lock songs

When most people think of a lock, the first thing that comes to mind is a device that keeps someone or something out of it particularly with a key. Like keys? Look at our list of the best Alicia Keys songs. You can be locked out and locked it, like jail or prison. We assembled a list of the best lock songs with the word lock in the song title.

lock songs

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Lock Songs List

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Lock Me Up (Quarantine Song) – The Chalkeaters feat. Idrise
2020, Lock Me Up

Lock – L. DeJuan & Juicebangers
2020, Lock

Lock, Stock, and Barrel – Sons Of Texas
2019, Resurgence

Lock On – Erphaan Alves
2019, Lock On

Lock and Key – Rose Cousins
2017, Natural Conclusion

Locked Away – R. City feat. Adam Levine
2016, Locked Away

Lockjaw – French Montana feat. Kodak Black
2016, Lockjaw

Rattle That Lock – David Gilmour
2015, Rattle That Lock

Lock Me Up – The Cab
2014, Lock Me Up

Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars
2012, Unorthodox Jukebox

Pop That Lock – Adam Lambert
2012, Trespassing

Love Lockdown – Kanye West
2008, 808s & Heartbreak

Lock U Down – Mya
2007, Lock U Down

Pop, Lock & Drop It – Huey
2006, Pop, Lock & Drop It

Lock – Prurient
2003, Troubled Sleep

Lock Me In Your Heart – Mandy Moore
1999, So Real

Somebody Done Changed The Lock On My Door – B. B. King
1999, Let The Good Times Roll: The Music Of Louis Jordan

Under Lock And Key – MxPx
1998, Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo

Change the Locks – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
1996, She’s The One Soundtrack

Lock It In The Pocket – The Temptations
1995, Reunion

Somebody Changed the Lock on My Door – James Brown
1990, Messing With The Blues

Lock Up The Wolves – DIO
1990, Lock Up The Wolves

Changed the Locks – Lucinda Williams
1988, Lucinda Williams

Lock Me Up – Alice Cooper
1987, Raise Your Fist And Yell

Lock and Key – Rush
1987, Hold Your Fire

Three Lock Box – Sammy Hagar
1982, Three Lock Box

Our list of the best lock songs contains many different genres like heavy metal (Dio), Rock and Roll (Tom Petty, Rush and Sammy Haggar), Blues (B.B. King), R&B (Mya and The Temptations), and Pop (Adam Lambert and Mandy Moore). That’s just a few as we total 25 songs.

If you have a favorite, not on our list, be sure to comment on it below so that we can add it!

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