John Legend Love Songs for weddings

John Legend has made a name for himself as a soulful, sensuous singer and a great choice for wedding songs. But which are the best tracks for your big day? Here are just a few John Legend love songs to add to your wedding playlist.

John Legend Love Songs for weddings

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John Legend Love Songs

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Bigger Love
2020, Bigger Love
A mid-tempo song that would be a great song to play as a background during the cocktail hour or dinner to maintain a happier mood.

‘Cause we got a bigger love
Won’t ever give it up
We got a one-way ticket love
We ain’t going no place but up

Conversations in the Dark
2020, Bigger Love
A love song that you can play during your wedding reception!

I’ll be there when you get lonely, lonely
Keep the secrets that you told me, told me
And your love is all you owe me
And I won’t break your heart

A Good Night – featuring BloodPop
2018, A Good Night
A great song as a wedding venue entrance song. Verify you select the clean version!

But everything’s gonna be alright
I think I just met my wife (yeah, I said it)
I know it’s gonna be a good night
I think I just met my wife (alright)

One Woman Man
2017, Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack
Recorded for the “Fifty Shades of Grey” sequel, this steamy track is equal parts exciting and enticing. It’s made for slow, flirtatious dancing that promises a seductive evening once everyone else has cleared out. Bow chicka wow wow!

We never ever get too close
Didn’t ever wanna lose control
But from the moment that I tasted
I knew that I would have to chase it

Love Me Now
2016, Love Me Now
It’s a rare love song that acknowledges the possibility of future heartbreak but still manages to be joyful and positive. Instead of promising forever, John Legend shrugs and admits that he doesn’t know what the years will bring, however, he’s content to be loved by his woman right now. It’s an honest assessment of romance, and that’s what makes it so great.

Oh I don’t know how the years will go down, it’s alright
Let’s make the most of every moment tonight

Made to Love
2013, Love in the Future
With a deep bassline and skipping, techno-like beats, Made to Love is a departure from John Legend’s usual romantic ballads, but the change is a good one. This is a song that will get people to the dance floor. You can use it to refresh the energy of your reception after a lull.

I was sent here for you
We were made to love

You & I (Nobody in the World)
2013, Love in the Future
Will you have a projector at your wedding reception? Because this music video will ensure that there isn’t a dry eye in the house. Celebrating women of all sizes, shapes, backgrounds, nationalities, and disabilities, You & I (Nobody in the World) proves that every woman is beautiful and worthy of love.

Out of all of the girls
You’re my one and only girl
Ain’t nobody in the world tonight

All Of Me
2013, Love in the Future
As one of the most popular wedding songs of the modern era, All Of Me will be an instant hit at your reception. As soon as the first notes come through the speakers, everyone will gasp, jump to their feet, and corral their partners to the dance floor so that they won’t miss it.

‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections

Tonight (Best You Ever Had) feat. Ludacris
2012, Think Like a Man
This smooth and sexy R&B song will get you in just the right mood for your impending honeymoon. It’s a bit risque, so you might want to save it for after your aunts and uncles have gone home, but it will definitely get your heart pumping and your pulse racing before you set off for your first night as a married couple.

Come on, let me kiss that
Oh, I know you miss that
What’s wrong, let me fix that

I Love, You Love
2008, Evolver
There’s nothing like a passionate ballad to make you appreciate your partner on your wedding day. Combining deep lyrics and stirring guitar riffs, I Love, You Love celebrates the glory of love despite obstacles and past heartbreaks. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a John Legend wedding song.

Hearts break so easy
I know, believe me
Oh, I’ve tried
But my arms can hold you
My kiss console you
I’ll come and love you tonight

Each Day Gets Better
2006, Once Again
This sugar-sweet track is the musical equivalent of chocolate. It’s nice and smooth; it will lift your energy and boost your mood; it flows like melted cocoa and tastes even better going down. It’s exactly what you need to “hit the spot” in terms of romantic wedding songs.

I just can’t let her go
Oh no
Each kiss gets sweeter
I just can’t leave her, no

P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care)
2006, Once Again
With a boppy beat and trilling piano chorus, P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care) is four minutes of good old-fashioned fun. It’s the kind of song that will make you laugh as you dance in your partner’s arms until you’re dizzy, breathless, and totally unconcerned with what other people think.

I’m not ashamed, I don’t care who sees
Us hugging and kissing, our love exhibition

Save Room
2006, Once Again
Offering a fun, agile rhythm that would suit everything from a bouncing two-step to smooth line dance, Save Room is sure to get people on their feet during your wedding reception. What else would you expect from a track co-produced by John Legend and

Save room for my love
Save room for a moment to be with me

So High
2004, Get Lifted
With smooth vocals and a relaxed, slow-jam vibe, So High is a great “breather” song between faster tracks. It will let you take a moment and revolve around the dance floor with your partner in a quiet, intimate waltz.

Let’s go to a place only lovers go
To a spot that we’ve never known
To the top of the clouds we’re floating away

Stay With You
2004, Get Lifted
Filled with tenderness, Stay With You is both a nostalgic look at the past and a promise of commitment for the future. It will affirm why you love your partner while also filling you with warmth and happiness about the life that you’re about to share together.

We’ve been together for a while now
We’re growing stronger everyday now
It feels so good and there is no doubt
I will stay with you

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These are just a few potential songs for a great wedding reception. Whether you’re looking for a fun dance track or a soulful love ballad, John Legend has you covered!

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