Multicultural Wedding Song Ideas

America is a melting pot of many different cultures. Below is a mixture of music to play for weddings represented by their cultures.

The playlists are an ongoing project. If you have any suggestions, please reach out to me directly at I would love to represent more cultures and be more inclusive!

multicultural wedding playlists

Multicultural Wedding Song Lists For Everyone

Choosing the Right Multicultural Wedding Songs

We suggest that you and your spouse take time to review this list of multicultural wedding songs before choosing the ones right for you. Don’t feel that you should rush this process. Rather, set aside time together to listen to these classics and think about how they will best tell your story.

You will notice that some songs are more suitable for reception dancing, while others hold to the solemn nature of the ceremony. A good blend of both can be a positive approach, or you may want to reserve multicultural music for the reception or bridal entrance. Your own creativity and imagination are the only limitations when using multicultural wedding songs on your special day.

Weddings, Culture, and Music

Every culture draws upon rich musical traditions when it comes to wedding music. Mehndi songs and Bollywood tunes are popular at Indian weddings, while some Latin songs are especially good for wedding dancing. Each culture has unique traditions that can be complemented with the proper multicultural wedding songs.

One of the great things about using these songs in your wedding is that you can introduce wedding guests to your own culture. The wedding event becomes a memorable experience that will have everyone talking for years to come. And those photos will look amazing on Insta (okay, “amazing on Instagram”).

There will also come a day when you and your spouse will pause to reflect on your wedding day and be glad that you chose multicultural wedding songs to celebrate important family customs. These memories instill a sense of pride and are something that you can share with your children someday.

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