar has been played for many first dances too.

Even in the Sugar video, Maroon 5 surprises the bride and groom at their wedding!

Love Somebody
Released in 2012 on the album Overexposed

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

I really wanna love somebody
I really wanna dance the night away

Love Somebody is a great song that can be incorporated from the grand entrance to filling the dance floor with the right music mix.

Moves Like Jagger feat. Christina Aguilera
Released in 2010 on the album Hands All Over

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Take me by the tongue and I’ll know you
Kiss me ’til you’re drunk and I’ll show you all the moves like Jagger

This song filled dance floors after its release. It has slowed a bit as time has passed but still a favorite of The Voice fans.

The Way You Look Tonight
Released in 2010 on the album Valentine’s Day Soundtrack

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

There is nothing for me but to love you
And the way you look tonight

What a great wedding song that can be incorporated into almost any aspect of a wedding. However, it can be played for a first dance, father-daughter dance, or even a last dance song.

Released in 2010 on the album Overexposed

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Here I am staring at your perfection
In my arms, so beautiful
The sky is getting bright, the stars are burning out
Somebody slow it down

A very popular pop song that can be played as a background song during dinner or cocktail hour.

She Will Be Loved
Released in 2002 on the album Songs About Jane

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved, and she will be loved

It has been played for the first dance and during the money dance.

Marron 5 Highest-Charting Singles

  • #1 Makes Me Wonder, 2007
  • #1 Moves Like Jagger (featuring Christina Aguilera), 2011
  • #1 One More Night, 2012
  • #1 Girls Like You (featuring Cardi B), 2018
  • #2 Payphone (featuring Wiz Khalifa), 2012
  • #2 Sugar, 2015
  • #2 Memories, 2019
  • #3 Animals, 2014
  • #5 This Love, 2004
  • #5 She Will Be Loved, 2004
  • #6 Maps, 2014
  • #6 Don’t Wanna Know (featuring Kendrick Lamar), 2016
  • #7 Daylight, 2012
  • #9 What Lovers Do (featuring SZA), 2017
  • #10 Love Somebody, 2013

If you have a favorite Maroon 5 wedding song that you think should be on my list, please comment it below so I can add it.

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