31 Best Mother-themed Songs to Celebrate Her

Updated March 18, 2024 | Author: Matthew Campbell

Attention all soon-to-be-wedded lovebirds! This playlist is dedicated to the amazing moms who raised you, supported you, and cheered you on – mother songs.

Whether you’re looking for a tearjerker for a special dedication or a sweet melody for a mother-son/daughter dance, we’ve got the perfect “mom-tastic” tunes to celebrate your incredible bond. Get ready to find the soundtrack that expresses your love and gratitude for the woman who means the world to you!

Best Mother Songs in Title

I celebrate mothers with themes like a song just for her, a reunion between a mother and her child, and a description of a mother’s love, I tell a story about the way our mother does, what is a mother without a father, and how we like to help our mother.

  1. “Mother” by Meghan Trainor (Pop – 2023)
  2. “Mother” by Danzig (Rock – 1988)
  3. “Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough” by New Radicals (Pop – 1998)
  4. “Mother” by Charlie Puth (Pop – 2019)
  5. “Mother” by Pink Floyd (Rock – 1979)
  6. “Mother” by Sugarland (Country – 2018)
  7. “Mother Mother” by Tracy Bonham (Rock – 1996)
  8. “Mother and Child Reunion” by Paul Simon (Singer-Songwriter – 1972)
  9. “Mother Knows Best (From “Tangled”/Soundtrack Version)” by Donna Murphy (Musical – 2010)
  10. “No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature” by The Guess Who (Rock – 1970)
  11. “Mother’s Daughter” by Miley Cyrus (Pop – 2019)
  12. “Does Your Mother Know” by ABBA (Pop – 1979)
  13. “Mothership Connection (Star Child)” by Parliament (R&B – 1975)
  14. “Mother” by Natalie Maines (Rock – 2013)
  15. “Bad Mother F*cker” by Machine Gun Kelly, Kid Rock (Hip Hop – 2015)
  16. “Motherlover” by The Lonely Island, Justin Timberlake (Comedy – 2011)
  17. “Mother” by John Lennon (Rock – 1970)
  18. “Mother Like Mine” by The Band Perry (Country – 2013)
  19. “You Never Met A Motherf**ker Quite Like Mine” by Kid Rock (Rock – 2006)
  20. “The Mother We Share” by CHVRCHES (Alternative – 2013)

Bad Mother Trucker – Eric Church

Released in 2020 on the album Bad Mother Trucker

Lyrics To Inspire You:

A real gear jammer, a white line wonder
Yeah, you only get one, and I wouldn’t want another
‘Cause mama was a bad mother trucker

Mother Please Don’t Be Sad – The Flaming Lips

Released in 2020 on the album American Head

Lyrics To Inspire You:

And so would I
Remember to let the dogs outside
‘Cause I won’t be there tonight
Mother, please don’t be sad

Mother’s Daughter – Miley Cyrus

Released in 2019 on the album SHE IS COMIN

Lyrics To Inspire You:

I came up to get me some
I’m nasty, I’m evil
Must be something in the water
Or that I’m my mother’s daughter

The Mother We Share – Chvrches

Released in 2019 on the album The Bones of What You Believe

Lyrics To Inspire You:

And the mother we share will never keep your proud head from falling
The way is long but you can make it easy on me
And the mother we share will never keep our cold hearts from calling

Mother – Sugarland

Released in 2018 on the album Bigger

Lyrics To Inspire You:

As long as she’s alive
you’re not alone
you’ve got each other
That’s your mother


The Mother – Brandi Carlile

Released in 2017 on the album By The Way, I Forgive You

Lyrics To Inspire You:

I’ll never hit the big time without you
So, they can keep their treasure and their ties to the machine
‘Cause I am the mother of Evangeline

Mother Like Mine – The Band Perry

Released in 2013 on the album Pioneer
Genre: Country

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Tonight would be easier
And our dreams would all be deeper
If the world had a mother like mine

A Mother’s Prayer – K. Michelle

Released in 2013 on the album Rebellious Soul

Lyrics To Inspire You:

I would’ve been dead and gone
But I found purpose when I brought you home
And even though I’m not there to tuck you in everyday
I’m not far away
This is what a mother prays

Like My Mother Does – Lauren Alaina

Released in 2011 on the album Wildflower
Genre: Country

Lyrics To Inspire You:

When I’m weak and unpretty
I know I’m beautiful and strong
Because I see myself like my mother does


A Mother’s Love – Mark Masri with Jim Brickman

Released in 2010 on the album Ultimate Love Songs
Genre: Christian

Lyrics To Inspire You:

There’s no power like it on this earth
No treasure equal to its worth
The gift of a mother’s love

Oh Mother – Christina Aguilera

Released in 2006 on the album Back to Basics

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Oh mother, we’re stronger
From all of the tears you have shed
Oh mother, don’t look back
Cause he’ll never hurt us again
So mother, I thank you (Thank you)

A Mother’s Prayer – Celine Dion

Released in 2004 on the album Miracle
Genre: Pop

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Every mother’s prayer
Every child knows
Lead her to a place
Guide her with your grace
To a place where she’ll be safe

Mother Earth – Within Temptation

Released in 2000 on the album Mother Earth

Lyrics To Inspire You:

She gives and she takes
She rules
Until the end of time
She goes her way

Mother Mother – Tracy Bonham

Released in 1996 on the album The Burdens of Being Upright

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Mother, mother, can you hear me?
Sure I’m sober, sure I’m sane
Life is perfect, never better
Still your daughter, still the same


Mother Love – Queen

Released in 1995 on the album Made in Heaven

Lyrics To Inspire You:

All I want is to know that you’re there
You’re gonna give me all your sweet
Mother love ah ha (mother love)

Mother Earth – Neil Young

Released in 1990 on the album Ragged Glory

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Respect Mother Earth
And her giving ways
Or trade away
Our children’s days
Or trade away
Our children’s days

Mother – Danzig

Released in 1988 on the album Danzig
Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Tell your children not to hold my hand
Tell your children not to understand
Oh mother

Mothers Of The Disappeared – U2

Released in 1987 on the album The Joshua Tree

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Midnight, our sons and daughters
Cut down, taken from us
Hear their heartbeat
We hear their heartbeat

Mother, Father – Journey

Released in 1981 on the album Escape
Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Inspire You:

She sits alone, an empty stare
A mother’s face she wears
Where did she go wrong, the fight is gone
Lord help this broken home


Mother – Pink Floyd

Released in 1979 on the album The Wall
Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Mother do think she’s good enough for me
Mother do think she’s dangerous to me
Mother will she tear your little boy apart
Oooh aah, mother will she break my heart

Does Your Mother Know – ABBA

Released in 1979 on the album Voulez-Vous

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Well, I can dance with you, honey, if you think it’s funny
Does your mother know that you’re out?
And I can chat with you, baby, flirt a little maybe
Does your mother know that you’re out?

Tie Your Mother Down – Queen

Released in 1976 on the album A Day at the Races

Lyrics To Inspire You:

I’m gonna make out all right
I’ve got a sweetheart hand
To put a stop to all that
Snipin’ an’ grousin’ goin’ on all night
Tie your mother down

Mother and Child Reunion – Paul Simon

Released in 1972 on the album Paul Simon
Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Inspire You:

No, I would not give you false hope (no)
On this strange and mournful day
But the mother and child reunion
Is only a motion away

Mother Freedom – Bread

Released in 1972 on the album Baby I’m-a Want You

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Hey tomorrow
You’re not so far away
Mother freedom
We’ll know you well someday


Sylvia’s Mother – Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show

Released in 1972 on the album Doctor Hook

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Sylvia’s mother says Sylvia is marrying
A fella down Galveston way
And Sylvia’s mother says, “Please don’t say nothing”
“To make her start cryin’ and stay”

Mother – John Lennon

Released in 1970 on the album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Mother, you had me
But I never had you
I, I wanted you
You didn’t want me
So, I
I just got to tell you

No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature – The Guess Who

Released in 1970 on the album American Woman

Lyrics To Inspire You:

‘Cause it’s the new Mother Nature taking over
It’s the new splendid lady come to call
It’s the new Mother Nature taking over
She’s gettin’ us all

Mother Popcorn – James Brown

Released in 1969 on the album It’s a Mother

Lyrics To Inspire You:

You gotta be boss
The way you do your little thing
Step in a small ring
And jump back baby!
James brown gonna do his thing!
Popcorn! yeah! yeah! yeah!


Mother Nature’s Son – The Beatles

Released in 1968 on the album The Beatles

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Find me in my field of grass
Mother Nature’s son
Swaying daises sing a lazy song beneath the sun

Your Mother Should Know – The Beatles

Released in 1967 on the album Magical Mystery Tour

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Let’s all get up and dance to a song
That was a hit before your mother was born
Though she was born a long long time ago
Your mother should know (your mother should)

Mother’s Little Helper – The Rolling Stones

Released in 1966 on the album Aftermath
Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Inspire You:

They just don’t appreciate that you get tired
They’re so hard to satisfy, you can tranquilize your mind
So go running for the shelter of a mother’s little helper

Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? – The Rolling Stones

Released in 1966 as a single

Lyrics To Inspire You:

Have you seen your mother, baby, standing in the shadow?
Have you had another baby, standing in the shadow?
You take your choice at this time
The brave old world or the slide to the depths of decline, of decline

Mother in Law – Ernie K-Doe

Released in 1962 on the album Mother-In-Law

Do not play this song at weddings!

Lyrics To Inspire You:

If she’d leave us alone
We would have a happy home
Sent from down below
Mother-in-law, mother-in-law

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Your Mother Should Know by The Beatles 
Mother by Pink Floyd

My Wedding Songs
My Wedding Songs
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Thanks G M S. Two great songs. We have them on the list!