Bollywood Wedding Ideas

A wedding is meant to be a day worth remembering. It is meant to give others a glimpse of the commitment and love you have for your partner, which is probably the reason you are thinking of a Bollywood wedding. Bollywood weddings are lavish, beautiful, and appear to be taken out of a dream. The following are 10 unique ideas that may help you plan the perfect wedding.

Bollywood Wedding Ideas

10 Bollywood Wedding Ideas

1. A Southern Indian Traditional Wedding

Perhaps the most known type of Indian weddings is the Southern Indian traditional wedding. What you usually imagine is the bride dressed in a golden yellow Kanjeevaram saree that is simply divine, which makes one think of sunshine. The dress is adorned with Swarovski crystals and adorned with golden threads throughout. It is also traditional to add a Mangalorean-style saree, which is usually red or rust-colored. Of course, one of the most important aspects of a traditional Southern Indian traditional wedding is the heavy Kundan jewelry that should adorn your arms, waist, neck, and head. The bride’s dress should be represented in the wedding decorations. So consider red fabrics and golden accessories.

2. A Sikh-Like Wedding

The Sikh people use many decorations as well, but they usually focus on white or white-like colors, such as silver or platinum. The jewelry that adorns the bride should be made of these types of metals. The dress itself should be white with some blue or aqua threads. You might want to add these colors throughout the wedding as well. Be sure to consider traditional foods, like Bengali sweets, though the cuisine can be very inclusive if you want it to be.

3. Deccan Wedding for Budget Bliss

Perhaps one of the most economical types of weddings is a Deccan wedding, which means that the dress will stay traditional with just a few golden threads. There is no need for a lot of jewelry; you only need a few bracelets. You should remember that this type of wedding usually utilizes a lot of handmade decors. The dress, jewelry, and other decorations use vivid colors like oranges, yellows, purples, or reds; just try to keep everything handmade.

4. Mix It Up a Little

It is possible to blend your Bollywood love with something a little more traditional, too. You just need to know what pieces accentuate your wedding dress. Traditional wedding dresses are white or off-white, though some use pastel pinks or blues, too. One specific jewelry piece that works well with almost any dress is the traditional Kundan headpiece. This headpiece comes in a golden or silver color. It will make you look like a princess on your special day. Of course, you can also add some gold or silver armbands as well if you are going to wear a sleeveless wedding dress.

The rest of the wedding location could use a few Bollywood touches, such as decorative rugs or more candles than you might have used otherwise.

5. Arabian Nights Wedding

Another popular Bollywood wedding idea is an Arabian Nights themed wedding. This is perhaps one of the most festive and interesting ideas that could make your wedding truly one-of-a-kind. One of the most important things to do is to rent a tent for your wedding. The tent should be Moroccan-style and red to add to the atmosphere. You should do your best to decorate the tent with more rugs and small individual Moroccan seats or couches for your guests. The wedding dress should stand out, so consider white. Red would work as long as you use a lot of golden jewelry.

6. Center Stage Wedding Bliss

Some traditional Indian weddings highlight the couple in different ways. Perhaps you cannot rent an entire tent, but perhaps you can rent a small canopy that would either surround the areas where you are going to say your “I Do’s” or where you will be sitting down. The canopy should be dressed in sari fabric that should highlight or resemble the colors you are using for your wedding attire. There should be flowers and other decorations to make this canopy stand out.

7. Get Bold With Decorations

One special thing about Bollywood weddings is the colors are bolder than what you would expect with other types of weddings. You should embrace this. Think of covering your walls with bold sari fabric; use colors like red, yellow, orange, or turquoise. You could also add golden accents around the walls. The tablecloths should also be bold. What you want to do is make the wedding seem as if it was filled with jewelry. Be sure to dim the lights as much as possible, and use candlelight instead, which really makes jewelry and colors stand out a lot more.

indian wedding henna

8. Skin Embellishing and Simplicity

Some Indians opt to keep their weddings simple. The point is to drape the wedding location with some pastel colors, such as yellows or pinks. The wedding dress is simple as well with just a few sari fabrics draping over the bride and a few jewelry pieces, but your skin is highlighted a little more. The idea is to have a skin decorator, or even a tattoo artist, draw some non-permanent skin embellishments. You want to use floral or royal decorations. It is traditional to use skin embellishments on the arms.

9. Try a Little Magic

You do not have to go Disney, but the bold colors that Bollywood uses can also lend itself to something a little more magical. You can try to use fog machines to add a little mystique to your wedding, though it is preferable to use natural oils to make the wedding smell a little more like India. This means using sandalwood, jasmine, saffron, or even kadamba. To make the wedding more magical, consider candles enclosed inside colored lamps. Of course, try to embellish your dress with a lot of gold jewelry as well as other precious stones, like turquoise or rubies. Keep in mind that this would work great with a Moroccan-style tent as well.

10. Get Wild With LED Lights

LED lights can make a Bollywood wedding look quite spectacular, especially if you dim the lights. You can use a Moroccan-style tent or just a canopy. What you want to do is use these lights to make the entire room feel like you are in India. India has always been represented by red hues as well as golden hues. LED lights can now be installed in a way that is discreet, and the colors can be as vibrant or dim as you want them to be. Installing these lights to flood the room with color might make everyone feel as if they were transported to India for your special day.

There are lots of great ideas that might make your wedding truly special and give you that Bollywood touch that you can bring to life.

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