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90 Best Mother-Son Dance Songs


Every mother dreams of the day when she can dance with her son at his wedding. The mother-son dance is the symbolic ending of one family and the beginning of another — just like the father-daughter dance. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. It can be quite a tear-jerker, in fact.

What Is the Mother-Son Dance?

Traditionally, the Mother-Son Dance is the dance between the mother of the groom and her son. It comes after the Father-Daughter Dance in the wedding reception timeline. It is a heartfelt moment during the wedding reception. Most likely, it will be filmed and photographed, so be sure to choose a great song.

Some wedding couples combine the father-daughter dance with the mother groom dance. Both couples dance to the same song. If you decide to do this, talk to your wedding planner and DJ; they should be able to give great suggestions that will help you choose the song.

mother son songs for dance


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What Are The Best Mother-Son Wedding Songs?

The best mother-son wedding song is a ballad. This song should represent the commonality and unique relationship between the groom and his mother. With that said, our list of mother-son songs can be used for other celebrations.

The mother-son songs can also be awesome to celebrate the birth of a son. They can also be used as a dedication song from a son to his mother on Mother’s Day.

It would be impossible to name all the great mother-son wedding songs but below are the Top 90 popular songs.

Mother Son song list curated by Matthew Campbell
Last Updated: May 29, 2021

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Indie Mother Son Dance Songs

21 Pilots – House of Gold
2011, Indie

She asked me, Son when I grow old
Will you buy me a house of gold?
And when your father turns to stone
Will you take care of me?
I will make you
Queen of everything you see

Caleb Beachy – I Love This Dance
2021, Indie

James Taylor – How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
1975, Indie

But you brighten up for me all of my days
With a love so sweet in so many ways
I wanna stop and thank you

James Taylor – You’ve Got A Friend
1971, Indie

Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you have to do is call
And I’ll be there

Pop Mother Son Dance Songs

Adele – Sweetest Devotion
2015, Pop

You’re my light, you’re my darkness
You’re the right kind of madness
And you’re my hope, you’re my despair

Backstreet Boys – Perfect Fan
1999, Pop

You showed me
Just how to walk without your hands
‘Cause Mom you always were
The perfect fan


Beach Boys – God Only Knows
1966, Pop

I may not always love you
But long as there are stars above you
You never need to doubt it

Beyonce – Halo
2009, Pop

But I never really had a doubt
Standing in the light of your halo
I got my angel now

Calum Scott – No Matter What
2018, Pop

She wrapped her arms around me
Said, “Don’t try to be what you’re not
‘Cause I love you no matter what”

Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me
1996, Pop

You gave me faith ’cause you believed
I’m everything I am
Because you loved me

Chris Jasper feat. Margie Jasper – My Little Boy
2019, Pop


Ciara – I Got You
2015, Pop

Take the bullet, take the blows, I would take all the pain
Anything, anything that you gotta get through
Hey, hey, I got you

Dido – Thank You
2000, Pop

And I want to thank you
For giving me the best day of my life

Ed Sheeran – Supermarket Flowers
2017, Pop

You were an angel in the shape of my mum
When I fell down you’d be there holding me up
Spread your wings as you go

Elton John – Blessed
1995, Pop

I need you before I’m too old
To have and to hold
To walk with you and watch you grow
And know that you’re blessed

Elton John – Your Song
1970, Pop

I know it’s not much, but it’s the best I can do
My gift is my song, and this one’s for you


Elvis Presley – Memories
1968, Pop

Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind
Memories, sweetened through the ages just like wine

Elvis Presley – The Wonder Of You
1970, Pop

And you’re always there to lend a hand
In everything I do
That’s the wonder
The wonder of you

Frank Sinatra – The Way You Look Tonight
1964, Pop

There is nothing for me but to love you
And the way you look tonight

Jim Brickman feat. Lady A – Never Alone
2007, Pop

I’ll be in every beat of your heart
When you face the unknown
Wherever you fly
This isn’t goodbye

Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World
1967, Pop

The bright blessed days, the dark sacred nights
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world


Lunchmoney Lewis – Mama
2015, Pop

This song is dedicated to my mama
Taught me how to put on my pajamas
Always let me have a couple dollars
And told me that my dreams I better follow

Matthew John – Everything
2018, Pop

You taught me everything
How to tell what’s wrong from right
You gave me everything
Made me who I am inside

Meghan Trainor – Mom
2016, Pop

But ain’t nobody got a mom like mine
Her love’s ’til the end, she’s my best friend

Mikki Viereck – A Song For My Son
1991, Pop

You filled my life
With so much joy
As I watched you grow
From that little boy

Molly Pasutti – The Man You’ve Become
2008, Pop

For the great things you will do
I’ll be blessed cause you’re my son
But I’ll always see the boy


Phil Collins – You’ll Be In My Heart
1999, Pop

Yes, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more

Rod Stewart – Forever Young
1988, Pop

May your guiding light be strong
Build a stairway to Heaven
With a prince or a vagabond

Scott Keo – All To You
2012, Pop

I may not say I love you as much as I could
But you’ve got to know this one thing is true
The person I’ve become and all I am I owe it all to you

Shakira – The One Thing
2014, Pop

Every time I see your smile
Every time I hear your laugh
Baby, you bring a new sunshine over my way

Taylor Hicks – Do I Make You Proud
2006, Pop

This is what we dream about
But the only question with me now
Is do I make you proud


Christian Mother Son Dance Songs

Alan Jackson – Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
2006, Christian

His word shall not fail you, He promised
Believe Him and all will be well

Caleb and Kelsey – Boy
2019, Christian

You’re gonna drop the ball
Hit the wall
And break some hearts like glass
I know you will, ’cause you’re a part of me
And a part of you will always be a boy

Mark Harris – Find Your Wings
2005, Christian

I’m here for you whatever this life brings
So let my love give you roots
And help you find your wings

Steven Curtis Chapman – I Will Be Here
2003, Christian

When you need to speak your mind
I will listen
And I will be here
When the laughter turns to crying
Through the winning, losing and trying
We’ll be together
Cause I will be here


Country Mother Son Dance Songs

B. J. Thomas – Mama
1966, Country

And who’s the one who didn’t mean to cry
As you walked down the aisle, the tears you saw her smile

Blake Shelton – The Baby
2003, Country

She’d laugh until she cried, I could do no wrong
She would always save me because I was her baby

Carrie Underwood – Mama’s Song
2010, Country

Mama there’s no way you’ll ever lose me
Giving me away is not goodbye
As you watch me walk down to my future

Chris Lane – That’s What Mamas Are For
2021, Country

And she put her blood, sweat, and tears into raisin’ me
And maybe a little more
Thank the Lord, that’s what mamas are for

Dixie Chicks – Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)
2002, Country

Sweet dreams, little man
Oh, my love will fly to you each night on angels wings


Eric Church – Like Jesus Does
2013, Country

She forgives me when I can’t
And the devil, man, no, he don’t have a prayer
‘Cause she loves me like Jesus does

Faith Hill – There You’ll Be
2001, Country

I’ll keep a part of you with me,
And everywhere I am there you’ll be

Garth Brooks – Mom
2014, Country

Cause there’s someone down there waiting whose only goal in life
Is making sure you’re always gonna be alright
A loving angel tender, tough and strong
It’s almost time to go and meet your mom

Garth Brooks – The Dance
1990, Country

Our lives are better left to chance
I could have missed the pain
But I’d have had to miss the dance

Granger Smith – Man Made
2020, Country

Behind any guy doing anything right
There’s a woman’s work at hand
If a man made anything, it’s ’cause
A woman made that man


Jason Matthews – That’s What Mamas Do
2008, Country

They raise you
Ground you build their whole world around you
With no care for the hell, they’ll go through
That’s what mamas do

Kenny Chesney – Don’t Blink
2007, Country

Don’t blink, just like that you’re six years old
And you take a nap
And you wake up and you’re twenty-five
And your high school sweetheart becomes your wife

Lauren Alaina – Like My Mother Does
2011, Country

I never met a stranger
I can talk to anyone
Like my mother does

Lee Ann Womack – I Hope You Dance
2000, Country

Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance

Lee Brice – Boy
2017, Country

You’re gonna drop the ball
Hit the wall
And break some hearts like glass
I know you will, ’cause you’re a part of me
And a part of you will always be my boy


Lee Brice – The Best Part Of Me
2017, Country

Though my head’s been known to give me hell
This heart of mine is just something else, yeah
But the best part of me, part of me is you

Luke Combs feat. Amanda Shires – Without You
2020, Country

And it’s me strumming this Gibson
It’s me they love to give the credit to
But me don’t mean a thing without you

Ryan Griffin – Mama’s Boy
2021, Country

I know you wanna be just like me
But thank God your heart’s like your mama’s, boy
Oh, like your mama’s, boy

MotherLode Trio – Farley’s Boy
2003, Country

Rascal Flatts – My Wish
2006, Country

And while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too
Yeah, this, is my wish


Reba McEntire – He Gets That From Me
2003, Country

The way the sun brings those freckles out
Talkin’ talk never miss a beat
Yeah he gets that from me

Reba Mcentire – You’re Gonna Be (Always Loved by Me)
2005, Country

We just have to believe things work out like they should
Life has no guarantees, but always loved by me
You’re gonna be

Sugarland – Mother
2018, Country

As long as she’s alive
you’re not alone
you’ve got each other
That’s your mother

Swon Brothers – Mommas
2020, Country

They’ll pick you up and dust you off
And catch the tears if they start falling
You better love ’em while you got ’em
Thank God for mommas

Tainted Lyric – Mama Was Daddy Too
2021, Country


Thomas Finchum – Mothers
2019, Country

Mothers Let ’em go
You can let ’em fall
And if they hit the ground
They’ll figure it out

Tim Mcgraw – Humble And Kind
2015, Country

When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride but
Always stay humble and kind

Tim McGraw – I Called Mama
2020, Country

Wrote a song just for me
And I sung it for the blue sky
And a couple live oak trees
I thought of home, grabbed my phone from my pocket
And I called mama

Trace Adkins – Then They Do
2003, Country

I see them as babies
I guess that’ll never change
You pray all their lives
That someday they will find happiness
Then they do

Other Top Country Mother-Son Dance Songs

  • You Are My Sunshine – Morgane Stapleton with Chris Stapleton
  • What I Never Knew I Always Wanted – Carrie Underwood
  • If I Didn’t Have You – Thompson Square
  • Mother Like Mine – The Band Perry
  • The Best Day – Taylor Swift
  • God’s Been Good to Me – Keith Urban
  • Angels – Randy Travis
  • In My Life – Johnny Cash
  • Just to See You Smile – Tim McGraw
  • Through the Years – Kenny Rogers

Rock Mother Son Dance Songs

Beatles – I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
1964, Rock

Just to dance with you
Is everything I need

Beatles – In My Life
1965, Rock

For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life, I love you more

Billy Joel – Just The Way You Are
1977, Rock

And this I promise from the heart
I couldn’t love you any better
I love you just the way you are

Bon Jovi – Story Of Love
2020, Rock

Fathers love daughters like mothers love sons
They’ve been writing our story before there was one

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Teach Your Children
1970, Rock

So just look at them and sigh
And know they love you


Dermot Kennedy – Days Like This
2020, Rock

When you don’t get betrayed by that old Judas kiss
Oh my mama told me, there’ll be days like this

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight
1977, Rock

Because I see the love light in your eyes
And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don’t realize how much I love you

Fleetwood Mac – Landslide
1975, Rock

Cause I’ve built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Even children get older
And I’m getting older too

Jason Mraz – 93 Million Miles
2012, Rock

A beautiful light
Over the horizon in to your eyes
Oh, my, my
How beautiful
Oh my beautiful mother
She told me

Joe Cocker – You Are So Beautiful
1974, Rock

You’re everything I hoped for
You’re everything I need
You are so wonderful
To me


Loggins & Messina – Your Mama Don’t Dance
1972, Rock

Your mama don’t dance
And your daddy don’t rock and roll
When evening rolls around
And it’s time to go to town
Where do you go
To rock and roll

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man
1973, Rock

Mama told me when I was young
Come sit beside me my only son
And listen closely to what I say
And if you do this it’ll help you
Some sunny day

Paul Simon – Loves Me Like A Rock
1973, Rock

My mama loves me, she loves me
She get down on her knees and hug me
Like she loves me like a rock
She rock me like the rock of ages and loves me

Pink Floyd – Mother
1979, Rock

Mama’s gonna check out all your girlfriends for you
Mama won’t let anyone dirty get through
Mama’s gonna wait up until you get in
Mama will always find out where you’ve been

Queen – You’re My Best Friend
1976, Rock

You’re my sunshine and I want you to know
That my feelings are true
I really love you
Oh, you’re my best friend


Sheryl Crow – Sweet Child o’ Mine
1998, Rock

He’s got a smile
And it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything was as fresh as a bright blue sky

Shinedown – Simple Man
2003, Rock

Oh, take your time, don’t live too fast
Troubles will come and they will pass
You’ll find a woman and you’ll find love
And don’t forget, son, there is someone up above

Tom Petty – Wildflowers
1994, Rock

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong somewhere close to me
Far away from your trouble and worries
You belong somewhere you feel free

Van Morrison – Days Like This
1995, Rock

When people understand what I mean there’ll be days like this
When you ring out the changes of how everything is
Well my mama told me there’ll be days like this

Other Top Rock Mother-Son Dance Songs

  • Letter To My Mother – Edwin McCain
  • Thank You, Mom – Good Charlotte
  • Thank You for Loving Me – Bon Jovi
  • With Arms Wide Open – Creed
  • When You Need Me – Bruce Springsteen
  • Forever Young – The Pretenders
  • I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders
  • Mama, I’m Coming Home – Ozzy Osbourne
  • Nothing Else Matters – Metallica
  • Your Mama Don’t Dance – Poison
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses
  • Dog and Butterfly – Heart
  • Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles
  • Sweet Thing – Van Morrison
  • Your Mother Should Know – The Beatles
  • With A Girl Like You – The Troggs

R&B Mother Son Dance Songs

Ben E. King – Stand By Me
1961, R&B

I won’t cry, I won’t cry
No, I won’t shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

Boyz II Men – A Song For Mama
1997, R&B

Mama, Mama you know I love you
Mama, Mama you’re the queen of my heart

Commodores – Three Times A Lady
1978, R&B

You’re once, twice, three times a lady
And I love you

Intruders – I’ll Always Love My Momma
1973, R&B

You’ve got your yours, and I’ve got mine
Talking ’bout mama
Oh, hey mama, hey mama, my heart belongs to you

Jackson 5 – I’ll Be There
1970, R&B

I’ll reach out my hand to you
I’ll have faith in all you do
Just call my name and I’ll be there


KEM – Mother’s Love
2010, R&B

In a mother’s love, you can feel
When something hurts you can heel
Yes, a mother’s love is real, you grow
Because she knows to let you go

Mariah Carey – Hero
1993, R&B

So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you’ll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
1967, R&B

Remember the day I set you free
I told you, you could always count on me, darling
And from that day on I made a vow
I’ll be there when you want me some way, some how

Queen Naija – Mama’s Hand
2018, R&B

I want for you to shine so bright
Know you can do anything through Christ
I see that there is a star inside you
I’m so glad you’re in my life

Stevie Wonder – You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
1972, R&B

You are the sunshine of my life
That’s why I’ll always be around
You are the apple of my eye
Forever you’ll stay in my heart

Whitney Houston – Greatest Love Of All
1985, R&B

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside


Miscellaneous Mother Son Dance Songs

Cast from Fiddler on the Roof – Sunrise, Sunset
1964, Broadway

Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly fly the years
One season following another

Daniyel – MOM
2020, Hip Hop

You gave me wings
You know my pain
You my momma

Frank Patterson – My Son
1999, Irish

You build up my life with your sweet music
It’s written in the song, this melody belongs
To you and me my son

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Over The Rainbow
1990, World

High above the chimney top that’s where you’ll find me
Oh, somewhere over the rainbow way up high
And the dream that you dare to

Josh Groban – You Raise Me Up
2002, Inspirational

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders
You raise me up to more than I can be

Marc Anthony – My Baby You
1999, Latin

My baby you
Are the reason I could fly
And ’cause of you
I don’t have to wonder why


What If My Family Isn’t Traditional?

Families have complex relationships these days. That’s okay. Same-sex couples can choose to dance with the family member of their choice: mother, mentor. Step-mothers can have a second song. Estranged family members can have stand-ins. You can even dance with your in-laws if you wish.

Grooms, if you have more than one mother in your life, there are options. One can tap the other on the shoulder in the middle of the dance so you can dance with both of your moms. You may even want a song for each. Talk about it with your professional wedding planner or DJ.


Similar song lists for further reading:

Can I Do the Mother-Son Dance without My Mom?

If one of the wedding couple’s parents is no longer living, you can adapt or skip the Mother-Son Dance. This is an emotional decision, for sure. If your new spouse will dance with her father, then you’ll certainly want to have your time to shine.

Perhaps your mom passed away or you are estranged. If your mother isn’t alive, a common substitute is a mother figure. Many of us have those people in our lives. Your sister or aunt would make a very nice gesture.  See our list of sister-brother songs.

If this dance is too painful because of a recent loss or estrangement, you can skip the Mother-Son Dance. It’s your celebration. Talk to your wedding planner; they are experienced with this delicate relationship.


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  1. jeffrey says:

    I’m getting married. I am older than my sister and my mother has passed on. My sister used The Wind Beneath my Wings for a dance for the two of us at her wedding. I want something to dance with her at my wedding that is equally special so please give me ideas.

    • Matthew Campbell says:

      Hi Jeffery. Thanks for reaching out. Please see our list of Sister Brother songs. Listen to each song and the lyrics to see if one describes your relationship. However, we always recommend playing a song that is special to both of you over trying to find a song that describes your relationship. Hope this helps.

  2. Dian says:

    House of Gold
    21 Pilots

    Supermarket Flowers
    Ed Sheeran

  3. kikee says:

    I’ll pick thank you for loving me by bon jovi

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