Alan Jackson Wedding Songs for Couples Livin on Love

Alan Jackson is an American country music superstar. Alan has 35+ number-one hits and 50+ top-10 hits. Alan Jackson was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001.

Alan’s first album was released in 1989 and has amassed more than 14 studio albums to date.

Alan Jackson Top 10 Songs

Did you know that Alan Jackson also won an award for Best Christian Album? Yes, in 2014 the album Precious Memories Volume II won a Billboard Music Award for Best Christian Album.

Alan Jackson also won two Grammy Awards for the songs Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) and As She’s Walking Away with Zac Brown Band.


Alan Jackson Wedding Songs

#1 Remember When
Released in 2003 on the album Greatest Hits Volume II

The song is a look back at a man and his wife and their life together…remember when. This is also another great anniversary song.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Remember when the sound of little feet
Was the music we danced to week to week
Brought back the love, we found trust
Vowed we’d never give it up

#2 Chattahoochee
Released in 1993 on the album A Lot About Livin’ (And a Little ‘Bout Love)

The song is about growing up and having fun – any kid in America.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Never knew how much that muddy water meant to me
But I learned how to swim and I learned who I was
A lot about livin’ and a little ’bout love

#3 It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere
Released in 2003 on the album Greatest Hits Volume II

When is it a good time to kick back and have a drink? Anytime as it is 5 O’Clock somewhere.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Pour me somethin’ tall an’ strong
Make it a “Hurricane” before I go insane
It’s only half-past twelve but I don’t care
It’s five o’clock somewhere

#4 Livin’ On Love
Released in 1994 on the album Who I Am

The song is a great anniversary song as it describes a couple through the years still in love.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

It sounds simple, that’s what you’re thinkin’
But love can walk through fire without blinkin’
It doesn’t take much when you get enough
Livin’ on love

#5 Good Time
Released in 2008 on the album Good Time

This is about a guy who wants to part after a hard day’s work.  A very popular line dance song too!

Lyrics To Inspire You:

I’ve been workin’ all week
And I’m tired and I don’t wanna sleep
I wanna have fun
Time for a good time

#6 Gone Country
Released in 1994 on the album Who I Am

The song portrays the country music scene.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

She’s gone country, look at them boots
She’s gone country, back to her roots
She’s gone country, a new kind of suit
She’s gone counrty, here she comes

#7 Country Boy
Released in 2008 on the album Good Time

The song is about a boy trying to pick up a girl because he is a country boy.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Climb in my bed, I’ll take you for a ride
Up city streets, down country roads
I can get you where you need to go
‘Cause I’m a country boy

#8 Drive (For Daddy Gene)
Released in 2002 on the album Drive

The song is a dedication to Alan’s father and childhood memories.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

He’d let me drive her when we haul off a load
Down a dirt strip where we’d dump trash off of Thigpen Road
I’d sit up in the seat and stretch my feet out to the pedels
Smiling like a hero that just received his medal

#9 Little Bitty
Released in 1996 on the album Everything I Love

The song is about some of life’s greatest joys found in the simplicity and small things of life.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Well, it’s alright to be little bitty
A little hometown or a big old city
Might as well share, might as well smile
Life goes on for a little bitty while

#10 Don’t Rock the Jukebox
Released in 1991 on the album Don’t Rock the Jukebox

The song is about a person at a bar who asks the bartender to only play country for his broken heart.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

I don’t feel like rockin’
Since my baby’s gone
So don’t rock the jukebox
Play me a country song


One of my favorite songs of Jackson’s that is not that popular but is a great song to play while fishing or sitting by the fire is “Dog River Blues“.  It is a two-step song too.

Lyrics To Inspire You:

I’ve walked holes in both my shoes
Now I still got the river but I ain’t got you
I got the Dog River blues

Alan Jackson Highest-Charting Singles

  • #1 I’d Love You All Over Again, 1991
  • #1 Don’t Rock the Jukebox, 1991
  • #1 Someday, 1991
  • #1 Dallas, 1991
  • #1 Love’s Got a Hold on You, 1992
  • #1 She’s Got the Rhythm (And I Got the Blues), 1992
  • #1 Chattahoochee, 1993
  • #1 Summertime Blues, 1994
  • #1 Livin’ on Love, 1994
  • #1 Gone Country, 1994
  • #1 I Don’t Even Know Your Name, 1995
  • #1 Tall, Tall Trees, 1995
  • #1 I’ll Try, 1996
  • #1 Little Bitty, 1996
  • #1 There Goes, 1997
  • #1 Right on the Money, 1998
  • #1 It Must Be Love, 2000
  • #1 Where I Come From, 2001
  • #1 Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning), 2001
  • #1 Drive (For Daddy Gene), 2002
  • #1 It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere (with Jimmy Buffett), 2003
  • #1 Remember When, 2003
  • #1 Small Town Southern Man, 2007
  • #1 Good Time, 2008
  • #1 Country Boy, 2008
  • #1 As She’s Walking Away (Zac Brown Band), 2010
  • #1 Forever Country (Artists of Then, Now & Forever), 2016
  • #2 Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow, 1990
  • #2 Mercury Blues, 1993
  • #2 Who’s Cheatin’ Who, 1997
  • #2 Between the Devil and Me, 1997
  • #2 That’d Be Alright, 2002
  • #3 Here in the Real World, 1990
  • #3 Wanted, 1990
  • #3 Midnight in Montgomery, 1992
  • #3 Home, 1996
  • #3 I’ll Go On Loving You, 1998
  • #3 Little Man, 1999
  • #3 Work in Progress, 2002
  • #4 Tonight I Climbed the Wall, 1993
  • #4 (Who Says) You Can’t Have It All, 1994
  • #4 Gone Crazy, 1999
  • #5 When Somebody Loves You, 2001
  • #5 Too Much of a Good Thing, 2004
  • #5 Monday Morning Church, 2004
  • #5 A Woman’s Love, 2007

Do you have a favorite Alan Jackson song? Please share your song below in the comments.

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