10 Brooks & Dunn Wedding Songs for Husbands and Wives

Country music has not been the same since Brooks & Dunn released their first album, Brand New Man, in 1991. Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2019.

They have had 20 songs reach #1 and 19 reach the top 10. Incredible! But what about songs for weddings?  Below you will find our favorite Brooks & Dunn songs for weddings.

Brooks and Dunn with Reba 2017
Brooks and Dunn with Reba in Las Vegas 2017

Brooks & Dunn Wedding Songs List

Proud of the House We Built
Released in 2007 on the album Cowboy Town

A great anniversary song!

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Lot of things will come and go
But love never will
Oh, I’m proud
I’m proud of the house we built

Play Something Country
Released in 2005 on the album Hillbilly Deluxe

If you looking to have a party atmosphere, this is the perfect song to get things started and fill the dance floor.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Something thumping from the city
Said “I, I shaved my legs, I paid my money”
Ha oh ho, play something country”

Released in 2003 on the album Red Dirt Road

If you want to remember a loved one at your wedding, “Believe” is a great song for Brooks & Dunn fans.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

In the words written in red
They tell me that there’s more to life
Than just what I can see, I believe

Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You
Released in 2001 on the album Steers & Stripes

The song talks about how a woman really turns on her man and she is all that he needs.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

The way you look, the way you laugh
The way you love with all you have
There ain’t nothing ’bout you that don’t do something for me

You’re My Angel
Released in 1998 on the album If You See Her

Not one of their most well-known songs but the best choice for a first dance song in their discography. “You’re My Angel” would be a perfect bride entrance song too.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

You’re my angel, you see me through
Believe in me, I’ll believe in you
Oh fill my heart from your loving well
You’re my angel

Husbands and Wives
Released in 1998 on the album If You See Her

While they have had many hits, our favorite Brooks & Dunn song is Husbands & Wives – the perfect mid-tempo waltz song. It was originally released by country legend Roger Miller in 1966. Even though the song talks about couples breaking up, the song still can commemorate husbands and wives in attendance.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

It’s my belief pride is the chief cause in the decline
Of the number of husbands and wives

My Maria
Released in 1996 on the album Borderline

One of their biggest hits that everyone in attendance will be toe-tapping to. Even though the song was first released as a rock song in 1973, Brooks & Dunn put their own Country twist to it and made it into a monster hit.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

She is the sunlight
When skies are gray
She treats me so right lady
Take me away

Rock My World (Little Country Girl)
Released in 1993 on the album Hard Workin’ Man

Another one of those songs that will get the women in attendance on the dance floor. It could also be a great bouquet toss song too.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

She plays with my heart and messes with my mind
Acts like Madonna but she listens to Merle
Rock my world little country girl

Boot Scootin’ Boogie
Released in 1992 on the album Brand New Man

Released on their first album “Boot Scootin’ Boogie became a mega line dance song hit and still remains so today. If you are looking to fill the dance floor with all ages, this song will do so.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

I go flyin’ down that highway to that hide a way
Stuck out in the woods to do the boot scootin’ boogie

Neon Moon
Released in 1991 on the album Brand New Man

Their debut album adds another song to our list. If you are looking to slow things down with a country two-step, “Neon Moon” should be at the top of the list that everyone will recognize and dance to.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

There’s always room here for the lonely
To watch your broken dreams
Dance in and out of the beams
Of a neon moon

Brand New Man
Released in 1991 on the album Brand New Man

An up-tempo song but makes for the perfect Country love song. If you are looking for a song about how a woman is a perfect match for the groom, this is it.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

By the fire in your touch and the flame in your eyes
I’m born to love again
I’m a brand new man

Matt & Sharon at Brooks & Dunn Lin Las Vegas 2017
Matt & Sharon at Brooks & Dunn Lin Las Vegas 2017

Brooks & Dunn Highest-Charting Singles – U.S. Country

  • #1 Brand New Man, 1991
  • #1 My Next Broken Heart, 1991
  • #1 Neon Moon, 1992
  • #1 Boot Scootin’ Boogie, 1992
  • #1 She Used to Be Mine, 1993
  • #1 That Ain’t No Way to Go, 1994
  • #1 She’s Not the Cheatin’ Kind, 1994
  • #1 Little Miss Honky Tonk, 1995
  • #1 You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone, 1995
  • #1 My Maria, 1996
  • #1 A Man This Lonely, 1996
  • #1 If You See Him/If You See Her (with Reba McEntire), 1998
  • #1 How Long Gone, 1998
  • #1 Husbands and Wives, 1998
  • #1 Ain’t Nothing ’bout You, 2001
  • #1 Only in America, 2001
  • #1 The Long Goodbye, 2001
  • #1 Red Dirt Road, 2003
  • #1 It’s Getting Better All the Time, 2004
  • #1 Play Something Country, 2005
  • #1 Forever Country (as Artists of Then, Now & Forever), 2016
  • #2 We’ll Burn That Bridge, 1993
  • #2 Rock My World (Little Country Girl), 1993
  • #2 I Am That Man, 1996
  • #2 He’s Got You, 1997
  • #2 That’s What It’s All About, 2004
  • #2 Cowgirls Don’t Cry (with Reba McEntire), 2008
  • #3 Honky Tonk Truth, 1997
  • #3 You Can’t Take the Honky Tonk Out of the Girl, 2003
  • #3 Put a Girl in It, 2008

Brooks & Dunn Studio Albums

  • Brand New Man (1991)
  • Hard Workin’ Man (1993)
  • Waitin’ on Sundown (1994)
  • Borderline (1996)
  • If You See Her (1998)
  • Tight Rope (1999)
  • Steers & Stripes (2001)
  • It Won’t Be Christmas Without You (2002)
  • Red Dirt Road (2003)
  • Hillbilly Deluxe (2005)
  • Cowboy Town (2007)
  • Reboot (2019) – A compilation of 12 re-recorded hits of the duo’s songs. However, each song is featured as duets with other country music artists including Luke Combs, Ashley McBryde, Kacey Musgraves, and Kane Brown.

There you have it. My list of favorite Brooks & Dunn wedding songs to add to your big day playlist. If you have a favorite, not on our list, be sure to comment on it below.

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