Fun Holiday Song Lists By Month

Last Updated: July 11, 2022 | Written by Matthew Campbell (Editor of My Wedding Songs and wedding DJ)

Nothing spices up a holiday gathering like the inclusion of holiday songs that get everyone in the spirit of celebration. No matter which holiday you want to celebrate, we’ve got a song for it on our holiday song lists.

When you think about holidays, do certain songs come to mind? Festive songs for Christmas, patriotic songs for the 4th of July, and party songs for New Year’s Eve are just some of the tunes you’ll find on these helpful holiday song lists.

The Holidays and Music

For most of us, music is tied to holiday celebrations. What would Christmas be like without the sounds of “White Christmas” or other holiday classics playing in the background? Holiday song lists aren’t just for Christmas, though. On this mega list page, you will find songs that span holidays from January to December.

We’ve got holiday songs for Valentine’s Day! Imagine the joy that you’ll bring to family and friends when you add the songs from our holiday song lists to your favorite celebration — including a loved one’s birthday party.

Music is meant to make us happy and joyful, and so are holidays. It should come as no surprise that adding a few of these special tunes to a holiday dinner or barbecue will improve the festive mood for everyone.

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Songs To Play For Special Holidays

How to Choose Holiday Songs

We make it very easy for you to choose the holiday songs you need by organizing our holiday song lists by month and special occasion. Just scroll through the various months until you find a holiday to celebrate. Next, click the link and you’ll have access to an entire list of selections for your specific holiday.

We recommend that you use these holiday song lists to create a theme for your party or gathering. You’ll probably be inspired to build an entire playlist that matches a certain time of the year. Each list includes rock anthems, romantic ballads, and polka dance tunes. There are Irish classics and Latin favorites on the holiday song lists, too. The choices are almost endless.

Make Your Next Holiday Memorable

Holidays are more than just days to mark special occasions. They also serve as markers for the cycle of the year. Many families establish traditions that include multiple holidays, and they look forward to these each year.

Your family and friends will be impressed with your knowledge of music when you use these holiday song lists. Be sure to tell them where you found the selections so that they can add enjoyment to their holiday seasons, too.