First Dance Songs for I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

As a wedding DJ, I have attended hundreds of weddings and have seen many first dances take place. This includes my own wedding to Tanya Tucker’s song “Two Sparrows In A Hurricane”.

It is OKAY if you want to select a popular first dance song for your wedding. There is a reason why they are so popular. They hit the mood, theme, and vibe of a wedding. However, some couples want non-traditional songs too. Thus, you will find popular hits for the first dance and also unique alternatives for something a bit different.

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Quick Tips

1. Select a song that has special meaning to both of you.
2. Read the song’s lyrics to determine if the meaning of the song matches your love story.
3. Does the song’s music style match your music tastes?
4. Know the song’s tempo (fast to slow) to determine the style of dance that fits best.
5. Practice your first dance with the song you chose in similar wedding attire in your kitchen.


Have anxiety about your first dance? Practice beforehand, drink lots of water, eat through the day, and look into each other’s eyes and smile. You got this!

New First Dance Songs

Are you itching to make your first dance a truly unforgettable moment with a new track? Well, you’re in luck because I’m sharing recently released first dance songs! Picture this: the spotlight is on you, the DJ drops a brand new track, and you and your sweetheart share a moment that feels straight out of a music video.

I curated a shortlist of the freshest hits that’ll have you dancing into forever.

Space In My Heart – Enrique Iglesias, Miranda Lambert

Latin/Country, 2024

A meld of country and Latin. Iglesias re-wrote one of his hits on this beautiful acoustic love song. An upbeat track so you will have to practice your dance moves!

Forever – Noah Kahan

Folk, 2024

This is a cross between folk and alternative. There is so much feeling in this song and about wanting to spend forever together. It is a bit slow so be sure to look into each other’s eyes.

Love Is – Ingrid Michaelson & Jason Mraz

Pop, 2024

Love duets always make for great wedding songs. Mraz has other wedding duets with Colbie Caillat. However, this tune is all about how life is better because you are together. It has a waltz tempo.

First Dancin’ – 2 Lane Summer

Country, 2024

This is a romantic song that specifically describes the first dance of newlyweds. It describes the moment which may help calm the nerves as you dance.

All the Way – Shane Smith & the Saints

Country, 2024

This country song has many old-time country vibes including Johnny Cash. If you want a vintage feel first dance song, this one fits perfectly.

Spin You Around (1/24) – Morgan Wallen

Country, 2024

Wallen is one of the biggest artists of the 2020s. This slow version hits the spot – even better than ‘You Proof’ and ‘Cover You Up’. Spin her around the dance floor for your first dance as the song describes because she stole your heart.

Best Friend – Pacific Skyway

Rock, 2024

If you want a rock song for your first dance, this one describes marrying your best friend! It is an acoustic track too!

If I Were A Love Song – Kidd G

Country, 2023

A slow country love song made for two people in love. The song is a sleeper song meaning that not every couple will have it so you can call it your own. The tempo has a two-step feel.

Let’s Fall In Love – Raheem DeVaughn feat. Kenny Allen & H.M.P.

R&B, 2023

A smooth groove that describes falling in love – exactly what most couples want on their wedding day to highlight their spotlight dance.

Take Forever (Hally’s Song) – Cooper Alan

Country, 2023

This is a tune about two people becoming one and offering their lives to each other. It can be a highlight of the reception and tears falling watching your dance.

Life With You – Kelsey Hart

Country, 2023

The traditional country love song about falling in love. It hits the mark about a man wanting to spend forever with the one he loves.

I Choose You – Forest Blakk

Pop, 2023

Blakk knows how to write a love song. Check out his other hits like ‘If You Love Her’. This song is so perfect for weddings that it was picked up for a Kay Jewelers commercial. Check out the wedding version too!

Time With You – Johnny and Heidi

Indie, 2023

The song was written for another couple in love but J+H knew they had to release the song as it makes for such a great wedding song – and first dance as a married couple.

Heaven – Cleo Sol

R&B, 2023

This is a unique selection for a fun couple with a funky beat. If you are two people in love who want to celebrate your moment, this is a winner!

Evergreen – Teddy Swims

Pop, 2023

Swims has a voice with so much emotion and character. This love song describes being in love and will give you and your guests goosebumps!

Made For Me – Muni Long

R&B, 2023

A little piano and romantic beats will have you staring at each other while saying ‘I Love You’ – you were made for each other!

Magical – Ed Sheeran

Pop, 2023

A song with Sheeran and his guitar about a magical relationship. If your relationship contains lots of magic, select this track from a music superstar.

So Glad I Found You – Jalen Ngonda

R&B, 2023

If you love old-time R&B, this new song celebrates finding the one you love and will have you loving each other forever.

The Mountain Song (First Dance Version) – Tophouse

Folk, 2023

It’s hard to beat a song that is made specifically for weddings. This one talks about a first dance too! The track tells a story of the joy of finding each other.

In Your Love – Tyler Childers

Country, 2023

Childers has the voice of vintage country but with a modern twist. This emotional and romantic song will make you happy that you selected it.

24/7, 365 – Elijah Woods

Pop, 2023

An uplifting track that describes the day you fell in love with each other and wanting to share a life together.

If You Were Mine – Miranda Lambert & Leon Bridges

Contemporary Country, 2023

This is an unexpected collaboration but is so beautiful! Two remarkable voices sing about wanting to spend the rest of your lives together.

Masterpiece – Ben Harper

Alternative, 2023

Harper is a storyteller in this acoustic hit about finding a piece to his life that makes him complete.

Say Yes To Heaven – Lana Del Rey

Alternative, 2023

Most couples selected her hit ‘Young and Beautiful for the first dances. This track may surpass it as a favorite as it describes heaven on earth together.

Love You Anyway – Devon Gilfillian

R&B, 2023

This song will give you and your guests chills as you dance for the raw celebration of loving each other.

way after forever – Vaultboy

Pop, 2023

This song was popular on social media and hits the mark of describing two people in love – forever.

Perfect For Me – Bradley Marshall

Pop, 2023

If you want to spend the rest of your life past you are old and gray, then this romantic hit describes your relationship.

I’m Gonna Love You – Josh Tatofi

R&B, 2023

Hawaiian vibes emote love vibes into the air as you dance your spotlight dance with a romantic tune after the I Do’s.


  • Pointless – Lewis Capaldi
  • Last Love – Jon Mullins
  • Heaven – Calum Scott
  • The Joker And The Queen – Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift
  • Amazing – Teddy Swims
  • Lifetime – Justin Bieber
  • FOREVER IS – Norman Kerner
  • Butterflies – MAX, Ali Gatie
  • Imagine (Acoustic) – Ben Platt
  • Our Song (Acoustic) – Ron Pope
  • Love Songs Ain’t for Us – Amy Shark, Keith Urban
  • Luckiest Man – Clark Beckham
  • If You Love Her – Forest Blakk feat. Meghan Trainor
  • I Am Yours – Andy Grammer
  • Falling like the Stars – James Arthur
  • Lover (First Dance Remix) – Taylor Swift
  • You Are The Reason – Calum Scott & Leona Lewis
  • Moon River – Frank Ocean
  • Love Someone – Lukas Graham
  • Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur
  • How Long Will I Love You – Ellie Goulding


  • Who I Am With You – Tucker Beathard
  • Love You Anyway – Luke Combs
  • That’s Why – Troy Cartwright
  • Always Been You – Kylie Morgan
  • That’s What Love Is – Alexandra Kay
  • Dance Of A Lifetime – Drake Milligan
  • You (Acoustic) – Dan + Shay
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love – Kacey Musgraves
  • Growing Old With You (First Dance Version) – Restless Road
  • Never Til Now – Ashley Cooke, Brett Young
  • I Choose You – Amanda Jordan
  • Forever After All – Luke Combs
  • My Person (Wedding Version) – Spencer Crandall
  • Always Gonna Love You (First Dance Version) – Alana Springsteen
  • Joy of My Life – Chris Stapleton
  • Nobody But You – Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani
  • Prayed For You – Matt Stell
  • Speechless – Dan + Shay
  • Butterflies – Kacey Musgraves
  • Beautiful Crazy – Luke Combs
  • Heaven – Kane Brown
  • The Rest of Our Life – Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
  • In Case You Didn’t Know – Brett Young
  • Promise to Love Her – Blane Howard
  • Grow Old – Florida Georgia Line
  • Yours – Russell Dickerson


  • Better Part of Me – SYML, Sara Watkins
  • Sweet Symphony – Joy Oladokun, Chris Stapleton
  • One Day Less – Anson Seabra
  • I GUESS I’M IN LOVE – Clinton Kane
  • Made to Love You – Drew Angus
  • You – Louyah
  • Amen – John Adams
  • Evermore – Hollow Coves
  • I Get to Love You – Ruelle
  • I’m With You – Vance Joy
  • I Choose You – Ryann Darling
  • The One – Kodaline
  • Never Stop (Wedding Version) – SafetySuit


  • Our Time – Roo Panes
  • If I Didn’t Love You – Ben Abraham
  • You’re the One (Acoustic) – Luca Fogale
  • Forever From Now – Sheffield
  • I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You – Imaginary Future & Kina Grannis
  • Touching Heaven – Johnnyswim
  • You Are The Best Thing – Ray Lamontagne


  • Baby Will You Love Me – MAJOR.
  • This Is – Ella Mai
  • Luckiest Man – Chris Brown
  • Love of My Life – Sentury
  • Incomplete – Jay Sean
  • Anything For You (The Duet) – Ledisi & PJ Morton
  • 17 – Pink Sweat$
  • Collide – Tiana Major9 & EARTHGANG
  • Sent From Heaven – Rahsaan Patterson
  • Find Someone Like You – Snoh Aalegra
  • Today I Do – Tamia
  • Beyond – Leon Bridges
  • Best Part – H.E.R. feat. Daniel Caesar
  • Why I Love You – MAJOR.
  • Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Meghan Trainor feat. John Legend
  • All Of Me – John Legend
  • Everything – Mary J. Blige


  • First Date (Acoustic) – Taylor Acorn
  • All Because of You – O.A.R.
  • Kiss Me – Dermot Kennedy
  • I’m In Love With You – The 1975
  • I Think I Like You – The Band CAMINO
  • nobody else – LANY
  • Fade Into You – Mazzy Star

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Fun Facts

The most popular first dance song of all time is “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley. There are many popular covers of the song to also include in the song’s popularity including Kina Grannis, Hailey Reinhardt, and Music Travel Love.

Pick out your first dance song well in advance so you can practice that specific tune and your dance moves.

The most important thing is to choose something memorable from the catalog of wedding songs. First dance songs are a symbol of your love and commitment, so take your time in choosing.

Also, if you use the recorded version of the song, then practice that version. If the band or musician will play it live, try to get a recording of their version ahead of time.

This is important for practice. Again, talk about coordinating the first dance with your wedding planner.

The wedding’s first dance is the first dance between newlyweds as a married couple. This should be the first dance at the wedding reception immediately following the grand entrance introduction.

The first dance can also start the formal dances following the meal.

The first dance is commonly followed by the father-daughter dance and mother-son dance.

The end of the ceremonial dances is marked by the entire wedding party dancing. The wedding party invites others to join. (See a playlist for the wedding party to dance to)

It’s your wedding party. The timing of the wedding couple’s dance at the reception is based on your preferences.

The first dance can be done immediately following the reception entrance songs. You can be surrounded by your wedding party if you wish.

If being watched makes you uncomfortable, that’s okay, too. Talk to your wedding planner, coordinate with the DJ, and earn more by reading our suggestions on how to format your wedding reception.

The progression of the evening is up to you, the wedding couple. The most important thing is to have the couple agree on a song that is special to them.

To inspire you, we’ve curated the best 100 first dance songs out of thousands to choose from.

Making your first dance special is as simple as choosing a song that has meaning to you, the wedding couple.

Wedding first dance songs are remembered by the wedding couple for the rest of their lives. So, it’s important to pick a song that is significant to you.

Some couples choose a funny song or an instrumental song. Those can be just as memorable as a touching ballad.

When the couple chooses the first song for a reason, it’s more special. Don’t be tricked into choosing a song because it is popular or traditional.

Also, remember that though people are watching you, this dance is for you. Make eye contact. Chat with each other. Caress your partner. Enjoy the moment — it’s for you.

No. The first dance at your wedding reception does not have to be slow.

However, choosing slow dance songs sets the mood for the entire reception. If you don’t have a song, select a song where the lyrics mean something to you.

Why do you think that Sarah McLachlan’s song “Ice Cream” is on many first dance song lists? It’s because it has cool words like “your love is better than chocolate, better than anything else that I’ve tried.” Corny? Maybe. But who cares what everyone else thinks? Maybe you met me at an ice cream parlor. If that were the case, then, the song would be awesome as a first dance song.

It’s okay to be creative. Choose a song that has meaningful lyrics. You don’t have to be like everyone else and dance to the overplayed Celine Dion love songs (not that there’s anything wrong with a classic love song).

Not only does the song not have to be slow, but it doesn’t have to adhere to any musical genre.

Many wedding couples take dancing lessons to a jazz song, classical, or rock ballad. That way, wedding couples don’t look goofy dancing in a circle through the whole song (like we did).

Couples who take dance lessons have a deeper connection to the song. It will have significant meaning to them for the rest of their lives since they spent so long practicing it.

They will also have the memories of getting the lessons together — a great break from the stress of planning the wedding.

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