Optosong Music Released Wedding Day Song

Wedding Day Song by Optosong Music

Song Title: Wedding Day Song

Artist: Optosong Music featuring Juliet Lyons

Released: February 2023

Lyrics Quote: “This day, this day is here to stay, our love will never go away. This day is the day my dreams come true, the day the sky turns blue, the day we say I do.”

Genre: Folk, Pop, Rock

Wedding Moment to Play: First dance, ceremony song

What you should know: The 3rd Verse contains a cute metaphor: “Most days, the trees look rather lonely, the flowers don’t seem to be at ease. But this day, nature looks happy, and the flowers seem to hug their favorite trees.”

Optosong Music was recently created by amateur songwriter Rolf Binder, who has also written classical-style piano music. The “Wedding Day Song” is a slow romantic ballad with a lush sound. It is stylistically similar to other love songs written by Rolf Binder, “Every Second” (a love song duet) and “When I Saw You”.

The vocalist, Juliet Lyons, has worked on over 250 music productions, including films like Cinderella, Ghost In the Shell, and the television show Pretty Little Liars.

Sample the Song:

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