1964 Wedding Songs List

1964 was an amazing year for wedding songs. A combination of love ballads and dance music from Mary Wells, Roy Orbison, James Brown, and other musical legends make this a year to remember. Here is a look at the best 1964 wedding songs.

1964 Wedding Songs List

1964 Wedding Songs

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Chapel of Love – The Dixie Cups
April 1964, Chapel of Love
When it comes to 1964 wedding songs this hit by The Dixie Cups is the most iconic, and you probably still hear it played on radio and used in popular films. Those who want to make their wedding memorable will start the wedding processional with this song before moving to the traditional bridal march.

Because we’re
Goin’ to the chapel and we’re
Gonna get married

And I Love Her – The Beatles
July 1964, A Hard Day’s Night
There were so many love songs from The Beatles that it is hard to pick just one for a wedding choice, but this one has a poignant and simple message. It is softer than many tunes by the Fab Four, so it can be used in the more solemn parts of a wedding ceremony.

A love like ours
Could never die
As long as I
Have you near me

My Guy – Mary Wells
March 1964, Mary Wells Sings My Guy
Mary Wells scored big with this fun, upbeat rock classic that will make a great wedding day dance tune. Our recommendation is that brides use this song as a special dedication to the groom at the reception, one that is sure to make him blush.

Like the birds of a feather
We stick together
I’m telling you from the start
I can’t be torn apart from my guy

Share Your Love with Me – Bobby Bland
May 1964, Call on Me
Most couples like to add some soulful tunes to the reception playlist, and this song by soul legend Bobby Bland is often chosen. The song is best used for dancing, but it has also been played as the happy couple leaves the wedding chapel after saying their vows.

Oh, there’s no one blinder than he who won’t see, yes
And it’s a shame if you don’t share your love with me

I Love You More and More Every Day – Al Martino
January 1964, I Love You More and More Every Day/Tears and Roses
It is a shame that the smooth voice of Al Martino is not remembered more often, especially when it contributed to 1964 wedding songs like this one. The song makes a nice accompaniment to the lighting of a unity candle, but it will work for any part of the ceremony where the spotlight is focused solely on the bride and groom.

My joy was more than words could ever say
And darling still it grows and grows inside me
I love you more and more every day

Theme for Young Lovers – The Shadows
1964, Soundtrack
Don’t let the title of this tune from the Shadows fool you; the song can be used by couples of any age. No wedding is complete without songs like this one that can be played by a DJ as the wedding guests are arriving and taking their seats.

Be brave and faithful and true
Cling very close to each other tonight
I’ve been in love like you

You’re My World – Cilla Black
May 1964, The Best of Cilla Black
If you are looking for a special song that will tell your new spouse the way you feel on your wedding day, play this one by Cilla Black. It can be counted among the most popular 1964 wedding songs, often being played as a part of the processional.

You’re my world, you are my night and day
You’re my world, you’re every prayer I pray
If our love ceases to be
Then it’s the end of my world for me

Baby Love – The Supremes
September 1964, Where Did Our Love Go
The Supremes were still a major factor in the music world in 1964, and this hit has been used to introduce many newlyweds to their wedding reception guests. It can also be used as a dance tune, and the song has even been played during the send-off.

Don’t throw our love away
In my arms why don’t you stay?
Need ya, need ya, baby love, baby love

My Heart Skips A Beat – Buck Owens
February 1964, Together Again
Those who want to add a little traditional country flair to their wedding day will want to choose this ballad by superstar Buck Owens. It has that Bakersfield sound that Owens was known for, which means you will probably want to add it to your wedding DJ’s dance mix.

Something in your smile
Brightens up my day
I just can’t help myself
You make me feel this way

Welcome To My World – Jim Reeves
January 1964, A Touch of Velvet
The musical career of the legendary Jim Reeves was too brief, but it was filled with meaningful songs like this one. This song was also a hit for Eddy Arnold and Elvis Presley, but the Reeves version is the one that you are most likely to hear at modern weddings.

Seek and you will find
Ask and you’ll be given
The key to this world of mine

These Arms of Mine – Otis Redding
March 1964, Pain in My Heart
The voice of Otis Redding cannot be compared to any other, and spinning a song like this from the R&B legend at your wedding will create a lot of good feels. In most cases, this is a song that is used for the first dance between the happy couple, but it can also be used for the recessional.

These arms of mine, they are burning
Burning from wanting you

I Got You – James Brown
September 1964, Out of Sight
Those who want to spice up the wedding reception can add this classic from James Brown, a song that is guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor. It has also been used by couples to accompany cutting the wedding cake because it has that feel-good, whimsical vibe.

I know that I can’t do no wrong
And when I hold you in my arms
My love won’t do you no harm

Oh, Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison
August 1964, Oh, Pretty Woman
Imagine playing this song by rock legend Roy Orbison as the stunning bride makes her way to the center of the wedding reception floor. You might be surprised to know that more adventurous couples have also used the song as a modern-day processional that plays while the wedding party is taking their places at the altar.

Pretty woman, stop a while
Pretty woman, talk a while
Pretty woman, give your smile to me

Alone with You – Brenda Lee
June 1964, Alone with You
There are few songs better for the wedding day send-off than this 1964 hit from Brenda Lee, a song that is bold in spelling out the desires of newlyweds. Your guests will appreciate the sentiment as you head off into the night to begin your new life as husband and wife.

I’ll, I’ll, I’ll be alone
Alone with you
And you’re gonna say
You love me too

Constantly – Cliff Richard
April 1964, Constantly
Loving her constantly is a message that all grooms should want to send on their wedding day, and this Cliff Richard song will send it loud and clear. There are so many ways to use the ballad in a wedding ceremony, but for the first dance between the happy couple would probably be the best choice.

Bring your song to me
Just as same as each star keeps burning
In the sky your flame will stay a flame in me

Give Him a Great Big Kiss – The Shangri-Las
December 1964, Leader of the Pack
The Shangri-Las inspire every bride to plant that first kiss on the groom with this peppy love song and don’t be surprised to find out it is often played right after the minister has given permission for the kiss. It also works very well as a happy dance tune.

Give him a great big kiss, mwah!
Tell him that I love him, tell him that I care
Tell him that I’ll always be there

Just One Look – The Hollies
February 1964, Here I Go Again
When the bride makes her entrance to the chapel it is sometimes to the sounds of the Hollies and this 1964 wedding classic. You can use it in a more subtle fashion for your own wedding, of course, and it can even be added to the list of songs played as guests are arriving.

Say you will
Will be mine
Forever and always

The Wedding – Julie Rogers
1964, The Wedding
This song by Julie Rogers may be a little bit offbeat when it comes to wedding songs, but the title affirms that a happy wedding day is the song’s central theme. The best way to use it is probably to have it played while the guests are leaving the chapel for the reception.

Oh my love, my love
Can this really be?
That some day you’ll walk
Down the Aisle with me

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Celebrating weddings of 1964. Where were you and what was happening?

If you were one of the weddings in 1964…

Congratulations on your wedding of 1964. You share your anniversary with the following events.

Celebrity Weddings of 1964

  • Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton
  • Ralph Lauren wed Ricky Low-Beer
  • Bruce Lee wed Linda Lee Caldwell
  • Charlie Watts married Shirley Watts
  • Troy Donahue wed Suzanne Pleshette

News Highlights of 1964

  • Beatlemania invades America
  • Jack Ruby, the killer of President Kennedy’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, is sentenced to death.
  • The Ford Mustang is introduced to Americans at the price of $2,368.
  • At age 35, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize, the recipient.

1964 Sports Champions:

  • St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series over the New York Yankees.
  • AFL Championship – Buffalo Bills win 11-7 over the San Diego Chargers.
  • NFL Championship – Cleveland Browns win 27-0 over the Baltimore Colts.
  • Boston Celtics win the NBA Title over the San Francisco Warriors.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup over the Detroit Red Wings.

Music Highlights of 1964

  • Grammy’s Song of 1964: Hello, Dolly! – Jerry Herman
  • The Supremes – Baby Love
  • The Beatles – Can’t Buy Me, Love
  • The Dixie Cups – Chapel Of Love
  • The Animals – The House Of The Rising Sun
  • The Beach Boys – I Get Around
  • The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand
  • Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman
  • The Four Seasons – Rag Doll
  • Bobby Vinton – There, I’ve Said It Again
  • The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night
  • Louis Armstrong – Hello, Dolly!
  • The Beatles – She Loves You
  • Mary Wells – My Guy
  • Peter & Gordon – A World Without Love
  • The Beatles – Love Me Do
  • Dean Martin – Everbody Loves Somebody
  • Manfred Mann – Do Wah Diddy Diddy
  • The Shangri-Las – Leader Of The Pack
  • The Supremes – Come See About Me
  • Bobby Vinton – Mr. Lonely
  • Lorne Greene – Ringo
  • Petula Clark – Downtown

Entertainment Highlights of 1964

  • Best Picture: Tom Jones: Tony Richardson
  • Best Actor: Sidney Poitier – Lilies of the Field
  • Best Actress: Patricia Neal – Hud

Top Television Shows:

  • The Andy Griffith Show, Bewitched, Bonanza, Combat, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Fugitive, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C., The Lucy Show, Peyton Place II, The Red Skelton Show

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