Wedding Playlists from DJs Around the World

Pleasing the crowd with a wedding playlist is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Professional DJs’ playlists vary by location, the age of the couple, their song preferences as well as the preferences of their guests — maybe even the parents footing the bill.

Why is the wedding playlist this important? It’s your special day. You may have spent only $400 or $40,000 on this event. So, don’t leave your wedding playlist to chance.

Whether or not you and your wedding guests have a good time will be remembered years after your wedding day. The music entertainer — wedding DJ — must know what music will capture each micro-moment and also fill the dance floor.

Wedding Playlists Vary By Region

Why did we create this section? Firstly, it’s good research. But also it’s fun to see all of our wedding playlists by genre, decade, or dances. That doesn’t mean those songs are popular everywhere. So, what is popular in your city or state — or even country? The music played at weddings vary by location, the age of the bridal couple and guests, and the preferred music style of the bride and groom.

When studying the wedding playlists, you’ll see the lists vary greatly. DJ Jonny Black out of Houston, TX includes Garth Brooks and Brad Paisley. Raleigh’s Bunn DJ Company includes the “Cupid Shuffle” and the “Cha Cha Slide”. Their regional playlist preferences play into the success of their business — and your weddings.

This may help you as a wedding DJ or as the couple researching which songs you might feel are too popular. Do you feel behind Los Angeles? Then look at the alternative playlist from Hey Mister DJ. It includes “HandClap” and “Feel it Still” which are absent from Houston’s and Raleigh’s lists.

My Wedding Songs is showcasing playlists from wedding DJs around the world. Know what DJs are playing at weddings in your area.

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