Hot House West Release Saguaro Serenade on New Album

Patron Saint Django by Hot House West

Album Title: Patron Saint Django, Single: Saguaro Serenade

Artist: Hot House West

Released: September 8, 2023

Lyrics Quote: “In the desert moonlight we’re dancing slowly left and right, waltzing ’till our heart’s delight, we dream a saguaro serenade”

Genre: Country, Jazz

Wedding Moment to Play: First Dance, Slow Song during Reception, Cocktail Hour, Walking Down the Aisle

What you should know from the artist:

The Hot House West Swing Orchestra is the first band to embrace the sounds of gypsy jazz, 1930s-era big band music, and the country sounds of Western Swing altogether at once. If you love music that makes you want to dance and embraces the sounds of the American West, their debut album ‘Patron Saint Django’ is for you!

Featuring all original arrangements, this album is designed for listeners and dancers a like and features a handful of tunes that would be perfect for a first dance including their original country ballad: “Saguaro Serenade”.

Sample the song:

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