Song and Dance Wedding Game To Entertain

Large-size games have made their way into wedding receptions for quite a while to keep guests entertained while the wedding couple is getting their pictures taken or during cocktail hour. The games include larger versions of Jenga, Checkers, Bean Bag Toss, and so many more.

But what if you want a free game that will create a personalized and fun atmosphere while bringing both sides of the family together? Try the song and dance to the wedding game.

song and dance wedding game

What exactly is the “song and dance wedding game”? It is a game when you get the wedding couple or wedding party to dance to songs suggested by guests at the reception.

What do you need for the game? First and foremost, you need a DJ with a large library of music and one who knows music extremely well in all genres and eras. You also need a master of ceremonies to conduct the game process and manage the song entries for dancing.

Next, you need pieces of paper cut into sections for people to write their song suggestions on.  I would suggest getting a nicer stock and color paper to match your wedding colors.  You could also get Post-it notes in your wedding colors.

Then, everyone needs a writing device. This could be colored pencils or simple pens on every table. Lastly, you need a vessel to hold all of the song suggestions. This could be as casual as a cowboy hat to a chic mason jar.

What songs should be suggested? The fun really happens from the song suggestions and how creative guests can be. However, the master of ceremonies can also have a few “suggestions” ready in case of a lack of creativity.

Songs could include “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Macarena”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, and the “Baby Shark”. Besides funny songs, you can also have sing-along songs too. Great sing-along songs include “Sweet Caroline”, Friends In Low Places” and “Old Town Road”.

Who will be doing the dancing? Suppose the game will take place while the wedding couple is taking pictures. In that case, the master of ceremonies and the wedding couple must get together beforehand to discuss who out of the wedding party would be willing to participate in the game.

The selected dancers must be willing to take chances and not be afraid of entertaining a crowd. It is best if the dancers are members of the wedding party because it will be more meaningful to everyone in attendance.

However, if you have a couple you know would be perfect for the game, talk to them and see if they would be willing to participate along with the wedding couple and make it into a competition of who dances better.

The song and dance game is meant to be fun and get all guests involved with the whole process so that no one is left out.  Everyone will be able to suggest their favorite novelty songs, love songs, or even group sing-alongs.  It is up to the master of ceremonies to keep the game fluent and fun for everyone.

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