Genre Song Ideas

After speaking to engaged couples over the years, you typically like to play your favorite genres, aka music styles for your wedding. Thus, couples can choose not to play any country music at their reception for example.

To give you an idea of what is popular by music genre, below you can discover curated wedding playlists by music style.

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Genre Song Inspiration (Music Style)

Dive into the diverse selection, from the vibrant rhythms of Afrobeat to the classic love songs of Pop. You’ll also find sub-genre options for specific moments, like “Country Father-Daughter Dance Songs” or “Upbeat Cocktail Hour Songs.”

Get ready to create an unforgettable atmosphere for your wedding celebration – a soundtrack that perfectly reflects your love and keeps the dance floor alive all night long!

Genre Wedding Songs Make It Easy to Choose

Wedding song lists categorized by genre provide music for your special day that matches the musical tastes of you and your new spouse. Many couples like to use wedding songs from a specific genre to create a general theme for their ceremony — and reception.

Genre Wedding Songs Are Unique

Are you the kind of person that doesn’t settle for the norm? Using wedding songs from a specific genre makes a statement. It reveals more than the type of music you love; it shows your personality. Your wedding is the perfect time to blend your unique personalities into one. Best of all, genre wedding songs reveal the depth of emotion you have for one another.

Let’s be honest. Some songs from specific genres are lyrically perfect for weddings but so not your style. Then again, you will likely come upon one or several songs that you feel were written especially for you both. Using songs from a genre allows you much more freedom of expression than traditional wedding music. Canon in D is so overplayed. (Did we just say that?)

The modern bride is not one who necessarily wants to hear a traditional bridal march when she enters the chapel. She wants to hear music that touches her soul and speaks on her behalf. What better way to accomplish that than with a few genre wedding songs?

Music Guides

See my wedding music guides to help plan your wedding playlist.

The books will save you time and help you plan all the music for the ceremony and reception.

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Wedding Songs Planner

5,000 song suggestions from 60+ wedding playlists for your big day including wedding moments, eras, and genres.

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Wedding Music Toolkit

Everything you need to plan your wedding day playlist including ceremony & reception guides, and song ideas.

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