Groomsmen Gifts When Should You Give Them?

when give groomsmen gifts

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Groomsmen gifts have gone from being generic (and tacky) items that get dumped to the bottom of an attic storage box, to unique and functional products that groomsmen actually make good use of. With the increasing interest that grooms now have to give the best groomsmen gifts that they could possibly find, the next question would be exactly when to give them to the intended recipients. After all, these gifts can be anything from wedding day socks to an all-expense-paid trip to Las Vegas.

Groomsmen gifts

So when do you give your groomsmen gifts?

1. When personally handing the invitation

Giving groomsmen gifts as early as when the invitations are handed out isn’t really common, but it can certainly be done. The good thing about doing so is that you get it out of the way early, which leaves you with one less thing you have to worry about as the wedding approaches. However, it may be best to get a confirmation from the intended receiver regarding attending the wedding and being a groomsman. That way, there’d be no need to return the gift in case the groomsman isn’t available.

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2. At the rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal dinners are typically held right after the wedding rehearsal a day before the wedding. This is a great time to give gifts that are intended to be used during the wedding ceremony itself, such as cuff links, bow ties, groomsmen undershirts, or the most commonly neglected item – socks. Ensure that your groomsmen arrive at the wedding venue looking all dapper and put-together with groomsmen gifts that they can actually use and re-use.

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3. During the Bachelor Party

Gifts that can be given during the bachelor party include those gifts that your buds can enjoy at least a couple of weeks before the wedding day. These gifts can even be extensions of the bachelor party, such as a weekend trip just for the guys at a nearby resort or golf range, or if you’re generous enough, the last bout of testosterone getaways to the playing fields of Las Vegas.

4. An hour before the Wedding

Giving groomsmen gifts an hour before the wedding may not really seem practical considering that during that time, your groomsmen would already have been at the wedding venue all dressed up and ready to go, but it does have its advantages. First, you have all of your groomsmen in one place, making distribution a lot easier. Second, you’ve got something to occupy your attention for the next few minutes at least, which will surely help out with the pre-wedding jitters. Lastly, if your gifts are something for your groomsmen to wear during the ceremony, you’ll be assured that they won’t have forgotten it at home. Perfect.

5. At the wedding reception

The wedding reception is usually the last chance to give out groomsmen gifts – unless you really planned on mailing them out in which case, searching for cool groomsmen gifts online may be the best way to go to choose the most suitable ones. Functional yet creative items that your guys can use in their daily lives can be handed out during the reception. The downside to choosing this time to say your thanks with gifts is that you’d be too busy, and having to track down your guys while the party’s underway can be a pain.

Groomsmen are, ideally, the best buddies in the groom’s life, and taking the time to pick out awesome presents for each of them makes your wedding day that much more memorable. Ensuring that the timing is right when the gifts are handed out makes all the difference when the items have specific purposes. So plan it out, and know that you’ve conveyed your gratitude to some of your best friends in one of the best ways with your know-how.

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