73 Best Texas Country & Red Dirt Songs for a Wedding Playlist

Whether you like Texas country music or Red dirt country music, discover a playlist full of love songs and party hits for your wedding day!

texas country red dirt songs

As an experienced wedding DJ, I’ve assembled a list of Texas country and red dirt country for weddings. Songs are selected by the meaning of the song and popular hits by today’s couples.

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Texas Country & Red Dirt Love Songs

Fall In Love – Bailey Zimmerman

Released in 2022 on the album Fall In Love

Even though this is about a love relationship that has ended, Zimmerman’s voice has a ton of emotion that maybe everyone will forget about the lyrics.

Love Quote:

‘Cause love’s a smoke ring wrapped around your finger
One second it’s a blessing, and the next it’s already gone
A broken heart, I’m a walking testimony

I Don’t Wanna Go To Heaven – Nate Smith

Released in 2021 on the album I Don’t Wanna Go To Heaven

A love story about not wanting to go to heaven because life is better here on Earth with your lover.

Love Quote:

When Heaven’s right here lying next to me
I count every kiss and every blessing
As the only proof I’ll ever need
I don’t wanna go to Heaven

Steady Heart – Kameron Marlowe

Released in 2021 on the album Steady Heart

A love song to play as a first dance or for the groom to walk down the aisle to.

Love Quote:

When we come together we’re the best of who we are
My stubborn mind and her steady heart
Her steady heart

The Luckiest – Josh Abbott Band

Released in 2020 on the album The Highway Kind

A country two-step song all about being thankful for finding someone to love you.

Love Quote:

I can’t believe the life that I’ve been given
Yeah, I’m lucky, I know it’s true
But I feel the luckiest to be loved by you

All Your’n – Tyler Childers

Released in 2019 on the album Country Squire

A very popular wedding song that is played for first dances but can be played at any moment.

Love Quote:

So I’ll love ya ’til my lungs give out
I ain’t lying
I’m all your’n and you’re all mine

On My Way To You – Cody Johnson

Released in 2019 on the album Ain’t Nothin’ to It

A song about a bumpy road to finding your lover but in the end it was worth it to where you are now. A popular song to play for walking down the aisle as the ceremony begins.

Love Quote:

All the damage done
I was just passin’ time
Kinda just passin’ through
On my way to you

Beautiful Crazy – Luke Combs

Released in 2018 on the album This One’s for You Too

The song was played for Combs’ first dance and it could be yours too.

Love Quote:

The way that she dances
Ain’t afraid to take chances
And wears her heart on her sleeve
Yeah, she’s crazy
But her crazy’s beautiful to me

She’s All Mine – Cody Jinks

Released in 2016 on the album I’m Not the Devil

A song about a man feeling blessed to have his woman and how she is his whole life.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

If it can be done son, she can
She makes me a better man
She’s all mine

Keep You Forever – Erick Willis

Released in 2016 on the album Flood Gate

A slow love song about wanting your lover forever and a day.

Love Quote:

Love is here won’t you fall in
Don’t cry don’t ever walk away
I’m gonna keep you forever babe

Love In The First Degree – Wade Bowen, Brandy Clark

Released in 2015 on the album High Cotton: The Songs of Alabama

A duet cover of the famous Alabama song and one you can play as an anniversary dance song for the longest-married couple.

Love Quote:

Lock me away inside of your love
Throw away the key
I’m guilty of love in the first degree

Who I Am With You – Chris Young

Released in 2013 on the album A.M.

A song about a woman who makes her man happy.

Love Quote:

You’re so good for me
And when I’m holdin’ you, it feels like I’ve got the world in my hands
Yeah, a better man is who I am with you

Cover Me Up – Jason Isbell

Released in 2013 on the album Southeastern

A song letting your lover know that they are all you need. Another popular cover of this song is by Morgan Wallen.

Love Quote:

‘Til Percy Priest breaks open wide
And the river runs through
And carries this house on its stones
Like a piece of driftwood
So, cover me up and know you’re enough
To use me for good

You (Wedding Song) – Jason Cassidy

Released in 2013 on the album Keep It Country

A very romantic love song you can play as a first dance as a married couple.

Love Quote:

It was you that changed my life
You showed me right from wrong and lead me to the light
Not a moment passes and not a day goes by
That I don’t think the good Lord above for what brought me here tonight

Sent Me You – Josh Ward

Released in 2012 on the album Promises

A song about a man having a hard life but feeling blessed that a woman came into his life to share life with.

Love Quote:

And I called out to Jesus as a stranger
And asked for forgiveness and he sent me an angel
And I called out to Jesus for the truth
I asked for forgiveness and he sent me you

Crazy Girl – Eli Young Band

Released in 2011 on the album Life at Best

A song you can play during the reception dancing that everyone will recognize and couples will appreciate.

Love Quote:

Before you ever came along
I was livin’ life all wrong
Smartest thing I ever did was make you all mine

I Love You – Eli Young Band

Released in 2011 on the album Life at Best

A slow love song you can play for any moment of your wedding day!

Love Quote:

Some people hurt
Some people laugh
And some just don’t know what they have
But I love you

Give You A Ring – Casey Donahew

Released in 2011 on the album Double-Wide Dream

This is a theme meant for a marriage proposal or play it as you exchange putting on your wedding rings during the ceremony.

Love Quote:

It might make more sense on a telephone line
than right here in front of you
I’ll give you a ring

Diamond In My Pocket – Cody Johnson

Released in 2011 on the album A Different Day

A song you can play as guests arrive at the wedding ceremony or as the groom’s processional.

Love Quote:

Now I ain’t sure of much
But this I know
I’ve got a diamond in my pocket and my baby’s got a heart of gold

Oh, Tonight – Josh Abbott Band feat. Kacey Musgraves

Released in 2010 on the album She’s Like Texas

An upbeat song telling everyone that you will set the world on fire and can be used as an entrance song.

Love Quote:

I’m gonna set aside my pride.
Not gonna be the one to say “goodbye, “
Neither am I oh, tonight

Best For Last – Aaron Watson

Released in 2010 on the album The Road & The Rodeo

Saving the best for last is the theme of a last dance song if you want to have it be a slow dance.

Love Quote:

Your love’s the kind of beautiful
That will never be surpassed
Now I know why he saved the best for last

Feels Like Love – Cory Morrow

Released in 2010 on the album Ramblin’ Man

A song about a man realizing he is in love and a song that can play as the groom walks down the aisle.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

God I hope it’s love
‘Cause it feels like love
And if this is love
It’s everything I need

I’m Gonna Love You – Logan Mize

Released in 2009 on the album Logan Mize

A love song making a promise to love the one you were meant to be with for your lifetime.

Love Quote:

Yeah right there beside you,
Is how I’m gonna spend
This precious time given to me

Forever – Bart Crow Band

Released in 2008 on the album Desperate Hearts

A song about two people finding their forever husband and wife.

Love Quote:

Cause you are my heart
And I wanna give it to you
Cause I wanna lay by your side the rest of my life

One Woman – Randy Rogers Band

Released in 2008 on the album Randy Rogers Band

A slow song about a man wanting to love his woman for eternity.

Love Quote:

One woman, you, for me
I know that you’re all I’ll ever need
Forever beside you, spending my life loving
One woman

Love You For Loving Me – Stoney LaRue

Released in 2007 on the album Live at Billy Bob’s Texas

Love Quote:

That’s why I
I love you for loving me,
It’s a rare and precious thing

I Just Wanna Be Yours – Full Throttle

Released in 2007 on the album Drive

A true love song about wanting to love someone for the rest of your life.

Love Quote:

There’s something about the way you kiss me
The way your hair falls down your eyes
The way you smile when you hold me
Like an agnel sent down from the sky

Kiss Me In The Dark – Randy Rogers Band

Released in 2006 on the album Just A Matter Of Time

A mid-tempo song you can play as a private last dance with the lights down low to reflect on the day’s activities

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Kiss me in the dark
Roll me through the night
Hold me like you’ll never let me go

Yours and Mine – Kyle Park

Released in 2005 on the album Big Time

A song meant to be played for a wedding ceremony unity celebration representing two becoming one.

Love Quote:

And what do I say
When you don’t say a thing
Lord knows I try my best
To give you everything

Who I Am – Wade Bowen

Released in 2003 on the album The Blue Light Live

A very popular first dance song but you can play it at any point of your big day.

Love Quote:

Oh, I love you oh so very much, love you more than words can say
And I don’t know how or why, but I love you more every day

Next To Heaven – Aaron Watson

Released in 2004 on the album The Honky Tonk Kid

A slow dance song to play for all couples and about the feeling of being blessed to have your lover in your life.

Love Quote:

Oh nothing else compares
‘Cause I’m next to heaven
When I’m next to you

Texas Angel – Honeybrowne

Released in 2001 on the album Finding Shade

A song about making a promise to love and take care of your new married life partner.

Love Quote:

So won’t you smile for me my Texas Angel, It’ll be alright
You just lay your head beside me and dream of me tonight
And I promise I’ll watch over you till’ the morning light

When I Said I Do – Clint Black with Lisa Hartman Black

Released in 1999 on the album D’lectrified

A song played as a wedding ceremony exit song after you said your I Dos.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

When I said I do, I meant that I will ’til the end of all time
Be faithful and true, devoted to you
That’s what I had in mind when I said I do

I Cross My Heart – George Strait

Released in 1992 on the album Pure Country

One of the greatest country love songs of all time!

Love Quote:

I cross my heart
And promise to
Give all I’ve got to give
To make all your dreams come true

Other Texas Country & Red Dirt Wedding Songs for a Party

Some of these songs may not be appropriate for a wedding but they would be perfect for a country party! Use your judgment and what the crowd likes!

Ride the Lightning (717 Tapes) – Warren Zeiders

Released in 2021 on the album Ride the Lightning

A party hit for those who enjoy the wild side of life.

Song Lyrics:

Gonna fly on
Wings of fire
Pray the good Lord lifts me higher
Singing, “Oh, when they call me home”

In His Arms – Jack Ingram, Miranda Lambert, Jon Randall

Released in 2021 on the album The Marfa Tapes

If you had a long-distance relationship, this could be your wedding’s first dance song. If not, play it while sitting by the campfire.

Song Quote:

Is he breaking horses in San Antone?
Is he all alone in the neon light?
I wish I was in his arms tonight

Settle Me Down – Josh Abbott Band

Released in 2020 on the album The Highway Kind

A song about a girl who makes a boy a better person and helps keep him grounded.

Song Quote:

I still got the urge to chase the dream until it ends
You don’t fence me in, yeah, you understand
But when I can’t remember, you remind me who I am

One in a Lifetime Girl – Micky And The Motorcars

Released in 2019 on the album Hearts from Above

A song about having an undying love for your life partner.

Song Quote:

And I’m not gonna let you get away
You’re my once in a lifetime girl
Hand in hand until our dying day

Bluebird – Miranda Lambert

Released in 2019 on the album Wildcard

A beautiful acoustic song to sing along to while the meal is being served and enjoyed.

Song Quote:

And all the stars go dark
I turn the light on in my soul
And keep a bluebird in my heart

Pretty Heart – Parker McCollum

Released in 2019 on the album Pretty Heart

Well, even though this is a breakup song, it is very popular.

Song Lyrics:

As you drove off in your car
What does that say about me?
Now that I’ve broke
Your pretty heart

The Bones – Maren Morris

Released in 2019 on the album GIRL

This is a song dedication for your family and friends as they helped be the person you are today.

Song Lyrics:

Baby, I know any storm we’re facing will
Blow right over while we stay put
The house don’t fall when the bones are good
When the bones are good

This Damn Song – Pecos & the Rooftops

Released in 2019 on the album This Damn Song

This is a country party jam. However, the lyrics speak of not getting the girl you want as you’re too fucked up.

Song Quote:

No more shame in this life I live
‘Cause I would change for you
Don’t know the hope you gave to me

Drinkin’ Problem – Midland

Released in 2017 on the album On The Rocks

A song to play during the cocktail hour and everyone is enjoying adult beverages.

Song Quote:

Same old folks, same old songs
Same old, same old blue neon
The same old buzz, just because

Burn Out – Midland

Released in 2017 on the album On The Rocks

A song that is suitable for a country two-stepping dance for all of your guests.

Song Quote:

These done-me-wrong songs hit me so right
I’m so on fire for you, it hurts, how
Fast as cigarette can burn out

Happens Like That – Granger Smith

Released in 2017 on the album When The Good Guys Win

A song about two people falling in love and fits any part of a wedding day.

Song Quote:

One thing leads to another, you’re loving each other
One look and you never look back
It happens like that

Why – Read Southall Band

Released in 2017 on the album Borrowed Time

A slow dance song but is about breaking up and getting over a lover. Up to you as it is well-liked.

Song Quote:

Why do I write songs? Why can’t my heart shut its mouth?
Why can’t I move on and give a fair chance to someone new?
Why can’t I fall out of love with you?

Suitcase – Steve Moakler

Released in 2017 on the album Steel Tow

A song about a guy who would rather have his lady than material things and is a slow dance song.

Song Quote:

‘Cause everybody wants to chase the rainbow and find a pot of gold
Hoping there’s a suitcase full of money
But all I want is you, Honey

More Girls Like You – Kip Moore

Released in 2017 on the album SLOWHEART

A song that basically talks about how every good man has a woman to make him better.

Song Quote:

Wanna reach for the brightest star, set it on a ring
Put it on your hand, grab a piece of land
And raise a few
More girls like you

Kiss Me – Casey Donahew

Released in 2016 on the album All Night Party

An upbeat song talking about the beginning of a love relationship.

Song Quote:

Waitin’ on you to make your move.
There’s a window open to steal my heart
And I’m waitin’ on you to kiss me”

Wear My Ring – Bart Crow

Released in 2016 on the album Finally…

A song about an end of a relationship. if it has a special meaning to you, play it near the end of the evening.

Song Quote:

I don’t love you anymore
Yeah I spent some time out with the devil
Oh but you don’t hurt me anymore

My Church – Maren Morris

Released in 2016 on the album HERO

A very soulful song that will have all of the ladies singing the words in sync.

Song Quote:

When I play the highway FM
I find my soul revival
Singing every single verse

Something To Talk About – Koe Wetzel

Released in 2016 on the album Noise Complaint

A song about having a good time but may want to skip it as it talks about being with a married woman.

Song Quote:

Yeah, we’ll make ’em all believe it
Nah, there ain’t no doubt
That I will give you somethin’ to
Somethin’ to talk about

Backroad Song – Granger Smith

Released in 2015 on the album Remington

A song that will have everyone singing the lyrics and a party song too.

Song Quote:

The only way today could get better, girl what I’m thinkin’
Is I can pick you up, you slide in this truck
I can hear you singing

All I See Is You – Shane Smith & the Saints

Released in 2015 on the album Geronimo

This is a very popular song and one that you can incorporate into any part of your wedding day.

Song Quote:

It was a lot to take it in for some eyes from east Texas
But all I could see was you
‘Cause all I ever see is you

Loud and Heavy – Cody Jinks

Released in 2015 on the album Adobe Sessions

A song that was meant to be played loud and dancers will love to dance to it.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Living life through the night
Thin line of a lightning strike
Is sometimes the only light
When the moon is tucked away

Until I Met You – Sundy Best

Released in 2014 on the album Bring Up The Sun

A song about going through life without knowing you needed someone to share it with and then how much better life is once they are in your life.

Most Meaningful Lyrics:

Never was the kinda guy you wanted around
There was nothing that I wouldn’t do
Until I met you, until I met you

Dance Her Home – Cody Johnson

Released in 2014 on the album Cowboy Like Me

A great last dance song or newlywed send-off as the reception ends.

Song Quote:

‘Cause If she gives me half a chance at romance I’m gonna dance her home
I’m gonna dance her home

You Can Have The Crown – Sturgill Simpson

Released in 2013 on the album High Top Mountain

An upbeat party song you don’t need a cold beer to enjoy.

Song Quote:

And all the people in the crowd say “He ain’t half bad”
Well, they call me King Turd up here on S*** Mountain
If you want it you can have the crown

Keep The Wolves Away – Uncle Lucius

Released in 2012 on the album And You Are Me

A true Texas country song with a med-tempo beat for dancing.

Song Quote:

Safety and shelter for kids and a wife
Given little of his soul every day
Making over time to keep the wolves away

Hurricane – The Band of Heathens

Released in 2011 on the album Top Hat Crown & the Clapmaster’s Son

A party song to play for Texas country music fans.

Song Quote:

I was born in the rain on the Pontchartrain
Underneath the Louisiana moon
I don’t mind the strain of a hurricane
They come around every June

Broken Window Serenade – Whiskey Myers

Released in 2011 on the album Firewater

A song about a man who wants a woman but thinks he will never get her – one to play for the garter removal.

Song Quote:

But I cannot change your world
Cuz I ain’t got no money
You’ll never be my girl no no
I thought you should know

She Won’t Be Lonely Long – Clay Walker

Released in 2010 on the album She Won’t Be Lonely Long

A song about a good woman whose man left her and someone will be sure to love her for their own.

Song Quote:

It’s too late, too bad, she’s too far gone
He should’ve thought of that before he left her all alone
If she’s lonely now, she won’t be lonely long

Long Hot Summer Day – Turnpike Troubadour

Released in 2010 on the album Diamonds & Gasoline

Well, if your wedding day is a hot summer day, this song fits the theme.

Song Quote:

Get a half a day off with pay
Old tow boat pickin’ up barges
On a long hot summer day

The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert

Released in 2009 on the album Revolution

A song that reflects on growing up and one you can play as a parent figure and child dance.

Song Quote:

If I could just come in, I swear I’ll leave
Won’t take nothin’ but a memory
From the house that built me

In Color – Jamey Johnson

Released in 2008 on the album That Lonesome Song

A very emotional song and one to play as a money dance song as the song describes a life story.

Song Quote:

And that rose was red and her eyes were blue
And just look at that smile, I was so proud
That’s the story of my life
Right there in black and white

Buy Myself A Chance – Randy Rogers Band

Released in 2008 on the album Randy Rogers Band

A song about liking a woman and wanting a chance to get to know her better. A song to play as guests arrive at the reception.

Song Quote:

I’ll be right over there by the jukebox
With a quarter in my hand
Trying to buy myself a chance

Southside of Heaven – Ryan Bingham

Released in 2007 on the album Mescalito

A song about going through a bumpy life journey. Hopefully, it gets better now you have your life partner.

Song Quote:

Won’t You take me home
‘Cause I’ve been broke down for so long
And Lord, it’s getting cold

Feet Don’t Touch The Ground – Stoney LaRue

Released in 2007 on the album Live at Billy Bob’s Texas

A song about being in love with your partner.

Song Quote:

You would’ve told me a few years back that I’d still be living here, at this place I’m at
I’d say you’re living in a dream
I could stay here forever

Wicked Twisted Road – Reckless Kelly

Released in 2006 on the album Wicked Twisted Road

A party song to play as the event nears closing time.

Song Quote:

I ran out with the big dogs, guess I had more bark than bite
Even though I won the battle in the end, I lost the fight
Yeah, my first love was a wild sinful night

Wave On Wave – Pat Green

Released in 2003 on the album Wave On Wave

An energetic song to play as part of the increased buildup for the entrance of the wedding party.

Song Quote:

And that’s when she found me.
Not afraid anymore.
She said: “You know, I always had you, baby.
“Just waitin’ for you to find what you were lookin’ for.”

Time Marches On – Tracy Lawrence

Released in 1996 on the album Time Marches On

A fun two-step song for the dancing portion of your reception.

Song Quote:

A star is born, a star burns out
The only thing that stays the same is
Everything changes

Check Yes Or No – George Strait

Released in 1995 on the album Strait Out of the Box

A mid-tempo song from a legendary country artist for the cocktail hour.

Song Quote:

Well then don’t be afraid to take me by the hand
If you want to
I think this is how love goes
Check yes or no

If I Could Make A Living – Clay Walker

Released in 1994 on the album If I Could Make a Living

An upbeat love song to set the mood of the reception for romance and fun.

Song Quote:

If I could make a livin’ out of lovin’ you
I’d be a millionaire in a week or two
I’d be doin’ what I love and lovin’ what I do

Killin’ Time – Clint Black

Released in 1989 on the album Killin’ Time

A song to play for guests as they await the arrival of the newlyweds at the reception hall.

Song Quote:

This killin’ time is killin’ me
Drinking myself blind thinkin’ I won’t see
That if I cross that line and they bury me

Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love) – Waylon Jennings

Released in 1977 on the album Ol’ Waylon

A classic country song that will bring back lots of memories and will have dancers dancing around the room.

Song Quote:

We’ve been so busy keepin’ up with the Jones
Four car garage and we’re still building on
Maybe it’s time we got back to the basics of love

Do you have a favorite Texas Country or Red Dirt song? Please share your song below in the comments!


Red Dirt music is a genre of country music that gets its name from the color of the soil found in Oklahoma. Stillwater, Oklahoma is considered to be the center of Red Dirt music; but the genre also extends to music made south of the Red River in Texas. (Wikipedia)

Texas Country Music is a rapidly growing subgenre of country music from Texas. Texas country is a unique style of Western music and is often associated with other distinct neighboring styles, including Red Dirt from Oklahoma, the New Mexico music of New Mexico, and Tejano in Texas. (Wikipedia)

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