best polka songs for weddings

43 Best Polka Songs


If you want people to have fun and fill up the dance floor at your wedding reception, then why not give polka a shot? It’s a fun way to honor your Eastern European heritage.

Why Would I Play Polka At My Wedding?

If you have Eastern European roots, most probably your family loves polka! So why not slip in a few songs and allow everyone else to enjoy? Weddings are about celebrating families and culture.

Polka is fun! You can’t help but laugh and smile while you dance. By far, the most popular polka song is “Beer Barrel Polka” by Frankie Yankovic. We bet you’ll start singing along when you hear the chorus. This is a fun song for a wedding reception. Why not a polka cover of “Closing Time” by The Chardon Polka Band to end out the evening?

best polka songs for weddings


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Best Polka Songs

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Polka wedding song list curated by Matthew Campbell
Last Updated: March 29, 2021

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SongAmazon Link
Babe Wagner
Doghouse Polka
1992, 16 Most Requested Polkas
Babe Wagner
On Your Toes
1992, 16 Most Requested Polkas
Bob Crosby
Hop-Scotch Polka
1992, 16 Most Requested Polkas
Bobby Vinton
Beer Barrel Polka
1975, Greatest Polka Hits Of All Time
Die-Hard Polka Band
Tic Toc Polka
2013, Polka, Polka, Polka
The Bird Dance
2009, Bird Dance
Fat Louie Szykowski & The Big Polka Band
Julida Polka
2012, Polka Polka Polka - 50 All Time Favorites
Father Frank Perkovich and Joe Cvek
Hawaiian Polka
2008, Songs and Hymns From the Original Polka Mass
Frank Yankovic
Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie
2002, Button Box Favorites
Frank Yankovic
Broken Reed Polka
1997, Greatest Hits
Frank Yankovic
1987, Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks' Greatest Hits
Frank Yankovic
In Heaven There Is No Beer
Originally composed by Ernst Neubach and Ralph Maria Siegel in 1956.
Frank Yankovic
Just Because
1987, Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks' Greatest Hits
Frank Yankovic
Let’s Have A Party
2003, Toe Tappin' Happy Polkas
Frank Yankovic
Pennsylvania Polka
1987, Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks' Greatest Hits
Frank Yankovic
Too Fat Polka
1997, The World's Greatest Polka Package
Frankie Gee Orchestra
Happy Valley Polka
1993, 25 Polka Greats
Frankie Yankovic/Walter Ostanek
Dance, Dance, Dance
1999, One Last Time
Gene Wisniewski
Mini Skirt Polka
2010, 50 Polka Hits
Happy Louie & His Polka Band
Mountaineer Polka
2010, 50 Polka Hits
Jimmy Dorsey
Clarinet Polka
1992, 16 Most Requested Polkas
Jimmy Dorsey
Helena Polka
1992, 16 Most Requested Polkas
Jimmy Dorsey
Licorice Stick Polka
1992, 16 Most Requested Polkas
Jimmy Sturr Orchestra
Black Jack Polka
2008 , Great Polkas With The Jimmy Sturr Orchestra
Jimmy Sturr
Blue Skirt Waltz
2006, The Greatest Hits of Polka
Johnny Menko
Wishing Well Polka
1993, 25 Polka Greats
K. D. Lang
Watch Your Step Polka
1987, Angel with A Lariat
Larry Chesky and His Orchestra
Peanuts Polka
2008, Larry Chesky Big Band Polkas
Myron Floren
Accordion Man Polka
2008, Dance Little Bird
Myron Floren
1997, Polka's They Don't Get No Better
Myron Floren
Roll Out the Barrel
1997, Polka's They Don't Get No Better
Nancy Hlad
Top of the Hill Polka
2002, Deeper Polka: More Dance Music from the Midwest
Osborne Brothers
Orange Blossom Special
2008, Hillbilly Fever
Six Fat Dutchmen
Heel and Toe Polka
2006, Greatest Hits Volume 2
Six Fat Dutchmen
Jenny Lind Polka
1997, Polka's They Don't Get No Better
Six Fat Dutchmen
Tennessee Waltz
2006, Greatest Hits Volume 2
The Chardon Polka Band
Closing Time
2020, Oh No! Not Again!
Walt Solek
Hey, Hey Farmer Gray
1992, 16 Most Requested Polkas
Walt Solek
I Don’t Want To Go Home Polka
2010, 50 Polka Hits
Walt Solek
What Do I Care?
1992, 16 Most Requested Polkas
Walter Ostanek & His Band
Good Time Polka
2002, Good Time Polkas and Waltzes
Whoopee John
2011, Album 40 Greatest Hits
Whoopee John
Ping Pong Polka
1997, Polka's They Don't Get No Better
Whoopee John
2011, 40 Greatest Hits


Check Out These Top Polka Albums

Greatest Polka Hits – Frankie Yankovic

16 Most Requested Polkas

The Best of Lawrence Welk

The Greatest Hits of Polka

World’s Greatest Polkas


Popular Polka Artists

  • Frankie Yankovic
  • Jimmy Sturr
  • Jimmy Dorsey
  • Walt Solek
  • Gene Wisniewski
  • Eddie Blazonczyk
  • Walter Ostanek
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic
  • Eddie Korosa

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The History of Polka Music

When you think of Polka you probably think of the baseline and accordion and maybe the fun dance. You may think of Oktoberfest even! Polka is a Czech folk dance and is spread across the entire region. It’s popular anywhere you see Eastern European cultures, like Germans and their Oktoberfest. Polka is even an influence on Mariachi music.

“Polka originated as a Czech peasant dance. Historic folklore has it that a peasant girl named Anna Slezak invented the steps one day for her own amusement. The word ‘pulka’ is derived from the Czech phrase for ‘half-step,’ which refers to the dance pattern of lightly stepping from one foot to the other.”

There are different styles of Polka depending on ethnic influences. The main emphasis in many polka songs is the use of one musical instrument – the accordion. Along with the accordion, polka songs can be accompanied by fiddles, clarinets, and a rhythm section.

Considered America’s Polka King, Frankie Yankovic, helped popularize polka music in America while releasing more than 200 polka singles. Frankie Yankovic obtained the title of America’s Polka King after beating Duke Ellington in a battle of the bands at the Milwaukee Arena. In 1986 he was awarded the first-ever Grammy in the Best Polka Recording category. Frankie was so popular, he could probably have every song on our list. When playing a polka song at a wedding, you cannot go wrong with Frankie Yankovic.

Polka music made its way into America with immigrants from Eastern Europe. However, the popularity of Polka music has significantly decreased with minimal Polka albums becoming mainstream after 2009. Alex Meixner is a Grammy Nominated accordionist who has helped rock-out polka. If you are interested in other Polka music or want to learn more about the Polka community, visit the International Polka Association’s website and the Cleveland Polka Association’s website.

Why Not Have a Quick Polka Dance Lesson?

If you can do the Texas Two-Step, you can probably do the Polka! It’s a popular dance based upon 2/4 timing. It has a half step which is where the “pulka” comes in. You can do the polka to any 2/4 song — like most country music.


One of the most popular versions of the polka is the “heel and toe and away we go” due to its ease of execution. Nowadays polka dances can be included in the categories of ballroom as well as country and western.

If you are interested in purchasing a good polka CD for weddings, we recommend a CD named “Polka Hits The Casuals Way.” The disc offers 10 Karaoke-style hits which include Let’s Have a Party/E-I, E-I-O, Just Because, In Heaven There Is No Beer, Who Stole The Kishka, Too Fat Polka, Roll Out The Barrel, Blue Skirt Waltz, Pennsylvania Polka, The Bird Dance, and Grab Your Balls We’re Going, Bowling. If you want to purchase the disc, please contact Ray Zalokar of You can also email Ray 247polka[at]247polkaheaven[dot]com for more information.


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