father son songs list for weddings

70 Best Father-Son Songs – Dad Son


Occasionally we take a tangent from the wedding-only song lists. There are several types of occasions that require a special song. One of them is a wedding, yes. Others are for family celebrations and, sadly, funerals. This article features our list of special songs between a son and his father.

What Are Father-Son Songs?

Father-son songs are special when a groom wishes to dedicate a special song to his father at the wedding reception. You can use this song in a slideshow or it can be included in the DJ’s playlist for your wedding reception. If you plan to surprise your father, be sure to talk about it with your partner and a professional wedding coordinator.

This wouldn’t necessarily be a dance song. Rather, suggest playing a song in the middle of the wedding reception that everyone can dance to, whether it be a fast or slow song.

Of course, if you and your father are dancers, feel free to create a choreographed routine and bring in the groomsmen or the groom’s siblings. This can be especially meaningful if the father has a milestone birthday near the wedding date. Heck, it could be the other way around. Maybe it’s the father’s second wedding and his son is turning 25. It’s completely up to you.

father son songs list for weddings


Table of Contents:

Best Father-Son Songs List

If you have a favorite Father-Son song that doesn’t appear on our list, please leave a comment below so we can add it. Also, which song would you replace?

Father-Son song list curated by Matthew Campbell
Last Updated: June 29, 2021

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SongAmazon Link
Letter 2 My Unborn
2001, Hip Hop
Aaron Cole, Tauren Wells and TobyMac
2021, Christian
Alan Jackson
Drive (For Daddy Gene)
2002, Country
2008, Hip-Hop
The Day (That You Gave Me a Son)
2009, R&B
Billy Dean
Let Them Be Little
2005, Country
Bob Carlisle
Father’s Love
1998, Country
A Man I’ll Never Be
1978, Rock
Father And Son
1995, Pop
Brad Paisley
Anything Like Me
2010, Country
Brad Paisley
He Didn't Have to Be
1999, Country
Brad Paisley
Letter to Me
2007, Country
Brantley Gilbert
Man That Hung The Moon
2019, Country
Bruce Springsteen
Independence Day
1981, Rock
Bruce Springsteen
My Father's House
1982, Rock
Bruce Springsteen
Walk Like A Man
1987, Rock
Bucky Covington
A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How)
2010, Country
Cat Stevens
Father And Son
1970, Rock
Chris Lane
Ain't Even Met You Yet
2021, Country
Chris Tomlin
Good Good Father
2015, Christian
Clarence Carter
1970, Soul
Cole Swindell
You Should Be Here
2016, Country
Conway Twitty
That’s My Job
1987, Country
Craig Campbell
Family Man
2011, Country
With Arms Wide Open
2000, Rock
Dan Fogelberg
Leader of the Band
1981, Rock
David Bowie
1971, Pop Rock
Drew Baldridge
Stay at Home Dad
2021, Country
Elton John
The Last Song
1992, Rock
Elvie Shane
My Boy
2021, Country
Eric Clapton
My Father’s Eyes
1998, Rock
Father of Mine
1998, Rock
Fleetwood Mac
1975, Rock
George Strait
Love Without End, Amen
1990, Country
George Strait
The Best Day
2006, Country
Gerald LeVert & Eddie LeVert
Wind Beneath My Wings
1996, Soul
Gord Bamford
Little Guy
2007, Country
Harry Chapin
Cat’s in the Cradle
1974, Rock
James Taylor
You’ve Got A Friend
1971, Rock
Jimmy Buffett
The Captain and The Kid
1970, Rock
John Anderson
I Wish I Could Have Been There
1994, Country
John Lennon
Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
1981, Rock
John McDermott
The Old Man
n/a, Celtic
Johnny Cash
A Boy Named Sue
1969, Country
Carry on Wayward Son
1976, Rock
Keith Urban
Song for Dad
2002, Country
Kenny Rogers
The Greatest
1999, Country
Kid Rock
Drinking Beer with Dad
2015, Rock
Lady A
Things He Handed Down
2021, Country
Lee Brice
2017, Country
Lee Brice
The Best Part Of Me
2017, Country
Mr. Mom
2004, Country
Lukas Graham
7 Years
2015, Pop
Luther Vandross
Dance With My Father
2003, R&B
Michael Kiwanuka
Father’s Child
2016, Soul
Mike + The Mechanics
The Living Years
1988, Rock
Neil Diamond
Dear Father
1996, Pop
Neil Young
Here For You
2005, Rock
Neil Young
Old Man
1972, Rock
Owl City
Not All Heroes Wear Capes
2017, Pop
Paul Petersen
My Dad
1962, Pop
Phil Collins
Father To Son
1989, Pop
Father To Son
1991, Pop
You’re My Best Friend
1976, Rock
Rod Stewart
Father & Son
2006, Pop
Rod Stewart
Forever Young
1988, Rock
Rodney Atkins
He's Mine
2011, Country
Rodney Atkins
Watching You
2006, Country
Slick Rick
It’s A Boy
1991, Hip Hop
Steven Curtis Chapman
I Will Be Here
2003, Christian
Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone
1972, Soul
The Game feat. Busta Rhymes
Like Father Like Son
2015, Hip Hop
Thin Lizzy
The Boys Are Back In Town
1976, Rock
Thomas Rhett
Things Dads Do
2021, Country
Tyler Wood
2018, Country
Walker Hayes
Dad's Sailboat
2019, Country
Wheeler Walker Jr.
All The Pussy You Will Slay
2018, WWIII
Will Smith
Just The Two Of Us
1998, R&B
Life Of A Salesman
2003, Rock
Zac Brown Band
My Old Man
2017, Country


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How Do You Choose a Father-Son Song?

Set some time aside to think about what your father means to you (or vice versa). List some of the qualities he has that are meaningful to you. Journal notes about some special memories. If you do this while listening to our Spotify playlist, we’re certain one will resonate with you.

We recommend that you choose a song that conveys a special meaning between the father and his son. Think of a song where the lyrics speak to you. If a special song doesn’t come to your mind right away, don’t worry. We have 70 of the Top Father-Son gongs to choose from here.


Other Occasions for Father-Son Songs

Father-Son songs aren’t just for your wedding reception. These sentimental songs can also be played to celebrate a milestone birthday, your Father’s retirement, or even Father’s Day. It is already a day to celebrate Fathers so why not dedicate a song to your father?

Fathers can also play the songs to celebrate the birth of their new baby boy, their graduation, or to commemorate special bonding days like a fishing trip.


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21 responses to “70 Best Father-Son Songs for Your Wedding”

  1. Mike says:

    Wheeler Walker Jr. – All The Pussy You Will Slay

  2. Billy says:

    Drinking beer with dad by Kid Rock

  3. Greg burnett says:

    He’s mine.
    Rodney Atkins

  4. Dwayne F Langsdorf says:

    Boy by Lee Brice

  5. Gene Turk says:

    bruce springsteen – independence day (from the album, the river)
    Boston – the man I’ll never be

  6. Marcos says:

    Yesterday by Atmosphere

  7. Nicole Cloyd says:

    Wish I could have been there- John Anderson

  8. April Adkins says:

    Gordon Bamford “Little Guy”

  9. Kevin says:

    Elton John – The Last Song. Actually about a boy dying of AIDS, but a still beautiful reflection on the relationship with his father

  10. LUCAS says:

    Babyface – The Day (You gave me a son)

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