blake shelton wedding songs

Blake Shelton is an American Country singer hailing from Oklahoma. His first song release, Austin, came way back in 2001 and has been releasing hit songs ever since. Enjoy our list of Blake Shelton wedding songs, many of them love songs.

blake shelton wedding songs

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Blake Shelton Love Songs

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Nobody but You featuring Gwen Stefani
2020, Nobody but You
A great first dance love song.

I don’t wanna love nobody but you
Lookin’ in your eyes now, if I had to die now
I don’t wanna love nobody but you

Happy Anywhere featuring Gwen Stefani
2020, Happy Anywhere
A great mid-tempo background song.

Next to you’s kinda overrated
The winding road, let it twist
My home’s wherever your heart is

I’ll Name the Dogs
2017, Texoma Shore
Another great feel-good wedding song that could be played as a background song, cake cutting song, or even a first dance song.

Laying next to you every night
Sounds like a damn good life

Beside You Babe
2017, Texoma Shore
Not well known yet but one of my favorite Blake songs. This could be a slower tempo entrance song or a memorable first dance song.

I’ll be right beside you, baby
Till the end of time

A Guy With A Girl
2016, If I’m Honest
Love this song for a unique grand entrance song or processional song.

The guy that don’t know how he got her
But he ain’t never gonna let her

Mine Would Be You
2013, Based on a True Story…
A slow tempo love song that fits perfectly for many wedding moments.

My best day ever
My finest hour, my wildest dream come true
Mine would be you

My Eyes feat. Gwen Sebastian
2013, Based on a True Story…
A feel-good song of a man admiring his lover. This song would be a perfect song during dinner to get the bridal couple to smooch.

Come a little closer
love the way you look tonight

Mine Would Be You
2013, Based on a True Story…
A slower tempo song love song for a party slow dance song, first dance song, or background song.

My best day ever
My finest hour, my wildest dream come true
Mine would be you

Sure Be Cool If You Did
2013, Based on a True Story…
A slower tempo song perfect for a cake cutting event or party slow song.

Have a night that you’ll never forget
And now you’re standing in the neon looking like a high I wanna be on

Boys Round Here
2013, Based on a True Story…
This is a great garter toss song or a groom and groomsmen party song just for “the boys”.

The boys ’round here
Sending up a prayer to the man upstairs
Backwoods legit, don’t take no shit

Honey Bee
2011, Red River Blue
Because honey is sweet and so is cake, this makes for a great cake cutting song. It also can be a background song.

You’ll be my sunny day
I’ll be your shade tree
You’ll be my honeysuckle
I’ll be your honey bee

God Gave Me You
2011, Red River Blue
The perfect first dance song of all Blake Shelton songs. It can also be used as a processional song too.

We are stitched together
And what love has tethered
I pray we never undo

All About Tonight
2011, Red River Blue
A great song to close out the night or for a party song.

Baby let’s act like fools break a few rules
Party the night away

Hillbilly Bone feat. Trace Adkins
2011, Red River Blue
Makes for a great garter toss song or one for the good ol’ boys.

We all got a hillbilly bone down deep inside
No matter where you from you just can’t hide

2007, Pure BS
This song has a ton of emotion that could describe your long-distance relationship. It could also play as a parent dance as there’s no place like home.

Let me go home
I’m just too far from where you are
I want to come home

The Baby
2003, The Dreamer
If you want a Blake song for a Mother-Son dance, this should be your choice.

I could do no wrong.
She would always save me,
because I was her baby

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Blake Shelton Highest-Ranking Songs

  • #1 Austin, 2001
  • #1 The Baby, 2002
  • #1 Some Beach, 2004
  • #1 Home, 2008
  • #1 She Wouldn’t Be Gone, 2008
  • #1 Hillbilly Bone (featuring Trace Adkins), 2009
  • #1 All About Tonight, 2010
  • #1 Who Are You When I’m Not Looking, 2010
  • #1 Honey Bee, 2011
  • #1 God Gave Me You, 2011
  • #1 Drink on It, 2012
  • #1 Over, 2012
  • #1 Sure Be Cool If You Did, 2013
  • #1 God’s Country, 2019
  • #2 Boys ‘Round Here (feat. Pistol Annies and friends), 2013
  • #2 Mine Would Be You, 2013
  • #2 Lonely Tonight (featuring Ashley Monroe), 2014
  • #2 Came Here to Forget, 2016
  • #2 Nobody but You (featuring Gwen Stefani), 2020
  • #3 Doin’ What She Likes, 2014
  • #3 Neon Light, 2014
  • #3 Sangria, 2015
  • #3 A Guy with a Girl, 2016
  • #3 Happy Anywhere (featuring Gwen Stefani), 2020
  • #4 Nobody but Me, 2005
  • #4 My Eyes (featuring Gwen Sebastian), 2014
  • #4 Gonna, 2015

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