Genre Song Lists

Genre wedding songs can provide music for your special day that match the musical tastes of you and your new spouse. Many couples like to use wedding songs from a specific genre in order to create a general theme for their ceremony.

On these lists of genre wedding songs you will find selections from categories like rock, pop, soul, and even Christian music. We’ve made it easy for you to explore songs within a certain musical genre without wasting time on searches that don’t produce the results you want.

genre song lists

There is no reason why you shouldn’t plan your wedding around the genre of music that you like best. Why stick with what tradition claims wedding music should be? In every genre there are tender love songs and lively dance tunes that fit right in with modern weddings.

Genre Song Lists (Music Style)

Genre Wedding Songs Are Unique

Are you the kind of person that doesn’t settle for the norm? Using wedding songs from a specific genre makes a statement. It reveals much more than the type of music you love. It also reveals your personality. Best of all, genre wedding songs reveal the depth of emotion that you have for your partner.

Let’s be honest. Some songs from specific genres are lyrically perfect for weddings. You will likely come upon one or several songs that you feel were written especially for you and your spouse. Using songs from a genre allows you much more freedom of expression than traditional wedding music.

The modern bride is not one that necessarily wants to hear a traditional bridal march when she enters the chapel. She wants to hear music that touches her soul. What better way to accomplish that than with a few genre wedding songs.

Songs That Let You Do You

Your wedding should be about you and your partner. Genre wedding songs allow you to be yourself and create the perfect soundtrack for your nuptials. Best of all, you’ll forever link the songs that you have chosen to a memory that will never be forgotten. Whenever you hear the songs you have chosen you will be reminded of that special moment in time that was your wedding.

In our lists of wedding songs by genre, we have taken the top hits from specific musical styles and compiled them for your consideration. A glance at one or more or these lists will have you well on the way to a perfect wedding playlist.