Joey Clarkson Released Two Wedding Songs ICYMI

Fourteen Joey Clarkson

Song Title: Fourteen

Artist: Joey Clarkson

Released: August 26, 2022

Lyrics Quote: “High-school sweethearts from the first slow dance, funny how your childhood can change so suddenly… who said it can’t be real when you fall in love at 14”

Genre: Country, Pop

Wedding Moment to Play: First Dance/Walking Down the Isle

What you should know from the artist:

I wrote this song in 2012 for two of my best friends, as a wedding present. They had started dating in High-School (2004), and beat all of the odds: staying together, and eventually getting married. I presented them with an acoustic version of this song back in 2012.

10 years later I re-wrote the lyrics to better reflect their journey (and to include their daughter) and surprised them with a fully produced version on the day of their 10 year wedding anniversary. This song goes out to all those high school sweethearts out there!

Sample the song:

Can I Have This Dance

Song Title: Can I Have This Dance?

Artist: Joey Clarkson feat. Dan Edwards & Máiréad

Released: June 26, 2020

Lyrics Quote: “When I was half my height, used to place both my feet on yours and we would glide, we would miss every beat of course, I know you tried but dancing was never your style. Now I’m 5’9 and when I took him home, Dad, that look in your eye… suddenly I had grown up, no longer a child holding onto your hands. Oh, it’s been years since we did, but Dad, can I have this dance?”

Genre: Country

Wedding Moment to Play: Father/Daughter Wedding Dance

What you should know from the artist:

This is a song I wrote for my Dad to surprise him for our own father-daughter dance at my wedding. I wrote it in 2016, and had our Wedding band learn it. He had no idea until they announced it and called us out for our dance together. 4 years later, I secretly had it produced as a surprise for his Birthday.

Sample the song:

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