Top 1980 Wedding Songs For Every Aspect Of Your Wedding

1980 was an amazing year that ushered in big hair, parachute pants, and a decade of fantastic music that possessed its own unique style.

If you are looking to include the sounds of the ’80s in your wedding, we’ve got the perfect list. Here are the top wedding songs of 1980.

Wedding Songs of 1980

Best 1980 Wedding Songs

Woman in Love – Barbra Streisand

Released in August 1980 on the album Guilty

Lyrics To Inspire You:

No measure of time
We planned it all at the start
That you and I
Live in each other’s hearts

Barbra Streisand established her relevancy for another era with this mid-tempo ballad. It makes a great song for the first dance at your wedding reception.

Let Me Love You Tonight – Pure Prairie League

Released in April 1980 on the album Firin’ Up

Lyrics To Inspire You:

They say once in your life
You find someone who’s right
Someone who loves you like me

Pure Prairie League scored a big hit with this song which features the smooth vocals of a very young Vince Gill. Everyone will be dancing when you add this to the reception playlist.

Could I Have This Dance? – Anne Murray

Released in August 1980 on the album Urban Cowboy Soundtrack

Lyrics To Inspire You:

When we’re together it feels so right
Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?

This gentle pop/country ballad by Anne Murray is still popular today. It can be used for the first dance with your partner, and the song has even been used as a part of the wedding ceremony itself.

Every Woman in the World – Air Supply

Released in October 1980 on the album Lost in Love

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Girl, you’re every woman in the world to me
You’re my fantasy, you’re my reality

Few bands defined the 80’s pop sound better than Air Supply. This hit from 1980 can be used in wedding ceremonies as a sweet message from the groom to his bride.

Keep On Loving You – REO Speedwagon

Released in November 1980 on the album Hi Infidelity

Lyrics To Inspire You:

When I said that I love you
I meant that I love you forever

If you want a song to include in your wedding ceremony that captures the essence of 80’s music, few are better than this REO Speedwagon number one hit. It can be played just before you take your solemn vows.

Lady – Kenny Rogers

Released in September 1980 on the album Greatest Hits

Lyrics To Inspire You:

My love
There’s so many ways
I want to say “I love you”

Kenny Rogers had a big hit with this song in 1980, and it is used in many weddings today. It is best included on your reception playlist.

Let My Love Open The Door – Pete Townshend

Released in March 1980 on the album Empty Glass

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Let my love open the door
To your heart, to your heart

Every wedding reception needs songs that are lively and fun. This Pete Townshend hit is an upbeat classic that encourages group dancing.

Loving You (Is a Way of Life) – Jon Stevens

Released in June 1980 as a B-side track on “The Honeymoon is Over”

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Take me back to you
It’s been a long time

This song by New Zealand songwriter Jon Stevens is not as well-known as some other 1980 wedding songs, but it has powerful lyrics that sum up the commitment you have for your partner.

Magic – Olivia Newton-John

Released in May 1980 on the album Xanadu Soundtrack

Lyrics To Inspire You:

You have to believe we are magic
Nothin’ can stand in our way

You can go full 1980 with this pop classic by Olivia Newton-John. It has that wonderful blend of disco and pop that was a hallmark of early 80s music.

More Love – Kim Carnes

Released in June 1980 on the album Romance Dance

Lyrics To Inspire You:

This is real, it’s a fact
I’ll always belong only to you
And each day I’ll be living to

There have been many versions of this Smokey Robinson classic, but the Kim Carnes rendition of 1980 is a great wedding choice. If you want to try something unique, use this song for your recessional as you leave the wedding altar.

Sailing – Christopher Cross

Released in June 1980 on the album Christopher Cross

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free

Christopher Cross nailed the pure bliss of love in this song from 1980. It’s a feel-good ballad that will be instantly recognized by most of your guests.

(You Lift Me) Up to Heaven – Reba McEntire

Released in October 1980 on the album Feel the Fire

Lyrics To Inspire You:

But if it’s not heaven
When you’re holdin’ me
Then it’s the way that heaven oughta be

This country hit by Reba McEntire is a celebration of how love makes everyone feel. It can be used before that first toast between the bride and groom.

I Pledge My Love – Peaches & Herb

Released in January 1980 on the album Twice The Fire

Lyrics To Inspire You:

I know with all my heart we’ll never part
For this is the day when our love comes alive

Peaches & Herb released this song in January of 1980. It is a song that reflects the promises you are making to your partner on the wedding day, and it can be used as a part of the processional before the traditional bridal march.

Easy Love – Dionne Warwick

Released in November 1980 on the album No Night So Long

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Your touch can make me feel so high
With you the night just seems to fly

The beautiful vocals of Dionne Warwick make this a great song to precede the wedding ceremony. Many will want to add it to a list of music that is played while guests are seated.

Don’t Say Goodnight – The Isley Brothers

Released in 1980 on the album Go All the Way

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Most of the people say
That love is for the givin’
So let me love you, girl

The Isley Brothers had something of a comeback hit with this 1980 soul classic. Best saved for the end of the wedding day, try putting this one on as you make your getaway to begin the honeymoon.

Can’t Put a Price on Love – The Knack

Released in March 1980 on the album …But the Little Girls Understand

Lyrics To Inspire You:

And I’ll pay when the price is right
But you can’t put a price on love

There is no way to express the value of true love. That’s what this song by The Knack proclaims, and it is a wonderful piece of dance music.

Any Way You Want It – Journey

Released in February 1980 on the album Departure

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Any way you want it
That’s the way you need it
Any way you want it

All of your wedding songs don’t need to be slow ballads. This lively rocker from Journey expresses the promise of devotion that is an important part of your wedding day.

Give It All You Got – Chuck Mangione

Released in 1980 on the album Fun and Games

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Just one more try
For something new
I need you

If you want an instrumental song for your wedding ceremony, try this one by Chuck Mangione. It has been used by many couples as a prelude to the wedding processional.

I Made It Through The Rain – Barry Manilow

Released in November 1980 on the album Barry

Lyrics To Inspire You:

And I wonder every night
If you might just miss me too
And I sing for you

Barry Manilow sings about the twists and turns of life in this beautiful ballad. Play it to remind you that all the things you endured on the path to love only served to lead you to a forever partner.

Look What You’ve Done to Me – Boz Scaggs

Released in August 1980 on the album Urban Cowboy Soundtrack

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Love, look what you’ve done to me
Never thought I’d fall again so easily

This love song is from the soundtrack for the popular film Urban Cowboy. It combines nostalgia with a smooth romantic vibe that is great for dancing.

Love the World Away – Kenny Rogers

Released in June 1980 on the album Urban Cowboy Soundtrack

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Love will always stay
Just a touch away
Come with me

Your wedding is a special moment when you become aware that two people united can conquer the world. Let this Kenny Rogers song occupy a place in your ceremony, perhaps as you light a unity candle.

Passion – Rod Stewart

Released in November 1980 on the album Foolish Behaviour

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Once in love you’re never out of danger
One hot night spent with a stranger

This song was a huge hit for Rod Stewart. It will present a nice change of pace from all of the other slow ballads that you have chosen for your wedding day playlist.

Stand by Me – Mickey Gilley

Released in 1980 on the album Urban Cowboy Soundtrack

Lyrics To Inspire You:

I won’t cry, I won’t cry, no I won’t shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

The Mickey Gilley version of this timeless hit was released in 1980 and is still popular on country radio today. Few songs capture the devotion of a wedding day better than this one.

Never Knew Love Like This Before – Stephanie Mills

Released in August 1980 on the album Sweet Sensation

Lyrics To Inspire You:

This feeling’s so deep inside of me
Such a tender fantasy
You’re the one I’m living for

Use this 1980 song from Stephanie Mills during your wedding ceremony and the happy tears will begin to flow. It is a celebration of everything good about love and marriage


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Celebrating weddings in 1980. Where were you and what was happening?

If you were one of the weddings in 1980

Congratulations on your wedding in 1980. You share your anniversary with the following events.

Music Highlights of 1980

  • Grammy’s Song of 1980: Sailing – Christopher Cross
  • Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)
  • Queen – Another One Bites The Dust
  • Blondie – Call Me
  • Paul McCartney – Coming Up (Live At Glasgow)
  • Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Lipps, Inc – Funky Town
  • Kenny Rogers – Lady
  • Olivia Newton-John – Magic
  • Michael Jackson – Rock With You
  • Diana Ross – Upside Down
  • Billy Joel – It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me
  • Diana Ross – Upside Down
  • Barbara Streisand – Woman In Love
  • Kool & The Gang – Celebration
  • Kenny Rogers – Lady
  • Eddie Rabbitt – I Love A Rainy Night
  • John Lennon – (Just Like) Starting Over
  • Dolly Parton – 9 To 5
  • Blondie – The Tide Is High
  • REO Speedwagon – Keep On Loving You

Celebrity Weddings of 1980

  • Demi Moore wed Freddy Moore
  • Angus Young married Ellen Van Lochem
  • Jere Fields married Jimmie Walker
  • Mel Gibson wed Robyn Moore
  • Pierce Brosnan wed Cassandra Harris

News Highlights of 1980

  • American speed skater Eric Heiden wins five gold medals at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York.
  • Mount St. Helens, in the state of Washington, erupts.
  • The United States, West Germany, and Japan boycotted the Summer Olympics in Moscow to protest the Soviet Union’s military intervention in Afghanistan.
  • Ronald Wilson Reagan was elected as the 40th President Of The United States.

1980 Sports Champions

  • The Philadelphia Phillies win the World Series over the Kansas City Royals.
  • Super Bowl XIV – Pittsburgh Steelers won 31-19 over the Los Angeles Rams.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA Title over the Philadelphia 76ers.
  • The New York Islanders win the Stanley Cup over the Philadelphia Flyers.

Entertainment Highlights of 1980

  • Best Picture: Kramer vs. Kramer: Stanley R. Jaffe
  • Best Actor: Dustin Hoffman – Kramer vs. Kramer
  • Best Actress: Sally Field – Norma Rae

Top Television Shows

  • Alice, Dallas, The Dukes Of Hazzard, The Jeffersons, The Love Boat, M*A*S*H, NBC Tuesday Night Movie, Private Benjamin, 60 Minutes, Three’s Company


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