Marcus Malone Releases New Single My True Love

Marcus Malone My True Love

Song Title: My True Love

Artist: Marcus Malone feat. Courtney Campbell & Brandon Montel

Released: August 15, 2023

Lyrics Quote:

This will begin the journey of true love.
I know that you were created for me from the Lord our God above.
On this day I take your hand to be; my true love. I’ll tell the world that you’re my world, my one and only love.
This will begin the day my dreams come true. I’ve searched the world, I’ve made mistakes but God led me to you.
I promise to communicate, protect your heart and honor our love. I’ll never disrespect our love, make a fool of you cos you’re my true love.
Got me singing oh oh oh oh oh
My True Love
Got me singing your my baby my true love
Got me singing your my angel my true love
Let the music play on

Genre: Christian, Gospel, R&B

Wedding Moment to Play: Walking down the aisle or first dance

What you should know from the artist:

Written by Marcus Malone featuring Brandon Montel & Courtney Campbell.

Malone is currently the musical director and producer for the legendary, Grammy award winning, Stephanie Mills.

“My True Love” is a beautiful duet that takes you a love, and musical journey.

Sample the song:

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