1969 wedding songs list

Dolly Parton, Stevie Wonder, and Billy Preston are just a few artists included on this list of 1969 wedding songs. There are songs here from many genres, and there are even some instrumental tracks that can be used as a bridal march. The decade came to a close with many tender love ballads for couples.

1969 wedding songs list

1969 Wedding Songs

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Baby, I Love You – Andy Kim
May 1969, Baby I Love You
Andy Kim would go on to become one of the first 1970s heartthrobs after releasing this song in 1969, a love ballad that would also define Kim’s style. Like most of Kim’s work the song has a strong dance beat and will serve best when used at the wedding reception.

My heart can’t wait another day
When you touch me
I just got to say
Baby I love you

For Once in My Life – Stevie Wonder
October 1968 carryover, For Once in My Life
He was still called “Little” Stevie Wonder by a lot of people in 1969, but no one could have guessed just how important Wonder would become to music history. This is one of the first big hits from Wonder, and it is still relevant for newlyweds after all these years.

For once I can say
‘This is mine you can’t take it!’
As long as I know I have love I can make it
For once in my life

Happy Heart – Andy Williams
March 1969, Happy Heart
As the 1960s drew to a close the legendary Andy Williams was seeing a decline in his career, but he still had a few hits like this one left to deliver. Any song by Williams makes a great wedding choice because his voice is soft and filled with emotion, so work this one into the recessional.

If – Al Hirt
1969, If
Al Hirt served up a few instrumental hits in the 1960s, but this one has become a 1969 wedding song that has a broad appeal to couples young and old. Instrumental classics like this one are especially suited to weddings because they can be used in the formal parts of the ceremony.

If they made me a king
I’d be but a slave to you

Love (Can Make You Happy) – Mercy
March 1969, Love (Can Make You Happy)
Those who want to celebrate the happiness of a wedding day will find that this song by Mercy conveys a feel-good message of devotion. The title of the song should tell you that the song can be used in almost any portion of the wedding festivities.

Love can make you happy if you find someone who cares
To give a lifetime to you and who has a love to share

Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet – Henry Mancini
May 1969, Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack
Henry Mancini is one of the most iconic musicians of all time, and his compositions were used to score some of the best films of the decade. One of those films was Romeo and Juliet, and what love song is better suited for two people about to say their marriage vows?

My Cherie Amour – Stevie Wonder
January 1969, My Cherie Amour
Stevie Wonder makes this list of 1969 wedding songs twice with timeless classics, and this one is the ultimate love ballad for those who appreciate the Motown sound. It can be played as the wedding guests are being seated, but some couples also like to make it the song for their first dance.

Oh, cherie amour, pretty little one that I adore
You’re the only girl my heart beats for
How I wish that you were mine

My Way – Frank Sinatra
1969, My Way
Don’t discount this classic from Frank Sinatra as a wedding song, and don’t be afraid to let the groom sing it karaoke-style at the reception. On a serious note, there are couples who like the song’s theme of independence and its message of conquering the world.

But through it all when there was doubt
I ate it up and spit it out
I faced it all and I stood tall
And did it my way

Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head – B.J. Thomas
October 1969, Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head
B.J. Thomas is no stranger to the playlists of wedding DJs, and this song is chosen for its happy lyrics and joyful beat. The best way to use the song is to have it played when the happy couple makes their first appearance at the wedding reception, but it will also work as a non-traditional recessional.

But there’s one thing I know
The blues they send to meet me
Won’t defeat me, it won’t be long
Till happiness steps up to greet me

Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
June 1969, Sweet Caroline
This is the song that most people associate with pop star Neil Diamond, but it has also been covered by Elvis Presley and several other artists. You might be surprised to find out that the song is often played during dinner as a background song to get guests singing along.

But now I
Look at the night and it don’t seem so lonely
We filled it up with only two

That’s The Way God Planned It – Billy Preston
September 1969, That’s The Way God Planned It
Billy Preston worked with the Beatles, but he also had an impressive solo career that included this 1969 wedding song. It is treasured by couples who celebrate faith and want to include songs with a spiritual theme in their wedding.

If we just be humble
Like the good Lord said
He promised to exalt us
For love is the way

These Eyes – The Guess Who
March 1969, Wheatfield Soul
Canadian superstars The Guess Who had one of their biggest hits with this song from 1969, a piano ballad that is soft and poignant. Most couples will likely use the song as a dance tune, but it has also been played as the wedding guests are being seated in the chapel.

These eyes are cryin’
These eyes have seen a lot of loves
But they’re never gonna see another one like I had with you

This Girl Is a Woman Now – Gary Puckett & The Union Gap
August 1969, The New Gary Puckett and the Union Gap Album
Every wedding needs a song or two that are reserved for the bride and her father to enjoy, and this tune from Gary Puckett & The Union Gap is often heard during the father-daughter dance. It is meant to evoke those sentimental feelings which all fathers experience when they watch their little girl get married.

This girl is a woman now
She’s found out what it’s all about
And she’s learning learning to live

This Girl’s In Love With You – Dionne Warwick
January 1969, This Girl’s in Love with You
Those who want to keep their wedding song choices classy can always rely on the hits of Dionne Warwick to set the right mood. You can play this song before the wedding begins as a special way to get everyone’s attention before the bride makes her grand entrance.

Yes, I’m in love
And what I’d do
To make you mine

Touch Me – The Doors
December 1968 carryover, The Soft Parade
The Doors aren’t what you might consider wedding day fare, but they recorded a few tunes like this one that can liven up a reception. We would recommend that you play it after a serious moment to lighten the mood, but it can be used at the end of the night for a great send-off.

Now, I’m going to love you
Till the heavens stop the rain
I’m going to love you
Till the stars fall from the sky
For you and I

You’ve Made Me So Very Happy – Blood, Sweat & Tears
1969, Blood, Sweat & Tears
Some couples want to include heavier rock and roll in their wedding reception song choices, and a song often chosen is this Blood, Sweat & Tears hit. It will resonate with the older members of your wedding guest list, and will probably inspire lively dancing.

You made me so very happy
I’m so glad you
Came into my life

I Love You More Today – Conway Twitty
April 1969, I Love You More Today
There are many country songs from 1969 that can be used in weddings, and this ballad from Conway Twitty has a strong lyrical message. The vocals are a tad soulful, so strategically use this song during the quieter moments of your wedding ceremony.

So, no matter how much love he has for you or how long
I love you more today, than he can from now on

Rings of Gold – Don Gibson
February 1969, Dottie and Don
Don Gibson will help you keep things simple with this song about the wedding rings couples exchange. Many play it during the exchange of rings, but the song can also provide the soundtrack as the bridal party takes up their place at the altar.

Rings of gold have turned rust
Love before was clean and pure
Now no more can I be sure

’til Death Do Us Part – Dolly Parton
1969, My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy
You won’t want to leave out this 1969 wedding song from Dolly Parton, a living legend in the world of country music. Play it right before the bride is given away at the altar to set the mood for the entire wedding.

With this small empty bottle and broken heart
I keep the vow I made I won’t forsake it
I promised to death do us part

I hope you enjoyed our final list of songs of the 60s with the wedding songs of 1969. Be sure to check out our list of 1970s wedding songs and our complete list of the best 1960s wedding songs.

Celebrating weddings of 1969. Where were you and what was happening?

If you were one of the weddings in 1969…

Congratulations on your wedding of 1969. You share your anniversary with the following events.

Celebrity Weddings of 1969

  • Gunter Sachs wed Mirja Larsson
  • Natalie Wood wed Richard Gregson
  • Yoko Ono wed John Lennon
  • Christopher Walken wed Georgianne Thon Walken
  • Arlo Guthrie wed Jackie Guthrie

News Highlights of 1969

  • Dr. Denton A Cooley implants the world’s first entirely artificial heart. The patient lives for four days.
  • Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin Jr. pilot their lunar module, named Eagle, to land on the moon. The event is televised on earth.
  • An estimated 400,000 young people gather for the Woodstock festival.
  • After 147 years, the Saturday Evening Post prints its last publication.

1969 Sports Champions:

  • The New York Mets win the World Series over the Baltimore Orioles.
  • The American Football League New York Jets upset the NFL’s heavily favored Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III by a score of 16-7.
  • The Boston Celtics win the NBA Title over the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Monreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup over the St. Louis Blues.

Music Highlights of 1969

  • Grammy’s Song of 1969: Games People Play – Joe South
  • The Fifth Dimension – Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In
  • Tommy Roe – Dizzy
  • Sly & The Family Stone – Everyday People
  • The Beatles – Get Back
  • The Rolling Stones – Honky Tonk Woman
  • The Temptations – I Can’t Get Next To You
  • Zager & Evans – In The Year 2525
  • Steam – Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
  • The Archies – Sugar, Sugar
  • The Fifth Dimension – Wedding Bell Blues
  • The Zombies – Time Of The Season
  • Henry Mancini – Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet
  • Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds
  • The Beatles – Something
  • Peter, Paul & Mary – Leaving On A Jet Plane
  • B.J. Thomas – Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head
  • Diana Ross & The Supremes – Someday We’ll Be Together
  • The Jackson 5 – I Want You Back
  • The Shocking Blue – Venus

Entertainment Highlights of 1969

  • Best Picture: Oliver!: John Woolf
  • Best Actor: Cliff Robertson – Charly
  • Best Actress: Barbra Streisand – Funny Girl

Top Television Shows:

  • The Beverly Hillbillies, Bonanza, The Dean Martin Show, A Family Affair, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C., Gunsmoke, Here’s Lucy, Julia, Mayberry R.F.D., Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In

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