Wedding Themed Playlists

Have you thought about using songs in your wedding that are centered around a certain theme or topic? You can use our word-based topic lists for wedding songs to do exactly that.

songs with a word in the title

Word theme songs are great for DJs who want to play a word-play mix during their music sets! For example, if a song playing is about celebrating – like the song “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang – you know it is time to have a good time!

The songs in these lists have been arranged around specific themes.

Wedding Love Playlists –

  • Destiny (couples who were meant to be together)
  • Forever (couples who will be together forever)
  • Kiss (kiss the one you love)
  • Lover (your partner is your lover)
  • Valentine (for your forever valentine every day)

Wedding Themes for Couples

Why Are Wedding Themes Popular?

It is not so uncommon these days for weddings to be based around a certain theme. The colors, the wedding cakes, the food, and even the music can all be combined to present a certain atmosphere. (Yes, we’ve seen a wedding based upon the movie, Up — there’s a Pinterest board for that.) These song lists based on the words in the title make it easy for you to choose music that will fit your wedding’s overall theme.

Using music to tie things together will leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests. Guests will leave with a heart filled with memories of your special day. You will also be thrilled because you chose songs that fit your interests and desires. As the years pass, you and your partner will be turning to these wedding songs again and again to relive the memories that you created.

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